Top five regrets of the dying

A nurse has recorded the most common regrets of the dying, and among the top ones is ‘I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.’ What would your biggest regret be if this was your last day of life?

• Bronnie Ware: ‘Writing Top Five Regrets of the Dying has brought me to tears.’

• How to die: five positive steps to deal with death

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The top five regrets of the dying

There was no mention of more sex or bungee jumps. A palliative nurse who has counseled the dying in their last days has revealed the most common regrets we have at the end of our lives. And among the top, from men, in particular, is ‘I wish I hadn’t worked so hard

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Bronnie Ware is an Australian nurse who spent several years working in palliative care, caring for patients in the last 12 weeks of their lives. She recorded their dying epiphanies in a blog called Inspiration and Chai, which gathered so much attention that she put her observations into a book called The Top Five Regrets of the Dying.

Ware writes of the phenomenal clarity of vision that people gain at the end of their lives, and how we might learn from their wisdom. “When questioned about any regrets they had or anything they would do differently,” she says, “common themes surfaced again and again.”



Here are the top five regrets of the dying, as witnessed by Ware:

1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

“This was the most common regret of all. When people realize that their life is almost over and look back clearly on it, it is easy to see how many dreams have gone unfulfilled. Most people had not honored even a half of their dreams and had to die knowing that it was due to choices they had made, or not made. Health brings a freedom very few realize until they no longer have it.”

2. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.

“This came from every male patient that I nursed. They missed their children’s youth and their partner’s companionship. Women also spoke of this regret, but as most were from an older generation, many of the female patients had not been breadwinners. All of the men I nursed deeply regretted spending so much of their lives on the treadmill of a work existence.”

3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.

“Many people suppressed their feelings to keep peace with others. As a result, they settled for a mediocre existence and never became who they were truly capable of becoming. Many developed illnesses relating to the bitterness and resentment they carried as a result.”

4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.

“Often they would not truly realise the full benefits of old friends until their dying weeks and it was not always possible to track them down. Many had become so caught up in their own lives that they had let golden friendships slip by over the years. There were many deep regrets about not giving friendships the time and effort that they deserved. Everyone misses their friends when they are dying.”

5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

“This is a surprisingly common one. Many did not realize until the end that happiness is a choice. They had stayed stuck in old patterns and habits. The so-called ‘comfort’ of familiarity overflowed into their emotions, as well as their physical lives. Fear of change had them pretending to others, and to their selves, that they were content, when deep within, they longed to laugh properly and have silliness in their life again.”

Solidarity and love can handiest be fostered thru genuine personal encounters, so if we outsource the worrying to robots, I’m not certain there will be enough to sustain the connection; enough to inspire us to forestall by using for a chat or call on her birthday.

A cow is milked through a milking robotic at a farm in Fritz, close to Nantes, western France.
A cow is milked by way of a milking robot at a farm in Fritz, close to Nantes, western France. Photograph: Jean-Sebastien Evrard/AFP/Getty Images
The same is genuine for different components of our lives. If we depart the toughest, uninteresting or frustrating work to robots, this could alternate our capacity and urge for food for greater stimulating or meaningful paintings. Humans are creatures of habit – the first time we do something it’s hard however it gets less difficult over time. A recent anti-smoking ad tells us that “each time you quit, you get a touch bit better at it.” The equal is real for the whole lot else in human behavior: each time you work at some thing hard you get a little more perseverant, on every occasion you deliver yourself to a person else you get a bit greater charitable and so on.

What’s your greatest regret so far, and what will you set out to achieve or change before you die?

Prince in his personal words: ‘You should stay a lifestyles to apprehend it’

On whether or not white human beings understand his artwork
“No, of course, they don’t. How many black humans recognize? White human beings are excellent at categorizing things – and if you inform them something they’ll take into account it, write books about it. But recognize? You should live an existence to recognize it. Tourists just pass through.” To Carol Cooper, the Face, June 1983.

On the artwork of overall performance
“You can’t exit there except you’ve were given the show completely in shape. It can change appearance pretty wild onstage. However, anyone is aware of exactly where they’re supposed to be. That became a lesson I had to research from after I became beginning out. When we first went out behind 1999, The Time, who have been commencing for us, beat us up each night. They might giggle approximately it; it turned into a joke to them. Our show wasn’t collectively. I had to stop the excursion and get matters tightened up. Now the band and I have a sure dating with every different, and every night time we make the target audience a part of that.” To Anthony DeCurtis, the Word, June 2004

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Prince: ‘Transcendence. That’s what you want. When that happens – Oh, boy.’
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On his mother’s aspirations for him
“She wanted me to move to school, go to college – she despatched me to a group of different colleges. I constantly had a pretty excessive educational degree, I guess…She usually attempted to ship me to the nice schools. However, that was quite much my 2d interest. I didn’t truely care approximately that as a lot as I did approximately gambling. I assume music is what broke her and my father up, and I don’t assume she wanted that for me…Musicians, depending on how severe they’re, they’re simply moody. Sometimes they want a lot of space; they need everything simply proper on occasion, y’understand. My father turned into a remarkable deal like that, and my mother didn’t provide him a lot of areas. She desired a husband in line with se.” To Andy Schwartz, New York Rocker, June 1981



On in search of manipulating of his song from his report organization
“One time in London I walked up to Michael Stipe. I said, ‘Do you own your masters?’ No, I didn’t say whats up. He seemed scared. He commenced stuttering. He stated, ‘I don’t know.’ I stated, ‘You need to and also you must help me get mine.’ He just said, ‘Have a pleasant day.’ That was it.” To Phil Sutcliffe, Q, September 1988


Prince – lifestyles in photographs
On Islam
“It’s amusing being in Islamic nations, to know there’s simplest one faith. There’s order. You wear a burqa. There’s no choice. People are glad with that.”

