Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ unveiled with ‘infinity display’

Brand hopes to win again customer believe after Note 7 debacle with new smartphone that’s almost completely bezel-loose and consists of its new digital assistant
Samsung unveils first new Galaxy 8 phone on account that Note 7

Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy S8 and S8+, the organization’s first flagship phones for the reason that Note 7 debacle in 2016 threatened to sink its emblem in the eyes of the public.

The new telephones’ maximum beautiful feature is an almost absolutely bezel-loose show, walking the full width of the device, even curving round the threshold (similar to the display screen on Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge), and shrinking the chin and forehead of the front screen to tiny slivers. Samsung’s calls this the “infinity show,” or even the house button has been eliminated, replaced with a pressure-sensitive phase at the lowest of the display.

Launching on 28 April (though pre-order clients will receive theirs every week early), the Galaxy S8 will retail at £689 and the S8+ at £779. Those charges are £10 and £40 cheaper than the respective iPhone fashions Samsung is competing with, however, leave the S8 £120 greater than the S7 and the S8+ £a hundred and forty more high-priced than the S7 Edge. Two colors will hit Britain, “Midnight Black” and “Orchid Grey,” and Samsung remains decided whether to launch a 3rd color, “Arctic Silver.”

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That lets in the two gadgets, with monitors of 5.8in and 6.2in respectively, to occupy the body of a smartphone with a far smaller show. The Galaxy S8, for example, has dimensions of 148.Nine x 68.1 x 8mm, roughly a centimeter shorter and narrower (even though 0.7mm thicker) than an iPhone 7 Plus, no matter having a screen 0.3in larger.

The Samsung Galaxy S8, with tiny bezels and no bodily domestic button.
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The Samsung Galaxy S8, with tiny bezels and no bodily home button.
The display screen, with a resolution of 2960 x 1440 pixels on both models, is likewise the primary on a cellular smartphone to be rated as Mobile HDR Premium, certifying it as meeting a certain popular for excessive dynamic range content material – displaying blacker blacks, brighter whites and a typically large variety of brightness than maximum telephones.



Inside the gadgets is an octa-core chip (with four cores clocked at 2.3Ghz and four at 1.7Ghz), the first in a phone to be made in a 0.1-micron manufacturing method, along side 4GB of Ram and 64GB of the flash garage. Also, gift a selection slot for microSD cards: while Samsung eliminated the slot for the Galaxy S6, from the S7 onwards, owners have been capable of the slot in an SD card for added garage.

The back of the Galaxy S8.
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Although largely comparable apart from their displays, the two sizes do have yet another difference: a bigger battery in the larger model, rated at three,500mAh, at the same time as the smaller phone has garage of 3,000mAh.

The Galaxy S8 will deliver with Android 7, Nougat, that’s presently the most recent version of Android. It is because of being superseded in the third region of 2017 by Android O.

The cameras on the two gadgets remain in large part similar to the ones in the Galaxy S7: A 12MP rear-going through the camera, with optical photo stabilization, and an 8MP selfie digital camera, each with an F1.7 aperture. Also included is a fingerprint sensor at the back of the device, next to the digital camera, and a face liberates characteristic.

The base of the Galaxy S8, with a headphone jack.
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The base of the Galaxy S8, with a headphone jack.
One factor that’s survived the improve is the headphone jack. Six months after Apple took the warmth for shipping the iPhone 7 without a preferred 3.5mm plug, the Galaxy S8 still has room for the old port.

The launch comes at a vital time for Samsung. Following the Note 7 disaster, which noticed devices recalled after a range of spontaneously caught fire, the agency launched into a duration of retrenchment, releasing ads trumpeting its recognition for protection and trying to limit the broader damage to its emblem.

“The brand lost status and client consider with the debacle of the Galaxy Note 7,” says Thomas Husson, VP, and most important analyst at Forrester. Additionally, “Samsung best has a window of possibility for several months before the release of the 10th anniversary iPhone,” presently predicted to reach in September with a, also, bezel-free layout.

“The launch of Samsung’s new flagship smartphone is a result key for the brand, although it has controlled to reduce its enterprise dependency on smartphones, opposite to Apple,” Husson stated. “The release of the brand new tool must be perfectly achieved for Samsung to advantage innovation leadership and to benefit market share inside the excessive-stop phone phase.”

