MDGs: how cell phones can assist gain gender equality in training

Mobile-based literacy projects can transform the lives of girls in Africa and Asia, however in spite of abundance of telephones get entry to stays a barrier

Goal three of the UN’s MDGs is to sell gender equality and empower women, such as in schooling. A UN truth sheet from 2010 well-known shows that gender inequality in education get entry to persists, and whilst a few progress has been made in boosting women’ enrolment at the number one and secondary stages, some of the countries in sub-Saharan Africa, western Asia, and Oceania are in hazard of lacking the 2015 cut-off date for gender equality.

The equal three areas have experienced extra special levels of growth in cell cell phone access considering 2000. While girls and girls’ get admission to cellular phones usually lag when as compared to guys, profits are being made as expenses of possession fall. But in which do gender parity in training and get right of entry to cell telephones intersect?

In a number of the locations wherein gender parity in education is most unequal, college systems are plagued by a lack of skilled (female) teachers, a lack of up to date instructional materials (especially in mother-tongue languages), and needs placed on the time during the day women and girls are predicted to make contributions to supporting run households and/or organizations for his or her households. Although cellular phones may not be able to resolve all of those demanding situations, they could offer help.

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Mobile telephones are an increasing number of cheap for women and women in growing countries, provide extra freedom in determining while and wherein to apply them for gaining knowledge of, and can provide on-call for getting right of entry to voice- and text-primarily based educational substances. These characteristics of mobiles, when leveraged correctly, can help growth gender equality in schooling by imparting education opportunities to put together additional (woman) teachers to enter lecture rooms, facilitate free get right of entry to to assets such as Wikipedia for ladies and ladies, in addition to enable a degree of flexibleness for the time and locations that gaining knowledge of can occur.



Yet with all of the hype surrounding mobiles for improvement (M4D), cell-based learning possibilities devised with girls and women because the supposed beneficiaries are notably rare. One motive for this can be that crucial to an intervention’s perceived fulfillment is the length of time it takes to sign in tremendous outcomes. I trust that this is one of the primary elements that stymie the ability of the emerging field of gender, getting to know and mobiles, especially when operating within an aid context wherein donors count on huge-scale advantages – within months in place of years – with the bottom viable prematurely fees to yield these benefits.

Making ladies and ladies anticipate access to training when cellular telephones are available (or becoming to be had) to them can be one of the best overlooked possibilities inside the coming decade. Here’s how we will paintings to harness the ability of cell learning to increase gender equality in training along present efforts that don’t make use of generation:

Support stakeholders that understand the promise

Supporting establishments working in the direction of realising gender parity in schooling with time, investment, devices or knowledge can help build additional evidence of the advantages and demanding situations to be addressed for mobile mastering interventions designed to gain ladies and women.

Unesco and International Telecommunications Union (ITU) are currently worried inside the gender and mobile getting to know space.

Unesco leads the Mobile Phone Literacy task, whose intention is to record the elements that assist make cellular-primarily based literacy interventions for women and girls each sustainable and effective on a massive scale. A cellular-primarily based publish-literacy program by Unesco Pakistan has confirmed extensive literacy profits for lady members.

ITU’s girls in ICT and Tech desires women are structures that hope to remove limitations that frequently save you girls and girls from the usage of mobile generation or pursuing training or careers within the subject. Related to this campaign changed into the state of a Mobile apps task for secondary school-age ladies, a worldwide competition in which women will work in teams with a classroom instructor and technology mentor to discover ways to create cell-based apps to address issues in their communities.

Women’s generation organizations in Africa and somewhere else provide a bottom-up mechanism to get concerned with initiatives and programs such as coding camps which can encourage more potent links among gender and cellular gaining knowledge of.

Empower women and women as designers

Research I conducted with secondary faculty girls in Nairobi in May and June 2012 illustrated that much can be gleaned from the thoughts of women determined to obtain an education. I discovered and interviewed some of women who were creatively leveraging mobiles to assist realize personal school goals by forming casual cell-based studying groups and looking for statistics unavailable at their schools or in their books.

Ensuring that girls and girls lead the layout of mobile mastering interventions can assist increase the possibility that interventions will meet their wishes – and fuel gains for gender parity in education.

SoundCloud revamps iPhone app as majority listen on cell gadgets
Streaming audio carrier draws 250m listeners a month and has plans to make money for creators

Streaming audio carrier SoundCloud has remodeled its iPhone app, with Android to observe, as it looks to capitalize on the fact that two-thirds of its listening now happens on cell devices – up from half of six months in the past.

The update has removed the capacity to record audio and add it to SoundCloud to awareness on listening, boiled down to 3 key features. First, there’s a feed of tune, either from friends and followed artists, or trending tracks from particular genres.

There’s a search feature to look for music, comedy, podcasts and other audio from SoundCloud’s whole catalog. And third, the capability for customers to access their non-public collection of playlists and preferred tracks.


Shop Direct’s profits double, helped by using surge in sales thru mobile devices

Profits upward thrust to £64.6m as organization which includes Littlewoods, Very and Isme sees 44% of sales coming from capsules and cell phones

The rising recognition of purchasing via cell phones and tablet computer systems helped online store Shop Direct more than double its earnings remaining 12 months.

The group, which owns the Very.Co.Uk brand in addition to Littlewoods and Isme, stated underlying pre-tax profits rose to £sixty four.6m within the 12 months to 30 June as the company cut costs, improved management of inventory, decreased fraud and saw its most powerful income upward push in as a minimum three years.

Sales at the group, which is owned using the billionaire Barclay brothers, had been up three% to £1.74bn as 7% boom at Very offset a close to eight% fall on the Littlewoods and K&Co web sites.