On the song of the future
“In the destiny, I might be interactive. You might be capable of access me and tell me what to play.” To Adrian Deevoy, Q, June 1994

On critics
“I love critics. Because they love me. It’s no longer a funny story. They care. See, everybody is aware of while somebody’s lazy, and now, with the net, it’s not possible for a author to be lazy because all and sundry will select up on it. In the past, they said a few stuff that turned into out of line, so I just didn’t have some thing to do with them. Now it gets embarrassing to mention something unfaithful, due to the fact you positioned it online and every person knows about it, so it’s higher to inform the fact.”

Prince in 1986.
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Prince in 1986. Photograph: Pascal George/AFP/Getty Images
On himself
“I’m no one of a kind to each person. Yes, I even have reputation and wealth and skills, however I clearly don’t recall myself any higher than every body who has no fame, wealth or talent. People fascinate me. They’re extremely good! Life fascinates me! And I’m no extra interested in my very own lifestyles than through each person else’s.” To Sylvia Patterson, NME, 1996

On the net
“The net’s absolutely over. I don’t see why I ought to supply my new music to iTunes or absolutely everyone else. They won’t pay me an enhance for it and then they get indignant whilst they are able to’t get it. The net’s like MTV. At one time MTV changed into hip and all of sudden it have become previous. Anyway, some of these computer systems and virtual devices are no suitable. They simply fill your head with numbers and which could’t be excellent for you.” To Peter Willis, Daily Mirror, July 2010

On working in personal
“It’s a way of slicing the chaos off, reducing off the outside voices. I heard ‘Prince is loopy’ so much that it had an impact on me. So at some point I stated, ‘Let me just check out.’ Here there’s solitude, silence – I like to stay in this managed environment. People say I’m out of touch, however I’ll do twenty-five or thirty more albums – I’m gonna catch up with Sinatra – so you inform me who’s out of touch. One component I ain’t gonna run out of is song.” To Details magazine, November 1998

How to Live: A Life of Montaigne in One Question and Twenty Attempts at an Answer via Sarah Bakewell

Before he became well-known, the essayist Michel Eyquem de Montaigne brushed shoulders with demise on a bridle course, a while in 1569 or early 1570. He turned into 36, and he preferred to trip to escape from his inherited and elected ­responsibilities: a chateau and estate within the ­Dordogne and a seat inside the Bordeaux Parliament (or excessive court docket). He turned into on a placid horse and watching for an clean journey while what felt like a shot from an arquebus (the firearm of the day) knocked him and his horse to the floor: “There lay the horse bowled over and bowled over, and I ten or twelve paces beyond, useless, stretched on my back, my face all bruised and skinned, my sword, which I had had in my hand, more than ten paces away, my belt in portions, having no greater movement or feeling than a log.” When he regained attention, and afterward his memory of what had simply befallen, Montaigne learned that it changed into no longer shot, but one among his servants, a muscular guy on a greater effective horse, who had mistakenly charged the past and hit him.

Previously, Montaigne had often imagined dying. His studying in classical philosophy – the Stoics, Epicureans, and Sceptics – advocated him to brood on mortality and he had endured the recent deaths of his great buddy (the humanist author La Boétie), his father, younger brother and primary-born child. But the riding twist of fate cured him of morbidity. He awoke from it careworn and vomited blood, but went directly to reinvent himself. He resigned from his position in Bordeaux and resolved to devote himself to writing the essays that could convey him immortality. As Sarah Bakewell writes in her new biography: “Don’t fear about death have become his fundamental, maximum releasing solution to the question of the way to stay. It made it possible to do simply that: stay.”

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Bakewell’s sprightly e-book ambitions to do three things for Montaigne. First, it offers the overall reader the simple information of his life, every so often summarized in factor shape. Second, it introduces those who do no longer recognize his essays to his extensive-ranging solutions to the query: how to live? “Don’t fear approximately dying” could have been the most fundamental, but there were a plethora of others: pay attention; study loads, neglect most of what you read, and be sluggish-witted; live on love and loss; use little tricks; question everything and so forth. Bakewell takes every of these solutions as a chapter heading and makes use of them to group her reflections on Montaigne in more or less chronological order.



Third, she splices her ­biographical material and extracts from Montaigne’s writing with tales of the way he has been obtained over time. She attracts at the responses of his first enthusiastic readers, “who praised his Stoic awareness and his skill in collecting first-class thoughts from the ancients”, and also on Descartes, ­Pascal, the 17th-century libertines, Enlightenment philosophers, the Romantics, nineteenth-century moralists, Nietzsche, ­Virginia and Leonard Woolf, Stefan Zweig, and others.

It turned into Leonard Woolf who known as Montaigne “the primary completely modern man” and argued that his modernity consisted in his “extreme consciousness of and passionate interest inside the individuality of himself and all different humans.” Non-human, or animal, beings additionally registered in Montaigne’s excessive awareness, as Bakewell, following Woolf, emphasizes. She quotes Leonard’s memory of a worrying episode in his formative years which analyzing Montaigne reminded him of. He became requested to drown unwanted day-old puppies, and with retrospect, he remembered them fighting death inside the bucket of water: “As I would combat dying if I had been drowning in the multitudinous seas. It was I felt and sense a terrible, an uncivilized component to drown that ‘I’ in a bucket of water.”

Virginia Woolf is equally an proposal for Bakewell in her task to make Montaigne accessible to a contemporary, non-professional target audience. Woolf, she writes, “had a stunningly imaginative and prescient of ­generation interlinked in this manner: of the way ‘minds are threaded together – how any live mind is the very identical stuff as Plato’s & Euripides… it’s far this not unusual thoughts that bind the entire global together and all the world is mind’.” It is precisely this ability for dwelling on via readers’ internal worlds over long durations of history that make a book like Montaigne’s Essays a real conventional, Bakewell argues.

Montaigne died of quinsy on 13 September 1592. Since his driving accident, he had fathered another five daughters, but only one survived into adulthood. He had grown to be well-known in France and Europe following the primary version of his essays in 1580. He had been elected mayor of Bordeaux in 1581 and participated efficaciously in the fraught politics of his day, blighted with the aid of the wars of religion. He went on annotating and including to his essays till the give up of his lifestyles; afterward, editorial disputes broke out over what he had meant the final version to be. They continue to nowadays.