Alongside the new phones, Samsung is releasing or updating some of the associated merchandise. Its Gear VR headset, a co-manufacturing with Facebook’s Oculus division, profits a wi-fi gesture-based faraway control, at the same time as the Gear 360 camera is upgraded with the ability to stay-stream 360˚ video, something the corporation claims may be “one of the tipping factors” for widespread adoption of digital fact.

The Galaxy S8 will even release with Samsung’s new virtual assistant, Bixby, supposed to compete with Google’s Assistant and Apple’s Siri (Confusingly, Google Assistant is likewise available on the S8). Bixby offers a similar multi-modal characteristic set to Google Assistant, capable of being invoked via voice or through the camera and interact with gadgets onscreen (permitting a person to say, as an instance, “set this as my wallpaper” at the same time as looking at a photograph), however the complete carrier is, to begin with launching only in Korea and, from May, the united states. Users from other international locations will nonetheless be able to use the digicam and textual content factors of the service, but.


Samsung’s ‘exploding’ Note 7 repackaged as Galaxy Note Fan Edition

Troubled smartphone that was recalled due to catching fire returns at two-thirds of original asking price
The Galaxy Note 7 rises from the ashes as the Galaxy Note FE.

The troubled Galaxy Note 7 that caught fire causing damage to people, property and Samsung’s reputation, is returning to the market this week as the Galaxy Note Fan Edition.

Samsung says the Note FE has “perfect safety” with a new battery and will cost 700,000 South Korean Won (£470) – approximately two-thirds of the original asking price for the Note 7 – when it goes on sale on home turf this Friday.

The Note FE will be made from salvaged parts and will be limited to just 400,000 units initially, with overseas sales plans to be determined later.

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The original Note 7 was one of the biggest black eyes in Samsung’s history, damaging the reputation of the brand and forcing it to accelerate plans for its follow up, the Galaxy S8. When the Note 7 was launched in August 2016, it was also one of the most expensive Samsung phones, with the price starting at £700.



Samsung Note7 customer shows charred remains of phone after it caught fire
But after reports emerged that its batteries were prone to overheating and catching fire, Samsung was forced to recall the phone within a month of its launch, releasing a second version with different batteries. Despite the changes, the second batch also overheated, prompting Samsung to discontinue the Note 7 and disable any not returned with a software update.

The debacle dealt a blow to Samsung’s corporate image. Aviation authorities around the world banned the phone on flights and photos of scorched Note 7s circulated on social media. Samsung spent billions of pounds to recall the Note 7 and fix its damaged brand. The company released investigation results that blamed flaws in design and production of batteries supplied by two battery makers.

After the recall of millions of Note 7 phones, environmental activists have pressured the South Korean tech giant to reuse the electronics parts to reduce waste. Samsung said the Note FE is part of its effort to minimize waste.

Similar to the previous Note series, the Note FE features a large 5.7in screen in the traditional 16:9 ratio, a stylus, and an iris scanner, after the latter which was added to the recent Galaxy S8 to great success.

Samsung’s disastrous Note 7 smartphone episode took a new turn today when one of its new replacement handsets started to smolder during a flight in the US on Wednesday.

The South Korean company recalled 2.5m smartphones during September after several reports of the devices catching fire during or after charging, offering replacement units to customers. Last week claimed it had replaced 60% of handsets in South Korea and the US.

Samsung Note 7 owner Brian Green – whose phone had already been exchanged for a new one – claims that his handset started smoldering during a Southwest airlines flight from Louisville, Kentucky, to Baltimore.

Green confirmed to The Verge that he had collected the phone from an AT&T store on 21 September. A photograph of the packaging reveals a black square symbol, indicating that it as a replacement model.


Samsung share price dives after Galaxy Note 7 phone recall
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The incident raises questions about the quality of the replacements handsets and the efficacy of Samsung’s recall program, which the company blamed on faulty batteries.

Customers who had bought the Galaxy Note 7 were entitled to trade it in for a new version of the smartphone that didn’t suffer from the same battery fault. If these phones are also vulnerable to the same problem, Samsung may have a much bigger problem on its hands.