Alex Baldock, the chief government, stated sales thru cellular devices – normally drugs – were leading the manner, accounting for forty-four% of the group’s turnover, up from simply four% three years ago. Growth continues apace, with 52% of sales coming from such devices in the three months from the give up of June.

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“The explosion in cell sales has surprised even us. They have gone from nowhere three years ago to over half of sales,” he said. Offering buyers a greater personalized experience – with the prominence of merchandise and promotions various to healthy the person viewing the institution’s web sites – helped improve sales.

Baldock stated he could not are expecting what percentage of income mobile gadgets would, in the end, make a contribution, so the employer changed into now not making a bet on just one path to market turning into dominant. “We are constructing our websites in a no-regrets way so that if the marketplace goes in an sudden course closer to clever TVs or maybe clever refrigerators, we can be geared up for it,” he stated.



Online stores like Shop Direct maintain to gain from consumers’ changing conduct, which is having a dramatic impact on the high road. The wider availability and affordability of mobile technology, especially capsules computer systems, is making access to the internet simpler and extra convenient. People save via their cell telephones in bed inside the morning, at the same time as commuting or while looking TV. A surprising 15% of those questioned in a survey of 6,000 people even store ultimate factor at night before they fall asleep, in step with a report by way of net analysis company Netbiscuits based on mobile users inside the UK, US, Germany, Brazil, China, and India. Those developments hold to rise as phones turn out to be larger and less difficult to apply for buying. More than 80% of cellular users are planning to spend money via their cell cellphone inside the next yr up from 68% who did so final year consistent with Netbiscuits.

Baldock admitted that Shop Direct changed into struggling along with other retailers from the unseasonable heat autumn weather. “We’ve observed the marketplace to be bumpy inside the last few months. It’s a difficult environment however we’re set for report Christmas trading.”

Unlike the present SoundCloud iPhone app, users do not ought to be registered and logged in to apply it: if they’re not, they could stream the trending tracks instead. Meanwhile, the app is less difficult to navigate around, with bigger, bolder paintings for tracks and author profile pages.


Sign as much as the Media Briefing: news for the information-makers
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“For us, it’s a photo of how our imaginative and prescient of the listener experience has been evolving. Can we make it extra visual and less difficult, so it’s easier to find out and pay attention more stuff, to gather matters and pay attention to them again,” SoundCloud co-founder and chief era officer Eric Wahlforss instructed?

“The antique app has been around for some time now, and it’s genuinely time to change. It’s been completely rewritten from scratch, so it’s way more solid, and we will roll new features out a whole lot faster. And boiling the app down to miles less complicated essence goes to influence what we do return on the computer inside the destiny.”

Berlin-based SoundCloud released in 2008 as a manner for musicians to put up songs on line – including embedding them on different sites – and get comments from fanatics and fellow artists.

It has because grown into the second biggest streaming song provider within the world, behind most effective YouTube. SoundCloud tracks attain 250m listeners a month, with 12 hours of audio uploaded every minute. The corporation claims that ninety% of those tracks get played, extra than 1/2 inside an hour of being published.

The device wall has proved to be a hugely fun project, and one that will hopefully continue to expand and encourage further testing in the future – plus, having a tub or two of Lego at the office can never be a bad thing.

What are the one’s experiments within the US? “We have a group of different merchandise that we’ve been trying out with brands: we’re doing local-kind marketing things, and we’re building a couple of different things as properly,” he said.

Best practice recommendation for securing documents on cellular devices

What’s the excellent way to control your own and your personnel’ work and private documents on cell gadgets?
Woman the use of iPad pill pc at domestic to browse iTunes digital song keep

If you’re like tens of millions of human beings around the world, you probable like to earn a living from home, on aircraft, on the street or at a customer site. And you would make probable like to have clean access to your non-public commercial enterprise documents and corporate content out of your cell gadgets.

People in all industries and every line of commercial enterprise are attaining for their smartphones and tablets to a percentage, evaluate, write, study, gift and complete paintings-orientated sports.

But the considerable majority of them are doing so without considering their corporation’s security requirements. If you have ever transferred content via email or iTunes or used a customer answer like DropBox, you won’t even realize that you’ve been setting your company’s data at risk.

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When you about assume it, access to content consisting of files, spreadsheets, movies and displays is core to the general public’s each day task. It is the lifeblood of each business. Content is king. It is leveraged in many cellular applications and additionally stands on my own in its importance.



There are most important styles of content that personnel care approximately: their private enterprise documents and shared corporate content. As a marketer I actually care about each – I use a content control approach to get right of entry to all of to my private paintings documents (like a product whitepaper that I am writing and displays I am drafting), and I’m also preparing a corporate repository of gear, so my whole income team has the contemporary and greatest shows, whitepapers and answer briefs in hand. For me, get entry to each type of content is of essential significance.

As I suppose past sales and advertising and marketing to all strains of business and industries, the need to comfy content material becomes mind boggling. The personal content material may be anything for every person, however corporate content material varies immensely.

For an HR govt it way files like resumes or job postings; for carrier technicians it method manuals, films of system repairs or pictures of inventory; for a retailer it manner product images, logos, commercials for store operations, presentations, and promotions; within the insurance global it way software bureaucracy for claims and loans; in healthcare it way scientific and studies documents with protection guidelines; in the pharmaceutical enterprise it means drug trial monitoring and films utilized by sales reps; in training it manner management forms, path substances and pupil data.

The list is going on and on. The not unusual subject matter you may locate is that content material is what drives how we paintings and it is vital business statistics that wishes to be handled securely.

We recently published a whitepaper that explores the cellular content material management subject matter and provides a first-rate listing of first-rate practices. If you are thinking about your organization’s content method, I inspire you to explore the information on those nice practices and study the whitepaper.