Bakewell manages to go with the flow gracefully throughout modern-day editorial ranklings over his texts with out taking aspects. Central as the essays are to her method to his lifestyles; it is, in the end, his existence-loving ­vivacity that she succeeds in communicating to her readers: “What he left in the back of was all of the higher for being imperfect, ­ambiguous, inadequate and vulnerable to distortion. ‘Oh Lord,’ one might imagine Montaigne exclaiming, ‘by all manner let me be misunderstood.'”

Netanyahu attack on EU policy closer to Israel stuck on microphone

Israeli PM overheard saying bloc might wither and die until it modified attitude closer to his united states at assembly of jap European leaders

Israel’s high minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has launched a withering assault on the European Union at a closed-door assembly of eastern European leaders in Budapest, announcing the political grouping might wither and die if it did no longer exchange its policy closer to Israel.

The feedback caught on an open microphone, underlined Netanyahu’s regularly slightly disguised contempt for the European political union, which has criticized Israel – and his authorities mainly – over troubles including Jewish settlement constructing inside the occupied Palestinian territories and the peace process.

Netanyahu additionally made an extraordinary public admission that Israel has struck Iranian arms convoys in Syria sure for Hezbollah “dozens and dozens of times.”



The overheard comments had been suggested by Israeli journalists overlaying the journey.

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The bombastic remarks, which bizarrely predicated Europe’s destiny on its mindset closer to Israel – now not one of the most burning problems on an EU agenda confronting the challenges of immigration, Brexit and financial increase – had been made in a meeting with the leaders of Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland, whom Netanyahu advised to close their doors to refugees from Africa and the Middle East.

“I assume Europe has to decide if it desires to stay and thrive or if it wants to shrivel and disappear,” he said. “I am no longer very politically accurate. I recognize that’s a shock to some of you. It’s a shaggy dog story. But the truth is the truth – both approximately Europe’s security and Europe’s economic future. Both of those issues mandate a special coverage toward Israel.”

“The European Union is the best affiliation of nations within the international that conditions the relations with Israel, which produces a generation in every region, on political conditions. The handiest ones! Nobody does it,” Netanyahu stated before officers realized the assembly turned into being overheard with the aid of journalists and reduce the feed.

“It’s crazy. It’s truly loopy,” he delivered, urging the leaders present to help push Europe to expedite the EU affiliation settlement with Israel that has been held up due to modern-day Israeli regulations.

Don’t undermine the one western united states that defend European values and pursuits
Benjamin Netanyahu
Netanyahu’s feedback has been made following a complaint of his visit to Budapest, in which he has been accused of tender-pedalling on accusations towards the Hungarian top minister, Viktor Orbán, for allegedly stoking antisemitism, now not least in an excessive-profile marketing campaign focused on billionaire Jewish philanthropist George Soros.

Netanyahu’s remarks additionally come inside the midst of problems for the embattled Israeli top minister at home, in which he’s under investigation in police inquiries and amid an escalating corruption scandal involving his government over the acquisition of German submarines.

“I assume that if I can recommend that what comes out of this assembly is your ability possibly to communicate to your colleagues in different components of Europe: Help Europe … don’t undermine the only western u. S . That defends European values and European pursuits and stops every other mass migration to Europe,” introduced Netanyahu.

“So prevent attacking Israel. Start supporting Israel … begin supporting European economies using doing what the Americans, the Chinese and the Indians are doing,” he said, regarding growing technological cooperation.

“There is not any common sense right here. The EU is undermining its security by using undermining Israel. Europe is undermining its progress with the aid of undermining its reference to Israeli innovation,” he delivered.

“We are part of the European tradition,” Netanyahu continued. “Europe leads to Israel. East of Israel, there’s no extra Europe. We don’t have any extra buddies than the Christians who support Israel around the world. Not handiest the evangelists. If I visit Brazil, I’ll be greeted there with extra enthusiasm than at the Likud birthday celebration.”

Hundreds of refugees and migrants had arrived in the Porte de l. A. Chapelle vicinity of northern Paris, snoozing beneath street bridges and on the aspect of the road with almost no get admission to water, sanitation and meals, out of doors Paris’s new resource centre for asylum seekers that turned into opened in November.

The operation to move them began at sunrise and came about calmly. Groups of men and women from nations together with Afghanistan and Eritrea – some most effective with small rucksacks or plastic luggage of assets – have been despatched directly to buses and driven out of Paris.

Macron seeks reflected glory. But it received resolve France’s problems
Mary Dejevsky
Mary Dejevsky Read more
It turned into the 34th police removal of large numbers of refugees and migrants slumbering rough in the French capital because 2015.

Aid employees warned that France had to set up an efficient long-time period strategy for processing and housing asylum seekers in first rate situations in place of continuously taking emergency movement in the closing minute.

Many of those sleeping tough had queued each day for getting entry to the resource center simplest to discover it turned into full. Hundreds had bedded down on the pavement outdoor the gates, alongside site visitors-choked roads. In current weeks, more than 1,000 humans were slumbering here, with useful resource associations pronouncing two hundred extra arrived each week.

French insurrection police officers stand to defend at some point of the clearing of a makeshift camp on Friday.
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French rebellion law enforcement officials stand guard throughout the clearing of a makeshift camp on Friday.
The numbers of refugees and migrants napping tough in Paris has grown after the closure last October of the Calais migrant camp – a considerable makeshift shanty town close to the Channel coast in which thousands had lived in squalid conditions, hoping to get into Britain via stowing away on board motor automobiles getting into the Channel tunnel.


Pope Francis allies accuse Trump White House of ‘apocalyptic geopolitics’

Article vetted by way of the Vatican gives scathing critique of Steve Bannon, who’s Catholic, the Trump White House and ‘evangelical fundamentalism’ inside the US

An explosive article written via two close friends of Pope Francis has accused Steve Bannon, the leader White House strategist, of espousing an “apocalyptic geopolitics” whose roots are “now not too some distance aside” from that of Islamist extremism.