In a statement, a Samsung spokeswoman said: “Until we can retrieve the device, we cannot confirm that this incident involves the new Note 7. We are working with the authorities and Southwest now to recover the device and confirm the cause. Once we have examined the device, we will have more information to share.”

Some analysts say the disaster could cost Samsung $5bn in revenues. The handset, which costs nearly $1,000, had initially been greeted with rave reviews when it launched in August 2016, but news of the recall wiped $11bn off the company value though the share price has since recovered.

Samsung Galaxy S8 palms-on: thrilling and almost cozy
Ahead of its April 28 launch, Alex Hern receives an develop have a look at Samsung’s hottest new smartphone
The S8’s Bixby digital assistant in movement.

In pix, the new Samsung Galaxy S8 doesn’t appearance that unique from the Galaxy S7 Edge that preceded it. The chin and forehead of the tool had been radically foreshortened, sure, however, the desirable issue of the device remains its wraparound display screen, which curves over the left and proper edges to provide a bezel-loose effect.

The Galaxy S8 docked in DeX mode.
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The Galaxy S8 docked in DeX mode. Photograph: Alex Hern for the
Another predominant new characteristic with the intention to see a international launch is Samsung DeX, quick for Desktop Experience, which lets in users of the S8s to dock their telephone and use it as a complete-blown computer computing environment, with keyboard and mouse control, and access to suites including Office and Autodesk thru a virtual laptop carrier.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ unveiled with ‘infinity display.’
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But within the hand, the cause for shaving off the one’s greater millimeters from the pinnacle and backside turns into clean. For the first time since telephone screens broke five inches, the Galaxy S8 is, nearly, secure to apply one-handed.

Samsung rejects issue over ‘Orwellian’ privacy policy

Smart TV voice reputation software program ought to transmit ‘personal or other sensitive facts’ to a 3rd party, Samsung’s policy warns
A Samsung Electronics SUHD smart TV at its release occasion in Seoul, February five, 2015.

Users of Samsung’s Smart TV devices have raised issues over the tool’s privacy policy, which seems to indicate that they ought to not talk any sensitive subjects in their dwelling room at the same time as the television is plugged in.

The warning pertains to the product line’s voice recognition services, which lets users control their television with voice commands entered through a microphone on the set’s far flung control.

Samsung privacy coverage warns: “Please be aware that if your spoken phrases include personal or different sensitive facts, which statistics might be the various facts captured and transmitted to a 3rd birthday party via your use of voice recognition.”

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The third-celebration stated is a concept to be Massachusetts-primarily based voice reputation organization Nuance, which gives the era to Samsung as a white-label service.

Parker Higgins, an activist for San Francisco-based advocacy institution Electronic Frontier Foundation who delivered the privateness policy to light, in comparison the feature to the telescreens in George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984.



Orwell wrote: “Any sound that Winston made, above the extent of a low whisper, would be picked up by way of it, furthermore, so long as he remained in the field of vision which the metal plaque commanded, he could be seen in addition to hearing. There become of route no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any given moment. How regularly, or on what gadget, the Thought Police plugged in on any character twine became guesswork.”

Samsung instructed the fears have been overblown. “Samsung takes consumer privacy very significantly. In all of our Smart TVs, any records accumulating or their use is accomplished with utmost transparency, and we provide significant options for customers to freely pick out or to decide out of a service. We hire industry-fashionable security safeguards and practices, inclusive of statistics encryption, to comfy clients’ data and save you unauthorized series or use.”

Samsung stated the ability to manipulate the TV the use of voice commands might be activated or deactivated by using the user and that the Smart TV displayed while it’s miles actively listening. Samsung stated: “Should customers permit the voice reputation capability; the voice data consists of TV commands or search sentences, simplest. Users can without problems realize if the voice popularity feature is activated because a microphone icon appears on the display screen.”

It brought: “Samsung does not hold voice data or promote it to 1/3 parties. If a patron is of the same opinion and uses the voice popularity feature, voice records are furnished to a third birthday celebration all through a requested voice command seek. At that point, the voice records are sent to a server, which searches for the requested content then returns the preferred content to the TV.”

Emma Carr, director of privacy marketing campaign organization Big Brother Watch, stated: “Samsung desires to remember that now not everyone desires to be spied on via their TV. It is outrageous that the organization has even stated in its privateness coverage that if the TV’s owner does determine no longer to percentage their non-public statistics, then the employer might also nonetheless take the information anyway.