Mobile content material control quality practices:

• Assess your current scenario

• Be afraid of the unknown

• Don’t rip and replace; maintain your present content management investments

• Establish file-sharing policies that make sense to your industry

• Consider the impact of BYOD within the company

• Audit content usage and company distributed content regularly

• Train users within the importance of securing content material and how to percentage content competently

For demo purposes, we used a web front end to enter live URLs, but the system is flexible enough for us to integrate our internal, unpublished articles and features.

The team holding the board
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The team holding the device wall
What next?
Since the hack day, we have been designing ways of making this wall a reality around the Guardian office. Phase one is to have the board enclosed in a case and secured to the tops of the lockers located throughout the building. The system would be scalable and any team that needed one could order one. Lockable doors on the case would enable easy access to the devices as needed. For the hack day, we ran the node server on a laptop, however, as suggested by Google, a Raspberry Pi 2 will be more than capable of the running node and ADB, and we can attach it to the back of the board to cut down on wires and footprint.

For developers, the implementation we are using also offers the possibility to run the page you are viewing through services like PageSpeed Insights and Web Page Test so that you can check performance at the same time as viewing the content of the page. Also, there are very powerful performance testing tools available in the developer toolkits on both Chrome and Safari. The potential for the device wall to allow us to use these tools to test performance across different pieces of hardware at the same time is a possibility we are keen to explore further.

Phase two is a showcase wall, something that could live in the breakout areas for anyone walking past.

Ultimately the aim of the device wall is to provide Guardian staff who are responsible for the Digital content with a fun and simple way of viewing their work on a multitude of different device sizes and types. Our hope is that by creating an easy to use, modular system we can make testing simpler for design and editorial, in addition to allowing the Digital Development team the opportunity to test new features on a wider scale and therefore ensuring that we continue to provide a brilliant digital experience.

Tablets and smartphones can also have an effect on social and emotional development, scientists speculate

Journal remark warns that using a tablet or smartphone to divert a toddler’s attention may be negative to “internal mechanisms of self-regulation.”
Baby lady along with her iPad2

Using a phone or iPad to pacify a toddler can also impede their capacity to study self-law, in line with researchers.

In a statement for the magazine Pediatrics, researchers at Boston University School of Medicine reviewed available sorts of interactive media and raised “crucial questions regarding their use as educational equipment,” in line with a news launch.

The researchers said that even though the adverse consequences of television and video on very small kids become nicely understood, society’s knowledge of the impact of cell gadgets on the pre-school brain has been outpaced via how much youngsters are already using them.

The researchers warned that using a pill or phone to divert a baby’s attention may be detrimental to “their social-emotional development.”

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“If these devices grow to be the foremost technique to calm and distract younger children, will they be able to increase their very own internal mechanisms of self-law?” the scientists asked.



Use of interactive screen time below 3 years of age can also impair a baby’s development of the abilities wished for maths and science, they located, despite the fact that additionally they stated some research recommended blessings to toddlers’ use of cell devices such as in early literacy abilities, or higher educational engagement in students with autism.

Jenny Radesky, the medical trainer in developmental-behavioural pediatrics at Boston University School of Medicine, published her team’s findings. She advised parents to growth “direct human to human interaction” with their offspring.

Radesky endorsed extra “unplugged” own family interaction in preferred and cautioned young youngsters could also gain from “a designated family hour” of pleasant time spent with loved ones – with none television and cellular gadgets being worried.

The researchers mentioned that while there is plenty of professional proof that children underneath 30 months cannot study as properly from television and films as they can from human interaction, there has been inadequate research into whether or not interactive programs on cellular devices produce a comparable result.

Radesky wondered whether the use of smartphones and capsules could intrude with the capability to broaden empathy and hassle-fixing skills and elements of social interaction which can usually be found out at some stage in an unstructured play and verbal exchange with peers.

Playing with building blocks may assist a toddler more with early maths capabilities than interactive digital devices, she said.

“These gadgets may also replace the arms-on sports critical for the development of sensorimotor and visible-motor competencies, which are crucial for the gaining knowledge of and application of maths and technological know-how,” Radesky said.

There is proof that well-researched early-gaining knowledge of tv programs, which include Sesame Street, and digital books and examine-to-examine programs on cell devices can help vocabulary and analyze comprehension, the crew located, but best as soon as kids are tons nearer to high school age.

Radesky endorsed that mother and father strive packages earlier than thinking about allowing a baby to use them.

“At this time there are greater questions than solutions with regards to mobile media,” she stated.

“I can’t talk plenty in element about it, it hasn’t rolled out at any bigger scale but we’re seeking to create a person experience that’s very elegant, frictionless, open and also has an detail of monetisation.”

Lego at work
Lego store
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A trip to the lego store to get the required materials
We knew we wanted to create a wall, what we did not want to do is build something out of 2x4s and plaster board – aside from being a lot of work it would be too permanent in our world of ever changing devices. Cue Lego.

For a mere £12, you can visit your local Lego store and fill a plastic cup with Lego of your choice. That, plus a few baseplates and a £7 cork board from Rymans and we were good to go.

On the day of the hack, we secured the devices to the board with remarkable ease. We were concerned about the weight of the devices but found Lego was more than up for the challenge. Best of all, as we changed our minds about which devices to use, re-configuring the wall was easy.

Device wall
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The final device wall
How we made the wall work technically

Firstly, we wanted to see if it was possible to fire off a URL from a single point and launch it on multiple devices simultaneously, which would allow us to speedily view content over a variety of devices. We dived in and made a quick proof of concept that solely worked for Android devices using a simple shell script that iterates through all the devices detected by ADB then fires off a browser intent. This meant that as far as the code was concerned, we had a working device wall, albeit only for Android devices, within 30 minutes of the hack day starting.