Evangelicals scratch Donald Trump’s returned – and he’s returning the desire
Daniel José Camacho
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The article in La Civiltà Cattolica, that’s vetted by means of the Vatican earlier than book, lays out a scathing critique of “evangelical fundamentalism” in the US, arguing that, on troubles starting from climate exchange to “migrants and Muslims”, proponents of the ideology have followed a twisted studying of scripture and the Old Testament that promotes struggle and struggle chiefly else.

The piece was published just days after evangelical leaders met US president Donald Trump within the Oval Office of the White House and “laid arms” on him in prayer following discussions about spiritual freedom, help for Israel and healthcare reform.
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Trump has in no way convincingly spoken of getting religious religion, however, won the overwhelming aid of white evangelical Christians within the 2016 election.

Steve Bannon is asking the pictures inside the White House. That’s terrifying
Lawrence Douglas



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Vatican specialists said the article might have had the express backing of the church and Pope Francis. Its authors, Antonio Spadaro, the editor-in-leader of the book, and Marcelo Figueroa, the editor-in-leader of the Argentinian version of the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, are called confidantes of the the theArgentinian pope.

Bannon, the previous editor of the rightwing Breitbart information website, is Catholic, and while he’s most effective in brief cited within the article, the piece takes goal at the Trump White House.

It claims that faux on secular arguments are getting used to demonize segments of the populace – particularly on the subject of migrants and Muslims – and to promote the US as a country, this is blessed through God, with out ever taking into consideration the “bond between capital and profits and arms income a

Steve Bannon in Washington DC on 1 June 2017.
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Steve Bannon in Washington DC on 1 June 2017. Photograph: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images
“In this Manichaean imaginative and prescient [where the world is divided between good and evil], belligerence can accumulate a theological justification, and there are pastors who are seeking for a biblical basis for it, the use of scriptural texts out of context,” the authors write.

The article refers back to the debatable evangelical theologist John Rushdoony as the father of these days’ American Christian fundamentalism and calls Bannon an exponent of this philosophy.

“Rushdoony’s doctrine continues a theocratic necessity: put up the nation to the Bible with a logic that is no one-of-a-kind from the one that conjures up Islamic fundamentalism. At coronary heart, the narrative of terror shapes the worldviews of jihadists and the brand new Crusaders and is imbibed from wells that aren’t to ways apart,” the authors kingdom. “We have not to neglect that the geopolitics unfold by way of Isis is based totally at the same cult of an apocalypse that desires to be brought approximately as soon as feasible.”

In the assessment, Pope Francis – together with his emphasis at the want to construct bridges, now not partitions, and his adamant refusal to conflate Islam and Islamic terrorism – is making an attempt to counter this narrative of “fear,” the article says.

Analysis ‘Jury nevertheless out’ on Callista Gingrich pick as US ambassador to the Holy See
Nomination, introduced days before Trump meets Pope Francis in Rome, marks the advertising of the spouse of one of the president’s maximum vociferous defenders
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One Catholic booklet, Crux, known as the article the “today’s bankruptcy inside the tempestuous relationship among Francis and Trump”.

While the 2 leaders were visible as having a normally cordial – although quite joyless – meeting in May at the Vatican, the connection suffered an enormous setback following Trump’s choice to returned out of the Paris climate accord just a week later. Argentinian bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, the top of the Vatican’s Academy of Sciences, referred to like it a “slap in the face” to the Vatican.

Crux stated that La Civiltà Cattolica is reviewed by using the Vatican’s foreign minister earlier than booklet and that Spadaro has been “considered one of the important vehicles for know-how the perspectives of the current hold forth”.

The article says that Christian fundamentalism and Old Testament appeals to the apocalypse have shown themselves “no longer to be the product of a religious revel in but a negative and abusive perversion of it”.

“This is why Francis is wearing ahead a scientific counter-narration with admire to the narrative of worry. There is a need to combat against the manipulation of this season of tension and fear.”

A court dominated towards the advent of a new resource center in Calais, however, stipulated that the refugees and migrants must receive get entry to water, showers and toilets, which the local government has refused to provide. The choose said: “It isn’t always possible to go away those human beings, who’re in a nation of complete destitution, with none useful resource.” The country has appealed against the court ruling that stipulated it should offer fundamental water and sanitation.

It additionally criticizes conservative American Catholics who have aligned themselves with fundamentalist Protestants on issues like identical-intercourse marriage and abortion, pronouncing that what certainly united the businesses turned into a “nostalgic dream of a theocratic form of state”.

Donald Trump thinking about China sanctions over North Korea, say officers

Inaction over Pyongyang and change war idea to have precipitated america president to look at options which include price lists on metallic imports
US president Donald Trump is developing an increasing number of annoyed with China over its inaction on North Korea and bilateral change issues and is now considering viable exchange moves in opposition to Beijing; three senior management officers informed Reuters.

The officers said Trump was impatient with China and was searching for alternatives such as tariffs on metallic imports, which trade secretary Wilbur Ross has already said he is thinking about as part of a national protection have a look at of the domestic metallic enterprise.


The US to declare China amongst worst human trafficking offenders – officials
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Whether Trump would virtually take any steps in opposition to China stays uncertain. In April, he backed off from a risk to withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) after he had stated Canadian and Mexican leaders asked him to halt a deliberate executive order in favor of opening discussions.

Related image

The officers stated there was no consensus yet on the manner ahead with China and they did no longer say what other alternatives were being studied. No choice become predicted this week, a senior legit said.

Chinese metal is already problem to dozens of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy orders. As a result it has simplest a small percentage of the US market.



“What’s guiding that is he ran to defend American enterprise and American people,” one of the US officers said, regarding Trump’s 2016 election promise to take a difficult line on change with China.

On North Korea, Trump “looks like he gave China a hazard to make a difference” however has now not seen sufficient effects, the reputable stated.