“This leaves customers with no understanding or manipulates over in which your information goes or who has got admission to it, and that is unacceptable.

“Few humans might expect a TV to intervene on our privacy, but that is increasingly more turning into the case. As this sort of technology is being made to collect growing quantities of data about us, it is vitally vital that human beings have to ought to pick to utilize those extra services.”

Samsung isn’t the most effective company to have always observed on voice popularity causes controversy. Microsoft’s Xbox One console functions a similar implementation, which lets users manipulate their system with voice instructions while gambling video games or looking television.

But the company did no longer account for gamers’ experience of humor while making plans the function, and soon determined that legions of pranksters had been endeavoring to trick gamers into uttering the words “Xbox Shut Off” – which, if said out loud, precipitated the user’s console to show off.

Worse still, the enterprise determined to market it the console by demonstrating the voice manage features. If any consumer had the misfortune to look at the advertisements via the console, which also can be used to watch television, they might discover it responding to the on-display screen command to shut down.

Apple, Google, and Amazon also offer offerings which function constantly-on voice recognition, bought respectively as “Hey Siri,” “OK Google” and “Alexa”.

Space has been secured on the top of the display screen via shoving the selfie camera some distance to the proper, alongside the principle speaker grill. At the bottom, in the meantime, the lack of the home button shall we the display enlarge down to around 1/2 a centimeter from the bottom of the tool. In practice, meaning that if you’re conserving the telephone one-exceeded, much less of your thumb’s attain is wasted extending beyond a bezel, and so greater of it may be used to navigate around the actual telephone.

It’s nonetheless no longer best for those of us who like smaller telephones, with the pinnacle left of the display closing resolutely out of attaining for all, however, the largest-passed of users, but it’s virtually a long way greater ergonomically proper than what came earlier than it.


Samsung recalls 2.8m washing machines after reports of explosions

First, it was phones, now washing machines – US consumer safety regulator ordered the recall after more than 700 complaints and several injuries
‘Our priority is to minimize any safety risk and address the conditions that lead to the rare instance when the top of the washer unexpectedly separates from the unit,’ the company said in a statement.

Samsung and US safety officials announced a recall on Friday of nearly 3m washing machines after reports that the appliances – just like the company’s Note 7 smartphones – are exploding and injuring people.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said on Friday that Samsung had received 733 reports of washing machines “experiencing excessive vibration or the top detaching from the washing machine chassis.”

Injuries in the reports include a broken jaw, an injured shoulder, and bruises and blunt force injuries, the agency said. The recall will affect 34 models of washing machines, about 2.8m machines in total, sold since 2011. Customers can either have a free repair and one-year warranty, an exchange rebate on a new washing machine (with “loyalty incentive up to $150”) for a Samsung purchase), or a full refund for eligible new customers.

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Michelle’s washing machine exploded with such ferocity that it penetrated the interior wall of her garage
Legal complaint
The CPSC also said that customers would receive a safety kit and instructions until their machines can be repaired, and they should be warned to use slower spin settings for bulky items until then. In its statement, Samsung said the recall does not affect models sold outside North America.



“Our priority is to minimize any safety risk and address the conditions that lead to the rare instance when the top of the washer unexpectedly separates from the unit,” the electronics and appliance company said in a statement.

“We apologize for the inconvenience this is creating to our loyal customers. We have worked closely with the CPSC to offer a consumer friendly recall that is safe, easy and complete with choices suited to the needs of anyone who may own a recalled machine.”

Customers will receive a safety kit and instructions until their machines can be repaired.
Customers will receive a safety kit and instructions until their machines can be repaired. Photograph: District court for the district of New Jersey
The recall follows a lawsuit filed earlier this year by two consumers, Suzann Moore and Michelle Soto Fielder, who alleged that the washing machines were “defectively designed and imposed an unreasonable risk to person and property.”

“There is no reasonable or acceptable rate for washing machines to explode,” they wrote in their complaint. “Michelle’s washing machine exploded with such ferocity that it penetrated the interior wall of her garage, where it was located. The dent left at the washing machine’s point of impact was so deep that it pushed through into Michelle’s living room, which shares a wall with her garage.”