But that definitely wasn’t enough, so as mentioned above we made use of a great open source device wall implementation that Google developed for their I/O conference in San Francisco this year, meaning that after a bit of setup and tweaking we had a full device wall capable of supporting Android, iOS and Windows devices. This works by having a backend service hosted on Firebase, that listens for URLs, then pushes them to the devices. For iOS and Windows devices, a listener app is installed locally on the device which waits for URLs to be issued by the backend and then opens them in a web view. For Android devices, each device is wired into a lightweight node.js server, which receives the URLs and sends them to the devices using the same ADB approach that we used in our initial prototype.


US bans large digital gadgets on some flights from Middle East

New TSA requirement blocks passengers from bringing laptops, iPads, Kindles, and cameras, with a lack of specifics on whether flight crews are protected by rule
Experts criticize US electronic gadgets ban on some flights from the Middle East
How have you ever been affected?

US government have secretly required Airways from eight countries to forbid passengers from wearing any digital or electrical device larger than a cellular telephone.

The new edict changed into disbursed in an electronic mail described as “personal” from the USA transportation safety management (TSA) on Monday.

Image result for mobile devices

Experts criticize US digital gadgets ban on some flights from the Middle East
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The requirement forbids passengers from bringing laptops, iPads, Kindles or even cameras large than cellular phones into the cabin. All such devices should be checked.

Saudi Arabia’s Saudia Airlines and Royal Jordanian airlines are many of the affected nations; the entire list had not been discovered to the affected airlines themselves until a press briefing by way of the United States department of Homeland Security on Monday nighttime.



The ban is technically related to ten airports in eight nations:

Queen Alia in Jordan
Cairo International in Egypt
Ataturk International in Turkey
King Abdulaziz and King Khalid in Saudi Arabia
Kuwait International in Kuwait, Mohammed V in Morocco
Doha International in Qatar
Dubai global and Abu Dhabi worldwide in the United Arab Emirates.
The affected airways are Royal Jordanian, Egyptair, Turkish Airlines, Saudia Airways, Kuwait Airways, Royal Air Morocco, Qatar Airways, Emirates, and Etihad.

The email – defined as a “round” – isn’t a public regulation. However, airlines could be predicted to put in force the brand new rule. Airlines were issued the round on Monday and given ninety-six hours to conform; the regulations observe to flights both to and from the US, consistent with Royal Jordanian Airways.

The circular does no longer deal with digital flight luggage (EFBs), which allows flight crews to display diagrams mapping flight patterns, maps of airports and other virtual documentation, commonly on an iPad.

The lack of specificity leaves airways in the dark as to whether their personnel could be referred to or in any other case punished for appearing the vital functions of the plane group as common.

BBC News is introducing new technology that has a feature that allows organisation-owned laptops and mobiles to be tracked.

The relaxation of the BBC is due to follow the match, and the agency says it is beneficial to know where the devices are inside the event of them being lost, stolen or, in excessive instances, if a journalist is abducted or a presenter is traveling in a dangerous place.

However, most people of BBC News staff who have been requested for his or her perspectives on the idea in a survey stated they did not need to be tracked.

While fifty-one% said they did now not want to be tracked in any respect, 27% stated they did now not thoughts if the BBC could reveal the place of their work devices, and 21% stated they might opt to use outside structures consisting of Find My iPhone.

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The TSA referred calls to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). DHS could not confirm or deny the existence of this kind of requirement: “We have no comment on capability security precautions, however, will offer any update as suitable,” David Lapan, spokesperson for DHS, stated in an emailed announcement to the Monday morning. Lapan declined to remark similarly.

By Monday afternoon, a US professional had briefed Reuters that the ban accompanied a “terrorism threat” and was expected to be introduced on Tuesday.

The reputable said no American providers are impacted with the aid of the ban, which is predicted to be unveiled on Tuesday using the Homeland Security Department.

Compliance has been quick: “Effective March 21st, the carriage of electronic and electric gadgets inbound to us shall most effective be inbound in checked luggage beside for cellular and medical devices,” in keeping with a reservation agent at one of the affected airways.

Royal Jordanian tweeted a reference to the restrictions, referring cryptically to “concerned US departments.” It became advised that Royal Jordanian disobeyed the round in component with the aid of making its lifestyles recognized. The airline deleted the tweet on Monday afternoon after it has been up for numerous hours.

Royal Jordanian Airways notifies its passengers that they may not be allowed to have pill computer systems, laptops or recreation consoles on flights to and from the US
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Royal Jordanian Airways notifies its passengers that they may no longer be allowed to have tablet computers, laptops or recreation consoles on flights to and from the United States Photograph: Sam Thielman/Twitter
In a tweet from its authentic account, Saudia additionally warned its customers that new security features have been added by using the TSA, and would be enforced from Tuesday.

Last year saw the launch of the first Official Streaming Chart in the UK, eight years after the introduction of the legal download chart.

Device wall of awesome: how Lego helped our digital development

We are privileged to work in the central London. Obsessed with technology, most of us have the latest iPhones or Android mobiles and are accustomed to solid data connections or WiFi throughout the city – but crucially that isn’t the case for our audience at large. Under the editorial pressures of deadlines and our mentality of regularly shipping features it is easy to forget that our worldwide readers depend on a huge range of devices, browsers, and connections.

On a recent high traffic day, our site was visited on a whopping 7,061 different types of mobile devices, on 1,360 different browser types and versions in 241 countries. That is a huge technical challenge to accommodate, but it is also a shift in mentality.

Impressed by the open source Google device wall, we wanted to use this technology to create a device wall that would be easy and fun for testing our content on lots of different devices.

Mobile net devices ‘will outnumber human beings this 12 months’

Cisco record says number of smartphones, pills, laptops and net-capable telephones will exceed wide variety of human beings in 2013
human beings on cell phones

There could be more net-related mobile devices together with smartphones and 3G pills than humans within the global before the end of the 12 months, in keeping with new studies.