US carrot and stick technique to North Korea is clumsy however tremendous
Simon Tisdall
Simon Tisdall Read greater
The US has pressed China to exert greater economic and diplomatic pressure on North Korea to assist rein in its nuclear and missile applications. Beijing has time and again stated its influence on North Korea is restrained and that it is doing all it may.

“They did a bit, now not a lot,” the professional stated. “And if he’s now not going to get what he wishes on that, he desires to transport in advance on his broader agenda on alternate and North Korea.”


The dying of American University pupil Otto Warmbier remaining week, after his launch from 17 months of imprisonment in Pyongyang, has also complicated Trump’s approach to North Korea, his pinnacle countrywide protection assignment.

Trump signaled his sadness with China’s efforts in a tweet per week ago: “While I significantly admire the efforts of President Xi & China to assist with North Korea, it has not labored out. At least I realize China attempted!”

Trump had made a grand gesture of his choice for warm ties with China’s president, Xi Jinping, while he performed host to Xi in April at his Mar-a-Lago retreat in Palm Beach, Florida. “I assume China may be stepping up,” Trump stated at the time.

Since then, but, North Korea’s checks of lengthy-range missiles have persisted unabated, and there had been reports Pyongyang is preparing for another underground nuclear test.

Trump dropped via last Thursday when White House countrywide safety adviser HR McMaster and Trump senior adviser Jared Kushner have been assembly Chinese country councilor Yang Jiechi, an official said. China’s incapacity to make headway on North Korea was one of the subjects that became discussed, consistent with two human beings familiar with the assembly.

Officials in Beijing did now not respond to a request for comment on the meeting.


Police take away 2,000 refugees, and migrants sound asleep tough in Paris
Afghans, Eritreans and others living on streets close to new aid center in Porte de l. A. Chapelle bussed to transient shelters
Police have moved extra than 2,000 refugees and migrants off the streets of Paris, where they were napping rough for weeks in squalid and insanitary situations.

Riot officials watched the refugees as they were bussed to brief shelters in college gymnasiums on Friday morning.


Corinne Torre, the top of French operations for the medical doctors’ charity Médecins Sans Frontières, stated poor hygiene and sanitary situations for the individuals who have been napping tough in Paris had worsened present pores and skin infections. But she said cases of scabies had been contained to 7% to eight% of the refugees and migrants, including that it turned into now not an epidemic, contrary to a hearsay spreading among neighborhood citizens.

Torre warned that the important issue became refugees’ and migrants’ mental health after trauma. “Most of these humans have come through Libya. Many have confronted violence, torture, inhumane remedy, traffickers or sexual violence. We don’t communicate enough about that, and there need to be higher structures in the vicinity to deal with it.”

Some local politicians in Paris have warned against a persevering with the cycle of removals and the return of tough sleepers, with a loss of lengthy-time period method on asylum. The ultimate such police operation in Porte de la Chapelle changed into only two months ago when 1,610 migrants were moved.

A 22-yr-antique Afghan man said: “It has been two months napping underneath a highway bridge with little water, no longer lots meals, a few fights among extraordinary companies here. You in no way certainly sleep. I could queue every day. However, there was no wish stepping into the useful resource center here.” He stated he was hoping for somewhere to sleep indoors and the possibility to start an asylum application in France. “We’re humans; we’re no longer animals.”

Guillaume Schers, who runs the emergency program for Terre desire, a French NGO working with asylum seekers, stated: “The variety of people arriving in France isn’t probably to drop this summer.” He stated there had to be a permanent, solid and strategic plan for looking after asylum seekers in France as opposed to the modern-day “multi-layered and complex” gadget targeted on disaster management.

Iceberg two times size of Luxembourg breaks off Antarctic ice shelf

Satellite information confirms ‘calving’ of trillion-tonne, 5,800 sq.Km iceberg from the Larsen C ice shelf, dramatically changing the landscape
A large iceberg twice the size of Luxembourg has broken off an ice shelf at the Antarctic peninsula and is now adrift within the Weddell Sea.

Reported to be “putting a thread” ultimate month, the trillion-tonne iceberg changed into determined to have broken up off from the Larsen C phase of the Larsen ice shelf on Wednesday morning after scientists examined the latest satellite tv for pc facts from the region.

The Larsen C ice shelf is extra than 12% smaller in the region than earlier than the iceberg broke off – or “calved” – an event that researchers say has modified the panorama of the Antarctic peninsula and left the Larsen C ice shelf at its lowest quantity ever recorded.


“It is a surely most important occasion in phrases of the size of the ice pill that we’ve got now drifting away,” said Anna Hogg, an professional in satellite observations of glaciers from the University of Leeds.

At five,800 sq.Km the brand new iceberg, anticipated to be dubbed A68, is 1/2 as massive as the record-maintaining iceberg B-15 which split off from the Ross ice shelf inside the 12 months 2000. However, it’s miles nevertheless believed to be a few of the 10 largest icebergs ever recorded.

Related image

The huge crack that spawned the new iceberg grew over a duration of years, however between 25 May and 31 May by myself, the rift increased by using 17km – the largest boom on account that January. Between the 24 June and 27 June, the motion of the ice sped up, achieving a charge of greater than 10 meters per day for the already-severed section.

But in the end it wasn’t a simple wreck – records accrued just days earlier than the iceberg calved revealed that the rift had branched multiple instances. “We see one large [iceberg] for now. It is possible that this may destroy into smaller pieces as time goes by using,” said Adrian Luckman, professor of glaciology at Swansea University and chief of the UK’s Midas project which is focused on the nation of the ice shelf.

“There is enough ice in Antarctica that if it all melted, or even just flowed into the sea, sea stages [would] upward push by 60 meters,” said Martin Siegert, professor of geosciences at Imperial College London and co-director of the Grantham Institute for Climate Change & Environment.



But at the same time as the delivery of the massive iceberg may look dramatic, experts say it will not itself result in sea degree rises. “It’s like your ice cube on your gin and tonic – it is already floating, and if it melts it doesn’t alternate the volume of water inside the glass through very plenty in any respect,” stated Hogg.

