Best practice recommendation for securing documents on cellular devices

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What’s the excellent way to control your own and your personnel’ work and private documents on cell gadgets?
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If you’re like tens of millions of human beings around the world, you probable like to earn a living from home, on aircraft, on the street or at a customer site. And you would make probable like to have clean access to your non-public commercial enterprise documents and corporate content out of your cell gadgets.

People in all industries and every line of commercial enterprise are attaining for their smartphones and tablets to a percentage, evaluate, write, study, gift and complete paintings-orientated sports.

But the considerable majority of them are doing so without considering their corporation’s security requirements. If you have ever transferred content via email or iTunes or used a customer answer like DropBox, you won’t even realize that you’ve been setting your company’s data at risk.

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When you about assume it, access to content consisting of files, spreadsheets, movies and displays is core to the general public’s each day task. It is the lifeblood of each business. Content is king. It is leveraged in many cellular applications and additionally stands on my own in its importance.



There are most important styles of content that personnel care approximately: their private enterprise documents and shared corporate content. As a marketer I actually care about each – I use a content control approach to get right of entry to all of to my private paintings documents (like a product whitepaper that I am writing and displays I am drafting), and I’m also preparing a corporate repository of gear, so my whole income team has the contemporary and greatest shows, whitepapers and answer briefs in hand. For me, get entry to each type of content is of essential significance.

As I suppose past sales and advertising and marketing to all strains of business and industries, the need to comfy content material becomes mind boggling. The personal content material may be anything for every person, however corporate content material varies immensely.

For an HR govt it way files like resumes or job postings; for carrier technicians it method manuals, films of system repairs or pictures of inventory; for a retailer it manner product images, logos, commercials for store operations, presentations, and promotions; within the insurance global it way software bureaucracy for claims and loans; in healthcare it way scientific and studies documents with protection guidelines; in the pharmaceutical enterprise it means drug trial monitoring and films utilized by sales reps; in training it manner management forms, path substances and pupil data.

The list is going on and on. The not unusual subject matter you may locate is that content material is what drives how we paintings and it is vital business statistics that wishes to be handled securely.

We recently published a whitepaper that explores the cellular content material management subject matter and provides a first-rate listing of first-rate practices. If you are thinking about your organization’s content method, I inspire you to explore the information on those nice practices and study the whitepaper.

Mobile content material control quality practices:

• Assess your current scenario

• Be afraid of the unknown

• Don’t rip and replace; maintain your present content management investments

• Establish file-sharing policies that make sense to your industry

• Consider the impact of BYOD within the company

• Audit content usage and company distributed content regularly

• Train users within the importance of securing content material and how to percentage content competently

For demo purposes, we used a web front end to enter live URLs, but the system is flexible enough for us to integrate our internal, unpublished articles and features.

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What next?
Since the hack day, we have been designing ways of making this wall a reality around the Guardian office. Phase one is to have the board enclosed in a case and secured to the tops of the lockers located throughout the building. The system would be scalable and any team that needed one could order one. Lockable doors on the case would enable easy access to the devices as needed. For the hack day, we ran the node server on a laptop, however, as suggested by Google, a Raspberry Pi 2 will be more than capable of the running node and ADB, and we can attach it to the back of the board to cut down on wires and footprint.

For developers, the implementation we are using also offers the possibility to run the page you are viewing through services like PageSpeed Insights and Web Page Test so that you can check performance at the same time as viewing the content of the page. Also, there are very powerful performance testing tools available in the developer toolkits on both Chrome and Safari. The potential for the device wall to allow us to use these tools to test performance across different pieces of hardware at the same time is a possibility we are keen to explore further.

Phase two is a showcase wall, something that could live in the breakout areas for anyone walking past.

Ultimately the aim of the device wall is to provide Guardian staff who are responsible for the Digital content with a fun and simple way of viewing their work on a multitude of different device sizes and types. Our hope is that by creating an easy to use, modular system we can make testing simpler for design and editorial, in addition to allowing the Digital Development team the opportunity to test new features on a wider scale and therefore ensuring that we continue to provide a brilliant digital experience.