A developing category will be internet-connected monitors for “clever metering,” video surveillance, protection, constructing automation, healthcare and client electronics – a category of a device referred to as “device-to-system” (M2M) structures which communicate directly with other computers over the net with out the mediation of people.

The forecast by way of the networking large Cisco says that the growth within the use of smartphones and drugs will see extra than 7bn – the arena’s present day population – in use, with a massive increase in use in Asia, the Pacific, and Africa.

Image result for mobile devices

But the rapid the in related gadgets will place the existing net infrastructure below increasing pressure, and force net companies to shift customers and networks over to the subsequent-generation “IPv6” machine – which expands the number of devices which could join without delay to the internet from around 4.3bn (the use of the existing IPv4 device) to a tremendous determine massive enough to give each unmarried individual their personal private IPv4-primarily based internet.



Despite the near-exhaustion of the IPv4 deal with space in February 2012, development toward wider use of IPv6 has been gradual, says Trefor Davies, a rising pressure at the back of the adoption of IPv6 inside the UK: “in the US, the authorities have mandated it in some regions, such as america Navy, but the UK authorities appear to be concerned about charges.” The protocols are incompatible, and updating structures used by net carrier carriers to offer an IPv6-successful machine has put many off, Davies suggested.

But the Cisco record factors to dramatic trade this is already occurring within the discipline of cell connectivity:

• The mobile video already makes up more than half of the statistics transmitted worldwide, the organization says – and via 2017 it’ll make up two-thirds of it.

• The average amount of records ate up through telephone customers rose 81%, from 189MB according to the month in 2011 to 342MB monthly in 2012.

• Smartphones consumed ninety-two% of global cellular facts traffic, no matter only making up 18% of the handsets in use globally. The ordinary “feature phone” simplest fed on 6.8MB of information site visitors according to month – 2% of the quantity that the standard smartphone did.

By 2017, Cisco says, the average smartphone will generate 2.7GB of data site visitors a month – almost a tenfold boom from these days, and one to place great demands at the net backbone.

The rapid growth in 4G connections – for which auctions at the moment are underway within the UK – generated a 19-fold large quantity of records traffic than a non-4G connection, Cisco says. Despite only making up zero.Nine% of all cell connections – more often than not based totally inside the US – 4G connections already make up 19% of facts visitors, and the expected upward push in such connections will contribute to big increases in facts consumption.

3G-linked drugs and laptops
The number of capsules with 3G or faster connections rose from 14.4m to 35m, and every tablet generated 820MB consistent with month – 2.Four instances greater records traffic than the common smartphone

There had been 161m 3G-related laptops, generating seven instances more records than the common telephone – of two.5 gigabytes in line with month (which itself turned into up from 2.3GB in 2011).

The quickest increase in device adoption over the following five years may be for capsules; Cisco says – predicting an average forty six% growth yr on 12 months, and statistics boom extra than doubling, by using 113% annually. The next quickest boom might be in “machine to machine modules,” which presently make about 5% of net-enabled gadgets, growing at 36% yearly, and seeing information visitors develop by way of 89% compound.

Smartphones will see 20% boom in numbers, it forecasts, while the records they consume will grow by eighty-one%. The majority may be “feature phones” with net capability – typified by Nokia’s Asha tool, that can browse the net and send electronic mail, however, can’t load 1/3-celebration apps (the latter being the definition of a smartphone utilized by studies businesses).

But after 2016, says Cisco, the quantity of feature phones in use ordinary will start to drop for the primary time ever as smartphones turn out to be a bigger a part of connectivity. “While Asia-Pacific and the Middle East and Africa will nevertheless display a low unmarried digit increase for non-smartphones, all different areas will enjoy a decline,” the record says. “The maximum decline might be skilled using North America (poor CAGR of 37%) and western Europe (poor CAGR of 17%).”

With cell phone penetration within the UK already at fifty-eight%, and inside the US at 54%, the most important possibilities lie in China and Africa – wherein some corporations are now pushing with their very own phone services.

Growth in Internet-related gadgets
The speedy boom in smartphones, 3G- and 4G-related tablets, dongle-geared up laptops and M2M gadgets will see the range of Internet-linked devices outnumber human beings later this year, it says.

Geographical boom
The fastest boom in statistics traffic will be in the Middle East and Africa, so one can see a seventy-seven% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the next five years, while the Asia/Pacific location will see seventy-six% CAGR and Latin America sixty-seven%, Cisco says.

Apps for business: mobile gadgets for marketers

Guy Clapperton critiques a number of the most popular business orientated cellular smartphone apps to help domestic-based SME owners run their business enterprise

A few weeks in the past we took a take a look at consumer apps that might equally assist a business when it is starting up. The concept changed into that human being operating from domestic on their enterprise would possibly need to multi-challenge their devices and use them for commercial enterprise and pride.

Naturally, there are other apps which might be enterprise-oriented. We’re going to overlook the ones from the likes of Apple which can be workplace suites of their personal proper – Pages for word processing, Numbers for spreadsheets and so on – due to the fact they are essentially cellular variations of computing device products. Here are a few the utilities for enterprise only, designed as apps for cellular gadgets.

BlackBerry Messenger gives secure, unfastened messaging between you and some other person of the same app. It is now to be had for Android and Apple telephones as well – seek inside the app store for Apple, Google Play save for Android.

Image result for mobile devices

For old school voice calling, take a look at Ring Central. This stands in for a complex telephone gadget as you’d get in a larger company but without the need for a PBX – the organization quips that it works for organizations that do not, in reality, realize what a PBX is (assume internal cellphone alternate).



Email now not operating properly enough or successfully? Look to AltaMail to address multiple debts or 0 your inbox using rules you could set, automate responses, and set templates. Or take a look at Sparrow (and its desktop counterpart) to undertake a gesture-primarily based dealing with of your electronic mail, adding extra functions and the ability to flick among emails through flicking the display.