Following the crumble of the more northerly Larsen A ice shelf in 1995 and Larsen B in 2002, all eyes have become to Larsen C.

But Siegert is quick to factor out that the calving of the brand new iceberg isn’t always a signal that the ice shelf is set to crumble, stressing that ice shelves certainly split as they increase in addition out into the ocean. “I am no longer unduly concerned approximately it – it isn’t the primary mega iceberg ever to have fashioned,” he stated.

Andrew Shepherd, professor of Earth Observation at the University of Leeds, agreed. “Everyone loves an amazing iceberg, and this one is a corker,” he said. “But regardless of retaining us looking forward to seeing you later, I’m quite positive that Antarctica won’t be dropping a tear while it’s long past because the continent loses masses of its ice this way each 12 months, and so it’s truly just business as standard!”

How widespread is the discharge of the Larsen C mega-berg?

What’s greater, Luckman confused that while big melt ponds have been seen on Larsen B previous to its disintegrate – capabilities which might be a concept to have affected the shape of the ice shelf – the ones seen on Larsen C are ways smaller and aren’t even present at this time of yr.

And while climate exchange is ordinary to have performed a position within the wholesale disintegration of the Larsen A and Larsen B ice shelves, Luckman emphasized that there’s no evidence that the calving of the massive iceberg is linked to such tactics.

Twila Moon, a glacier expert at the US National Ice and Snow Data Center, concurs but, she stated, climate trade could have made the situation much more likely.

“Certainly the adjustments that we see on ice shelves, inclusive of thinning due to hotter ocean waters, are the type [of changes] which can be going to make it simpler for these events to occur,” she stated.

Luckman is not satisfied. “It is a possibility, however recent information from the Scripps Institute of Oceanography surely display maximum of the shelf thickening,” he said.

The development of the rift, and the lack of the iceberg has been cautiously observed by way of evaluation of radar pix from the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-1 undertaking, which provides facts from the location each six days.

“Before we might be lucky if we had were given one satellite tv for pc photo a year of an event like this, so we would now not have been in a position to look at it unfold,” stated Hogg, mentioning that the radar machine permits information to be accrued whatever the weather and inside the darkish, even as technological advances imply more statistics that may be downloaded than for preceding satellites.
The news of the large iceberg comes after US president Donald Trump introduced that the United States will be chickening out from the 2015 Paris climate accord – an agreement signed by way of greater than a hundred ninety nations to address international warming. “Truly I am dismayed,” said Moon of the move.

Now on the mercy of the ocean currents, the newly calved iceberg should ultimate for decades, depending on whether or not it enters hotter waters or bumps into other icebergs or ice shelves.

US-China honeymoon over: Washington sanctions Chinese bank and sells fingers to Taiwan

Experts say relationship is cooling between presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping as the US loses endurance over North Korea and South China
Relations between the arena’s largest economies look to be entering a brand new segment of turbulence after the US punctured Chinese celebrations of the anniversary of Hong Kong’s go back using unveiling sanctions against a Chinese financial institution connected to North Korea and a prime fingers sale to Taiwan.

The US country department on Thursday gave the inexperienced mild to a complete of $1.4bn in hands income to Taiwan, a self-governing island which China considers its territory.

Sanctions were also introduced concentrated on a Chinese bank accused of serving as “a conduit for illicit North Korean financial interest.”


Two Chinese individuals and the Bank of Dandong, which US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said become an group of “primary money-laundering situation,” had been blacklisted from the US financial system.

“This bank has served as a gateway for North Korea to get entry to the USA and international economic structures, facilitating tens of millions of greenbacks of transactions for companies involved in North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile applications,” Mnuchin told newshounds. “The United States will no longer stand for such movement.”

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Mnuchin claimed the pass changed into no longer retribution for lack of Chinese movement over North Korea. “This isn’t directed at China, this is directed at a bank, in addition to individuals and entities in China,” he said.

However, both the sanctions and the fingers sale are likely to anger China and specialists said both actions truly represented a planned reaction from a Trump White House that is dropping persistence with Beijing.

The US also chose the primary day of Xi’s visit to name for extra democracy in Hong Kong pronouncing China have to respect civil liberties, consisting of press freedom.

The timing of the US actions – simply beforehand of the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to Beijing on 1 July – changed into mainly provocative, experts in US-China members of the family stated.



Analysis Why Trump’s $1.42bn Taiwan palms sale should backfire with China
The president is laying down crude reminders before his assembly with Xi, but Beijing tends to react badly to bullying
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Bill Bishop, a Washington-primarily based China specialist who publishes the influential Sinocism newsletter, said the decision to announce the arms sale and sanctions as president Xi Jinping arrived in Hong Kong to guide celebrations there was a calculated snub: “It is very symbolic, and it is largely raining on Xi’s parade in Hong Kong.”

Following a two-day summit among Xi and US president Donald Trump on the latter’s Mar-a-Lago property in April, ties between the US and China appeared to have warmed.


Trump, who had as soon as accused China of being a pinnacle US enemy, hailed Xi as “a wonderful man” with whom he had loved “chemistry.” The US president even subsidized away from claims that China turned into a currency manipulator.

However, Bishop stated Trump’s administration appeared to have misplaced staying power with China’s reluctance to make concessions on problems consisting of exchange and North Korea. “The honeymoon is over, and the reality is it turned into a pretty crappy honeymoon: I suppose they slept in specific beds,” Bishop stated.

Washington has additionally grown to be increasingly more frustrated with Beijing’s persisted militarisation of islands it claims in the South China Sea, a crucial path for half of all international commercial delivery.

Speaking in Sydney this month, US secretary of defense James Mattis stated China’s production of bases on islands had been marked by using a “disregard for worldwide regulation … [and] its contempt for different countries’ interests”, feedback that Beijing later condemned as “irresponsible.”


A vicinity called ‘desire’: the tiny island on the frontline of US-China tensions
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A US-primarily based thinktank launched new satellite imagery on Thursday displaying freshly-built missile shelters, radar and communications centers on 3 of the island reefs controlled using China.

The Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative (AMTI), a part of Washington’s center for strategic and worldwide research, stated snap shots of Fiery Cross, Mischief and Subi reefs in the Spratly Islands additionally show housing for long-variety surface-to-air missiles. Photos showed production of underground systems, “probably candidates to residence munitions,” AMTI said.

In the assessment, Daniel Larison of the American Conservative wrote: “Seeking regime exchange in North Korea might be extremely risky and silly. It might place thousands and thousands of lives in jeopardy by way of risking warfare with the current regime. In the not possible occasion that this coverage somehow ‘labored’ as supposed, it’d still create big upheaval that could swamp South Korea with an unmanageable refugee disaster.”

Summarizing the state of affairs within the Atlantic, Mark Bowden breaks down navy options into both the whole devastation of Pyongyang or a “flip the screws” technique to hit selected reactors or nuclear check websites – assaults designed in some way to keep away from all-out war. Bowden spoke with professionals who said the “devastation” state of affairs became politically now not possible on a global scale and maybe not militarily plausible anyway.

Last month, a US military warship sailed 12 nautical miles of Mischief reef in a contentious so-referred to as freedom of navigation operation, the first such venture seeing that Trump took energy.

“Beijing can now set up navy belongings, together with combat aircraft and mobile missile launchers, to the Spratly Islands at any time,” AMTI stated.

The thinktank stated new pix showed a vast antennae array had been installed on Mischief reef that can boost Beijing’s capacity to display the encircling waters.

“We are in reality into a new phase of US-China family members … now we are truely, I assume, stepping into a far tougher phase. There is going to be lots greater friction inside the relationship,” said Bishop.

“It’s already hot in DC, and it is probably going to get lots hotter.”

‘A present for the American bastards’: North Korea’s Kim fires lower back at Donald Trump

It is fair to mention that the reporter tasked with running Kim Jong-un’s remarks into North Korea’s latest declaration on Tuesday’s intercontinental ballistic missile check did their job with even extra savor than typical.

As name callings go, Kim’s remarks, carried by using the state KCNA information business enterprise, raised the insult index several notches from Donald Trump’s thought an afternoon earlier that his North Korean counterpart discover a greater effective use of his time than growing a nuclear deterrent.


The US increases strain on North Korea after missile test
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The global reaction to the release will simplest have inspired Kim to wring every last drop of propaganda value from the wave of opprobrium emanating from the White House and the Pentagon.

His response becomes immediately from the North Korean propaganda playbook – designed to both seize the arena’s attention and remind his domestic target market that, 5-and-a-half years after his coronation following the sudden demise of his father, Kim Jong-il, he has dramatically bolstered his us of A’s hand.

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While Trump’s secretary of country, Rex Tillerson, tried to galvanise world opinion, the KCNA’s description of Kim “feasting his eyes” at the ICBM and breaking right into a “broad smile” – complete with pictures of him punching the air in the agency of delirious generals – might now not had been out of region had he been attending an inter-Korean football healthy, with the North 3-0 up with simplest mins on the clock.



North Korean leader Kim Jong-un reacts for the duration of the check-fire of the intercontinental ballistic missile.
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North Korean chief Kim Jong-un reacts during the test-fire of the intercontinental ballistic missile. Photograph: KCNA/Reuters
Just as large anniversaries inside the North Korean calendar provide possibilities for the Kim dynasty to burnish its recognition at home, Kim becomes canny enough to spy the opportunity for maximum mischief offered through the maximum auspicious date in US history.

According to KCNA, he defined the ICBM as a present for the “American bastards” as they celebrated the anniversary of their u. S .’s independence. Kim did no longer forestall there, blithely urging his nuclear scientists to “regularly ship huge and small ‘present programs’ to the Yankees” in the shape of yet more missile and nuclear assessments.

After examining the Hwasong-14 missile, he “expressed pride, announcing it looked as good-looking as a good-looking boy and changed into well made.”
Could North Korea trigger a nuclear conflict?
This, of the route, became the potentially recreation-changing improvement in North Korea’s brinkmanship with the US that Trump vowed would in no way happen.

But with a succession of high-degree – and from time to time brutal – purges of might-be challengers at domestic, professionals say Kim is now more closely related to North Korean military might than his father or grandfather, the united states’ founder Kim Il-sung.

“Kim Jong-il’s legacy became combined – he allows the Navy run the united states for ten years due to the fact he becomes frightened of a coup,” said Robert Kelly, a North Korea professional at Pusan National University. “Kim Jong-un has tied himself to the achievement of the nuclear program, that’s why denuclearization is not going to occur.

Trump’s public feedback on North Korea had performed into the stereotype of Americans propagated by using the country’s media.


‘Guest workers’: the North Korean expats forced to feed the regime
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“The US is valuable to North Korean propaganda, so whilst Trump talks about sending an armada to the Korean peninsula, or bombing North Korea, that plays into their arms.”

Nicholas Smith, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, believes that Kim’s rhetoric and actions are “a cautiously crafted approach of brinkmanship, designed mostly for retaining his domestic grip on strength.”
“The largest assignment in his role as ultimate chief – one all autocrats face – is the way to preserve his authoritarian rule,” Smith wrote in an opinion piece for the Conversation.

“Kim Jong-un, like his father Kim Jong-il, has been capable of pursuing this approach of brinkmanship with notable achievement, at the least for home purposes. This is mainly because no matter all of the international repercussions to date – ostracism, sanctions, and threats of intervention – China has been willing to prop up North Korea.”

The retaliatory release of ballistic missiles via US and South Korean forces on Wednesday morning will now not only have reminded remind Kim of the navy might of his enemies, but bolstered a guiding principle of Kim dynasty propaganda: that North Korea is surrounded with the aid of opposed forces intent on its eradication.

“Kim Jong-un loves this, as it reinforces the photograph of North Korea standing as much as a massive, bullying imperialist,” Kelly stated. “It fits exactly with the manner North Korea wants to be portrayed, in preference to the rogue, gangster nation that it is.”

