5 Apps for Productivity and Stress Relief


Okay, ok, I recognize there are sufficient opinions on cellphone applications that you may want to gag your self or flog whoever continues pumping the web complete of these articles. Well do or say what you may approximately them, smartphone apps are changing the way we do matters to mention the least, so if someone stumbles upon an app they don’t know approximately and discover it beneficial, then I’ve accomplished my process.

I know we’re all about calming the nerves and relieving strain/tension around here, so you’ll be asking yourself why a productivity put up on cellphone apps? While having too many apps can lead to app overload and bring about much less productiveness, in case you stick with a few middle apps that do their process properly, they will not best make you greater efficient however can also assist to reduce your stress and tension levels.

So I’ve narrowed it right down to five apps that I use on a steady foundation. By consistent, I could say bare minimum 3-five days every week, at the same time as most I use more than one times a day.

5.) Evernote

So I start with Evernote, no longer as it’s my fifth favorite, however as it’s probably the maximum famous app on my list so keep scrolling in case your lifestyles has already been transformed through this powerful little app. For the relaxation of you, if you have any preference to maintain up with thoughts, thoughts, names, codes, or your dog’s birthday, that is the cream of the crop.

Evernote is essentially a note taking software on steroids. It makes it easy to create and prepare notes, while also allowing you to without difficulty search your notes for keywords to keep away from having to find wherein you’ve stored it. You also can percentage and edit notes with pals and circle of relatives to help every different to stay in sync. Other features include clipping internet site articles to have for later studying, and additionally storing pix together with your notes. All of these capabilities are high-quality, but while it comes all the way down to it, it does what it’s made to do surely properly, make storing information clean and organized.

4.) Headspace

By some distance my favorite meditation app obtainable. If you have not tried or started out meditating, I incredibly advocate you do. It is beneficial on your brain and nicely-being in such a lot of approaches and may cause a sizeable increase in productiveness and reduce in strain degrees.

Headspace is actually in a league of its very own while as compared to other meditation apps. These men recognize what they’re talking approximately and realize the most effective meditation strategies for each novice and professionals. Headspace creator, Andy, is an ordained Buddhist monk and mindfulness expert. He provides countless guided meditations that make the revel in smooth and fun, you in no way feel uncomfortable or aggravated because of his herbal relaxing and reassuring tone.

Three.) Lift

It’s simplicity is wherein it thrives. You without a doubt add something which you need to do X quantity of instances per week and it adds it for your listing. Every time you’ve completed an item you certainly swipe to test mark the item, retaining track of how many times you did the habit/intention that week. You may additionally click on at the item to enter the community of other customers with the equal dependancy/aim. Here you could deliver each other support, ask questions, and so on. This is an excellent way to find out one of a kind techniques or thoughts of supporting you stay on track. For example, I learned of Headspace via my Meditation organization on this app.

2.) Wunderlist

The characteristic that pushes Wunderlist to the front of its elegance is the manner the lists are easily shared and edited by more than one human beings. For instance, you create a grocery list which you share with your spouse. Both of you could add and edit the listing as you please, making your lives easier and each other happier for now not forgetting the one’s gadgets she or he reminded you to get the ultimate 3 trips to the store. You can create all sorts of lists, including places to travel to, commercial enterprise thoughts, or gifts to buy the kids. If you are a listing man or woman you’ll be pleasantly surprised with this gem of an app.

1.) Alarmed

So I decided to store now not the quality, however the most vital, for final. When it comes right down to it, remembering what you want or want to do, is THE key issue to enhancing your existence and reducing stress. While the above apps will help you get more prepared, inspire and attention you on what you want to trade, Alarmed will bring all of that collectively with the aid of reminding you to do these things at simply the proper times.

I realize a reminder app isn’t always a few vibrant new ideas, but the recognition and consistent fantastic opinions for this app aren’t with the aid of danger. I attempted it myself about a yr ago and still use it to this day on a daily foundation. So what stands out with this notification app? Well, its configurability has no limits – you could set reminders to go off at something instances and days of the week, helping you to be reminded at just the right times so you are less probable to shrug off the notification. It additionally makes it brief and smooth to snooze the reminder for the precise quantity of time until you sooner or later do it. Some other cool capabilities include eighty custom notification sounds, add notes on your reminders, and cool timer characteristic that makes the default clock timer absolute.