All of the social media have their mobile apps of route. HootSuite is ideal for bringing a couple of social community bills together underneath a single app. Meanwhile I, case you want to p the percentage a display screen, nd you’re operating far from your colleague or associate, try to be a part of.Me from Logmein.Com with the intention to let you do just that. A new function is that it will allow you to file your consultation.

If you’ve got a couple of events looking to sign up for an assembly the use of video and computing device sharing as well, then Cisco WebEx nevertheless takes a few beating. It has been around for a while to deliver webinars without problems and inexpensively. But watch the tone of your voice – it is very easy to seem unengaged when human beings can most effective see your head as a tiny blob on the screen.

Home people who want occasional assembly spaces would possibly welcome input from apps for BlackBerry, Android and iOS to make reserving assembly and other working spaces simpler by using looking through your cell device. They’re loose and you may also download guidelines for your satnav at the equal hyperlink.

A truthful few apps are round to assist both preserve tune of or certainly receive finance. SumUp is the various apps that allow a small dealer to just accept credit score card bills. Look also at Seattle, intuit.Co.United kingdom/pay and of the path the plain contenders like PayPal Here. Look also at GoCardless, that’s a web direct debit payment processor with an app.

Document control and ending up with masses of bits of the paper flying round is the bane of every commercial enterprise. This is why Readdle.Com has launched PDF Expert for the iPhone and iPad. It will assist you to fill in forms on the move, as will DocuSign Ink. This is an clean to apply software which lets you to put in a legally-binding signature and ship a signed shape returned with the aid of email with an archive mechanically kept at the organization’s very own servers. Both will get rid of plenty of needless fiddling round.

If you’ve got a difficult copy file in touch of then you Canon’s CaptureOnTouch cellular app may be an assist in saving it to disk, turning your iOS or Android tool right into a scanner.

One factor normally related to larger computer structures is the ability to manipulate huge amounts of information. Check Roambi though for information visualization at the pass, turning complicated information into effortlessly digestible pictures and other visualizations.

If your hassle is just an excessive amount of data or web sites, have a observe Evernote – hardly new but an awesome way of preserving all of your photographs, internet bookmarks, nd different facts organized.

Small companies dealing with fleets of motors may need to look at Fleetmatics, which offers a cellular app that allows managers and owners with real-time get entry to ar places. It also offers real-time signals, reviews, and dashboards, reminding you when a provider is due, for example.

Most of the above are available for all popular platforms until in any other case said. It’s worth searching at whichever market you’ll be shopping for or downloading from to check which apps are popular for the time being. BlackBerry changed into noting a variety of downloads for document storing and sharing software including Box, Connect to DropBox, PaperPusher Scanner and some different portions of the heaper software program. There are also a couple of voice recorders and word takers which give various extensions to the abilities already at the smartphone; the trick as continually is to observe the problem you are looking to remedy first, as such a lot of apps seem to cope with an difficulty that wasn’t sincerely there within the first vicinity.

Another trick is to check which you’re in the right listing – a whole lot of apps will provide a cut-down or advertising and marketing-supported model for not anything. Individually, the various pro variations value pennies however once the fees begin to mount up they can account for a fair few kilos.

BBC News body of workers voice concern over organisation tracking cellular devices

Survey unearths maximum workforce do no longer trust the BBC no longer to misuse information obtained by way of monitoring laptops and phones

Concerns were raised via BBC News body of workers when they had been told the enterprise can tune their paintings cell gadgets despite the fact that an inner survey confirmed that most of them do now not consider the BBC not to misuse the information.

BBC News is introducing new technology that has a feature that allows organisation-owned laptops and mobiles to be tracked.

The relaxation of the BBC is due to follow the match, and the agency says it is beneficial to know where the devices are inside the event of them being lost, stolen or, in excessive instances, if a journalist is abducted or a presenter is traveling in a dangerous place.

However, most people of BBC News staff who have been requested for his or her perspectives on the idea in a survey stated they did not need to be tracked.

While fifty-one% said they did now not want to be tracked in any respect, 27% stated they did now not thoughts if the BBC could reveal the place of their work devices, and 21% stated they might opt to use outside structures consisting of Find My iPhone.

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Perhaps of more concern to the BBC is the locating that, while requested if they relied on the BBC not to misuse the tracking records, eighty-one% said no and only 5% stated sure.



The survey changed into carried out to test team of workers’ reaction to the plan through the BBC’s generation department to introduce a personalized version of an app management gadget, which includes the capability to music devices. However, it subsequently emerged that a pilot had already been finished and the brand new gadget became up and running.

According to the BBC, if it turns on monitoring, staff can flip it off, however, had been no longer instructed that, nor have they been advised the way to do so.

A BBC spokesman stated: “The BBC uses a spread of commercially available structures to operate and manage its transportable communique gadgets. Some of these systems have extra features that can permit location facts to be determined wherein the device supports it. These features aren’t becoming on by way of default, and the BBC handiest chooses to turn them on in unique instances, and with the co-operation of the users worried.”

Despite that, a few are still uneasy that they’ll be forbidden to show off the tracking in destiny and expressed their concern on the manner the difficulty changed into treated, particularly coming so soon after it becomes revealed that the BBC’s Investigations unit has been monitoring a few personnel’s electronic mail accounts because of worries approximately confidentiality.

Information from a freedom of information request made with the aid of the Daily Telegraph showed that during 2012 it monitored four bills, the following year, 10 and ultimate yr, 27.

In overall remaining 12 months there had been 56 incidents of investigators hacking into staff emails; a few have been completed due to crook or disciplinary investigations.