“It might assist if Trump backed away a little. His childish, personalized tweets convey the USA right down to the level of the North Koreans, and we recognize from the racist and sexist things it said approximately Barack Obama and Park Geun-Hye which you are never going to win a mud-slinging contest with the KCNA.”

No one is aware of if Kim ever acquired the reproduction of Trump’s Art of the Deal that Dennis Rodman provided to the North Korean sports activities minister at some stage in his new go to to Pyongyang. If the deal in the query is the way to wrong-foot a much greater powerful nemesis, then he can in all likelihood live without the advice.

Having thrust his u. S . A . To the pinnacle of America’s foreign coverage “to do” listing and cemented his domestic photograph as all that stands among North Korea and US aggression, spherical one of the publish-ICBM era need to honestly go to Kim. In Trump’s phrases: a pretty clever cookie certainly.

How the United States may want to respond to North Korea’s nuclear hazard


Experts weigh in on a likely US reaction to North Korea’s a hit intercontinental ballistic missile check, from similar sanctions to diplomacy
A US MGM-140 military tactical missile is fired during the blended navy exercise among the USA and South Korea in opposition to North Korea on Wednesday.

Public urgency approximately the danger of North Korea developing a reliable long-range nuclear weapon capable of putting the US turned into sharpened by information of what Pyongyang and outside analysts say became a success intercontinental ballistic missile take a look at.

Any on the spot US reaction have to recollect the potential of North Korea to instantly launch a devastating strike in opposition to allies in Japan and South Korea, along with the almost 30,000 US troops stationed on the Korean peninsula, with chemical, biological or probable nuclear weapons. Conflict with China lurks as a further grave subject.

What should or can the USA do? Over the beyond weeks, judging by way of his Twitter account, Donald Trump seems to have abandoned his original coverage on North Korea, which turned into to rely upon China to strain its neighbor and trading partner to scrap its nuclear software.

While some experts said without a doubt months ago that Trump’s coverage would no longer paintings, different influential voices, together with an independent taskforce convened last 12 months via the Council on Foreign Relations, strongly supported this kind of coverage, urging US officers to “adopt a primary diplomatic attempt to elevate the issue to the top of the USA-China bilateral dating”.

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The alternatives currently on the desk for the United States break down roughly into four classes: sanctions and embargoes; diplomacy and concessions; cyber sabotage; and different military options. Here is a summary of professional opinion and analysis on every.

Sanctions and embargoes
North Korea has been the target of various economic and change sanctions, consisting of sanctions targeting us of a’s key coal exports and an oil embargo since it performed its first nuclear test in 2006.



After the dying of American exchange pupil Otto Warmbier following his detention in North Korea final month, america multiplied its sanctions coverage to consist of secondary sanctions on a Chinese financial institution and two Chinese individuals for providing North Korea with getting entry to worldwide markets.

Analysis How did Otto Warmbier die?
US pupil who has been jailed in North Korea turned into again to the USA in a country of ‘unresponsive wakefulness’ – efficaciously braindead
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“We have to be sending groups everywhere in the world to shut down monetary assets, put in force sanctions and interdict materials the regime makes use of for guns,” wrote Wendy R Sherman, the leader US negotiator inside the Iran nuclear deal. “We must press the United Nations to do greater.”

But North Korea’s economic system has not been crippled with the aid of sanctions, thank you in the element to the continuing change in China.

“North Korea is some distance higher off now than it changed into 11 years ago, and worlds aside from the famine of the Nineteen Nineties,” wrote Benjamin Silverstein in The Diplomat. “Food insecurity prevails in North Korea but u. S . Has not seen great starvation since the overdue Nineties.”

And “if we have been going to impose crippling sanctions” Van Jackson, a defense professional at Victoria University, instructed the Asia New Zealand Foundation, “the time to do it would have been well before it had nuclear-capable missiles, not after.”
Could North Korea cause a nuclear war?
Diplomacy and concessions
“Negotiate otherwise,” Jim Walsh of the MIT safety research program advised in a chunk closing week posted with the aid of Axios:

During the nuclear age, dozens of countries started out down the route to nuclear weapons but reversed path. And there are instances in which countries received or inherited nuclear guns gave them up outright. Often, that happy result was accomplished no longer through warfare but international relations – agreements that stopped or rolled returned a nuclear guns program.”

“Opening communicate is neither a reward nor a concession to North Korea; it’s miles truely the handiest sensible way to lessen the developing dangers,” reads a new piece in aid of negotiations:

Technological solutions – disabling launches via electronic or cyber attacks, or intercepting missiles – can be at pleasant handiest in part successful. Sanctions may be a part of the answer. However, records suggest that they’re not in themselves an answer. The management has flirted again and again with navy alternatives, and there’s a grave danger that its interest in them can also revive, despite the gigantic dangers. The potentialities of destroying the nuclear arsenal – nevertheless less current stockpiles – would be low, the prospects of devastating repercussions for Seoul excessive and the possibilities of a much broader destabilization of the location vast…

However, Jackson, the Victoria University analyst, doubts the efficacy of international relations. In Jackson’s analysis, “not anything an awful lot will alternate in the coming days and months until 1) america attacks; 2) the USA imposes secondary sanctions on Chinese corporations…; or three) the US pivots its North Korea policy far away from denuclearization and figures out the way to stay with a nuclear-armed North Korea.”

Cyber conflict
The US has been preserving up a mystery program of cyber assaults and other nonconventional war towards North Korea given that 2014, David Sanger and William Broad first pronounced in the New York Times in March.

“Advocates of the state-of-the-art attempt to remotely manage data interior North Korea’s missile structures argue the US has no actual alternative because the attempt to prevent the North from learning the secrets of creating nuclear weapons has already failed,” the reporters wrote. “The best desire now is preventing the use from growing an intercontinental missile, and demonstrating that destructive risk to the world.”

The trouble with cyber assaults, electronic struggle, and industrial sabotage, the authors referred to, is that the arsenal “consists of no guarantees” of powerful prevention, as the arena noticed on Tuesday.