A BBC spokesman said: “Monitoring of e-mail bills is continuously undertaken regarding criminal or disciplinary investigations and body of workers are completely conscious that get entry to and tracking can arise in sure circumstances.”

Spotify seeks to expand free streaming to mobile devices
Service in talks with major music companies in bid to gain an edge on rivals such as Napster, Rdio, and Deezer

Spotify wants to boost the amount of free music it offers to smartphone users in the UK, in a move likely to fuel a sharp rise in on-the-go streaming.

At the moment, only Spotify subscribers who pay £9.99 a month can play tracks on mobiles and tablet computers after a free 30-day trial.

The digital music service is expected to enter negotiations with major music companies this month as it hammers out new licensing agreements.

Spotify’s move to expand its free offering would give it an edge on its streaming rivals, Napster, Rdio, and Deezer, all of which charge a monthly £9.99 fee to play music on the go.


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Last year, Spotify launched a free radio player for Apple iPhone and iPad owners in the US offering unlimited songs and stations alongside advertising. Complex licensing arrangements mean that Spotify has been unable to launch this service in the UK – but a renewed push in the current negotiations with rights holders could see a similar product offered to music fans in Britain.

According to US technology site, The Verge, Spotify has already started negotiations in the UK with Warner Music – home to Bruno Mars and Fleetwood Mac – and will begin talks with the other two music majors, Sony and Universal, in the coming weeks.

Industry experts believe London-based Spotify is in pole position among streaming rivals to expand its free offering. The company has managed to convert about a fifth of its 20 million active users into paying subscribers and has paid out over $500m (£327m) to rights holders since its launch in 2006. The loss-making company pays 70% of its revenue to rights holders, which totaled €187.8m (£164m) in 2011 according to the latest available accounts.

Spotify faces competition in the UK from US-based Rdio, which launched in Britain last year with a similar pricing model. Deezer is another competitively priced rival but has the advantage of being bundled with Everything Everywhere’s UK 4G service from its launch in October 2012.

Research published by the BPI, the UK music industry trade body, earlier this month showed the increasing importance of streaming services to customers and record labels. Products such as Spotify and Rdio contribute nearly £50m annually to music labels, accounting for 15.2% of their digital income, according to the research.


Adblocking almost as popular on cell gadgets as computers

Increased use follows introduction via Apple of ability to block ads on iPhones and iPads

Adblocking have become nearly as popular on mobile gadgets as on computer systems and laptops on the quiet of closing 12 months, simply months after Apple brought the potential to damn commercials on iPhones and iPads.

Data from the closing three months of 2015 from GlobalWebIndex recorded a rise in the ones reporting that they had used an adblocker on cellular devices inside the final month, in comparison to 38% of computer systems, which become additionally up via 10 percent factors on previous quarters.

The determine is skewed slightly by way of the excessive prevalence of ad blocking in Asia, wherein the practice has been not unusual for longer and wherein on the end of 2015 it became coming near 1/2 of all the ones surveyed. However, it’s miles nonetheless almost one / 4 of mobile customers in Europe and nearly 30% within the US.

In a similarly stressful sign for corporations who make money from digital advertising and marketing, greater than forty% of those surveyed via GlobalWebIndex stated they have been interested in blocking off commercials on their mobiles inside the destiny.

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IOS nine adblocker apps shoot to top of charts on day one
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GlobalWebIndex studies and perception director, Jason Mander, stated: “Arguably the maximum putting element of this facts is the huge potential for ad blocking to maintain growth. Across every unmarried age and gender ruin, it’s at least 70% who say they’re either blockading advertisements already or are inquisitive about doing so inside the destiny.”



The survey, which assessed greater than 50,000 net customers globally, is one of the few independent sources of statistics on ad blocking.

Apple started allowing iOS customers to down load apps that block ads, in an update in September. As nicely as opening up a huge new potential audience for ad blocking, insurance of the pass additionally made greater people aware they may block commercials.

“A quantity of factors have mixed to cause this upward thrust, from the nearly-consistent media coverage, loved via the concern to the proliferation of unfastened and easily to be had the equipment,” said Mander. “But the appearance of ad blocking on mobile has additionally been encouraging human beings to undertake this method throughout all in their gadgets.”

The incentive for users to block ads is stronger on mobiles than other devices, as they gradual down page-load instances already restricted via mobile statistics connections, growth the amount of information used and take up screen space. However, blockading costs were barely better for those with 4G connections, suggesting that quicker load speeds were not enough to make people positioned up with cellular ads, although those who pay for quicker connections will also be more touchy to delays.

The sharp growth in adblocking on mobiles is an specifically massive problem for publishers who’re seeing an increasing number of in their visitors coming from smartphones and are already making less in keeping with the mobile ad than they did on desktops and laptops.

Apple, Google, and Facebook have all been operating on answers that promise to make articles and advertisements load faster on mobiles. However, simplest Google’s, that is but to release, offers a high diploma of manage over how articles and advertising are delivered. Publishers also are wary of turning in extensive manage of their relationships with readers to businesses that compete for marketing sales.

The GlobalWebIndex survey also recorded considerable variations in enthusiasm for adblockers amongst extraordinary demographics. Younger customers are more likely to have used an adblocker, with extra than 40% of each sixteen-to-24-yr-olds and 25-to-34-12 months-olds pronouncing they’ve used one, compared to just over 20% of over-55s.

The most effective brilliant spot for publishers from the information is that the share blocking ads is decrease inside the top 25% and middle 50% of earning than among the lowest 25% of earners. These high-earners are worth extra to advertisers and hence generate more sales.

If its new app boosts mobile past thirds of SoundCloud listening, the app will genuinely take a seat at the center of those rewarding efforts. Wahlforss says that the agency is working hard to make certain it works inside the hobby of its artists.

“Some artists surely get this concept of a real-time expression platform where absolutely everyone can take part and remarkable-quick get to listen to the modern stuff. That’s what we need to get to, and we suppose the artists and labels that embody that paradigm are the ones who’ll win on our platform,” he said.

“It’s a brand new medium: it’s the internet, proper? With any new medium, it’s approximately mastering for 10, 20, 30 years, after which eventually the medium unearths its manner, and it starts of evolved to end up honestly effective. It’s like movie turned into simply filming a theater stage in the starting, and photographs had been just a replacement for a painter in its early days.”

Wahlforss – a musician himself, who statistics beneath the call of Forss – thinks SoundCloud is one of the digital services poised to assist musicians and different creators to make the maximum of the net because it moves past its initial section.

“Some artists get it already. The information is available. But no longer everyone will adore it, and not all people will excel inside the constraints of that new medium,” he said.

“Some humans are connected to vinyl, as an example. And I kinda agree: I love vinyl! But it’s no longer going to get to 1000000000 customers…”

Mobile internet browsing overtakes desktop for the first time

Smartphones and drugs grow to be king as the share of laptop net browsing visitors shrinks to forty eight.7%, in line with statistics
Mobile internet has now overtaken laptop browsing global.

Mobile gadgets are used greater than traditional computer systems for web surfing, as telephone and tablet use overtook desktop for the primary time, October figures show.

Mobile internet surfing has been stepping by step growing on account that 2009, at the same time as the desktop’s proportion of net traffic has gradually decreased. In October, the two crossed over, with worldwide cellular and tablet surfing accounting for fifty-one.Three% as opposed to the computer’s forty eight.7%, in step with the brand new statistics from Net analytics company StatCounter.

Aodhan Cullen, the leader government of StatCounter, said: “This need to be a awaken name particularly for small organizations, sole investors, and specialists to ensure that their web sites are cellular pleasant. Many older web sites are not.

Image result for mobile devices

“Mobile compatibility is increasingly important no longer just due to developing site visitors however due to the fact Google favors cellular-pleasant web sites for its mobile search outcomes.”

Despite following a similar downward trend, the desktop continues to be king in a few components of the arena. In the United Kingdom, the laptop accounts for fifty-five.6% of surfing, 58% in the US and 55.1% in Australia, according to StatCounter. However, it seems most effective a be counted of time before they observe the global fashion, with cellular taking the majority of net surfing.

The records show that an on a median weekday, simply over 40% of traffic to the web site are analyzing on a laptop, while that number drops to just below 30% on the weekend.



Google identified the fashion in the direction of cellular surfing several years in the past and has considering the fact that multiplied the shift with adjustments to its seek favoring cell. It started ranking sites inside its search index by way of cellular accessibility in 2015 and recently made a change making cellular seek probably more updated than a laptop.

At the same time, PC income had been in decline for years, at the same time as smartphones have reached at least 80% saturation inside most evolved markets and feature end up the sole point of access to the internet for plenty in developing nations.

SoundCloud additionally played an critical role in the upward push of Lorde, who uploaded a 5-track EP called The Love Club to her SoundCloud profile in 2012, including Royals, the track that took the sector by way of a hurricane the following yr.


“In the beginning, we have been fantasizing approximately someone breaking via on SoundCloud and becoming a number one artist. Then Lorde did exactly that,” said Wahlforss. “And now we’ve got big artists interacting with up and coming artists, locating new skills and breaking them thru their very own profiles, reposting their songs.”

The new app displays SoundCloud’s increased awareness on its apps, way to that growth in mobile listening. Its Android app has some of the iPhone version’s new features already, with the rest to observe in the coming weeks and months. Other features on SoundCloud’s mobile to-do list consist of playlist introduction, audio caching (for offline listening) and higher seek filters and hints.

“We’re developing extremely fast, and the growth is driven by using cell, so that’s why we’re focusing nearly all of our interest in phrases of the listening experience in the cell,” stated Wahlforss.

“We suppose there is so much nonetheless to do: this version marks step one. We spent the first five years of the commercial enterprise specializing in building the creator community. Now, since some time lower back, we’ve been focusing on the listeners. Creators informed us they need to construct an target audience on SoundCloud and connect with the one’s fans. The quality manner we will assist them is through building a bigger target market.”

And possibly additionally by using paying them? Unlike Spotify and other streaming services, SoundCloud doesn’t pay royalties to song labels, publishers and collecting societies (and by using the extension, to musicians, songwriters, and different creators).

Creators uploaded their tracks knowing that this changed into the case, seeing the cost in SoundCloud as a promotional platform, as well as one that might offer them with useful analytics on in which their listeners have been inside the international – as an instance to help plan tours.

It’s been the top notch over the past 12 months that while some high-profile artists have criticized Spotify for paying low royalties, SoundCloud has escaped similarly-public brickbats for paying nothing.

Artists can be at ease with its promotional nature – the truth that SoundCloud wasn’t earning profits itself helped – however behind the scenes, publishers mainly had been grumbling approximately the shortage of royalties.

In 2014, with a attain of 250m human beings – no longer to say a $60m funding round in January valuing the company at $700m – SoundCloud is under pressure to talk approximately how it plans to make cash, and how it plans to then pass an awesome chew of that money onto its creators.

SoundCloud’s Eric Wahlforss, who’s a musician in addition to a tech government.
SoundCloud’s Eric Wahlforss, who is a musician as well as a tech executive.
Wahlforss says the organization is working on it. “Right now inside the US, we’re experimenting with special monetisation processes. We’re checking out out various things: throwing a pair of things obtainable and testing the waters a chunk. We’re extraordinary-enthusiastic about where these items can pass,” he said.

“When you have thousands and thousands of fans and millions of listeners, you’ve were given some factor looking ahead to there to be a few kind of monetisation there. We listen that loud and clean.”