Melissa Thaxton, another woman who reported an incident to Samsung, told ABC News that her machine blew up in April. “It was the loudest sound. It sounded like a bomb went off in my ear,” she said. “I just remember covering my head and leaning towards my son and just screaming this scream that I didn’t even know I could scream.”

In 2013 Samsung ordered a recall of about 150,000 washing machines in Australia, fearing that the machines could cause fires.

And in September, US officials and Samsung ordered a recall of the company’s Galaxy Note 7 smartphone following reports that the devices caught fire. Last month the company ended production of the phones, and it was sued in California court by a woman who said the phone problems extended beyond the Note 7 model.

The South Korean firm’s profits fell by 30% in the third quarter of 2016.
Samsung has had £11bn wiped off its shares after the world’s biggest mobile phone maker warned customers not to use its Note 7 model because of the risk of it catching fire.

The South Korean company suspended sales of the phone, which it launched in late August to rave reviews, on 2 September. It said there were 35 cases of it catching alight or exploding out of 2.5m units sold, and blamed a battery cell problem.

On Friday, Samsung Electronics America asked Note 7 owners to shut off their phones and exchange them for another device. It did so after US aviation safety officials warned airline passengers not to turn on or charge the phone during flights or put them in checked bags.

“Some said initially the Galaxy Note 7 could be the best smartphone ever, but now it’s possible the phone will go down as the worst ever,” Lee Seung-woo, an analyst at South Korean bank IBK Securities, told Reuters.

Samsung shares fell almost 7% to won 1.465m, knocking about $14bn (£11bn) off the company’s market value, as traders worried the recall could wreck sales of the Note 7 and cause lasting damage to Samsung’s reputation.

Samsung released the Note 7, which costs almost £680, shortly before Apple unveiled its new iPhone.

The back of the tool, which includes fingerprint sensor (proper) and digital camera. Expect to smudge the lens a few times while looking to work this one out.
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The returned of the tool, along with fingerprint sensor (right) and digicam. Expect to smudge the lens some instances while trying to work this one out. That’s helped via the alternative fundamental trade inside the physical dimensions of the device: the selection to head for an strange 18.Five: nine component ratio for the display. That method, in portrait orientation, a protracted, skinny display screen with a whole lot of space for the primary content.

Samsung head arrested over South Korean Choi-gate corruption scandal

Lee Jae-Yong also referred to as Jay Y Lee, alleged to have paid £30m in bribes to presidential crony Choi Soon-sil
Samsung Electronics vice-chairman Lee Jae-Yong has been officially arrested in South Korea’s ‘Choi-gate’ case.

The acting head of Samsung, South Korea’s biggest conglomerate, has been arrested in connection with the corruption and impact-peddling scandal that threatens to topple the USA’s impeached president, Park Geun-Hye.

Special prosecutors are investigating a scandal that has rocked South Korea’s political and enterprise worlds accuse Lee Jae-Yong of bribing a near pal of Park to comfy authorities support for a commercial enterprise deal that might propel him to the pinnacle of the Samsung institution.

They reportedly plan to indict him on prices along with bribery, embezzlement, hiding property overseas and perjury, after the Seoul primary court authorized the billionaire’s arrest.

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Denmark awaits Seoul’s extradition request for Choi soon SIL’s daughter
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Lee, also known as Jay Y Lee, is officially vice-president of the Samsung institution but has been the firm’s de facto head due to the fact his father, Lee Kun-hee, had a coronary heart assault in 2014.

The forty eight-year-antique spent Thursday night time on the Seoul detention center awaiting the court’s choice on Friday morning.



While prosecutors determine whether or not to indict Lee, he may be compelled to change his $4m (£3.2m) mansion in Seoul for a 6.Sixty-five square cell geared up with a bed, TV and a bathroom. He is being held in a single mobile and could not be allowed any touch with different prisoners, in keeping with a detention center legit.

Prosecutors have up to 10 days to indict Lee, Samsung’s 0.33-technology leader, despite the fact that they can are looking for an extension. After the indictment, a court could be required to make its first ruling within three months.

Samsung stated it had yet to determine whether or not to contest Lee’s arrest or are trying to find bail. “We will do our first-class to ensure that the reality is found out in destiny court docket lawsuits,” the organization stated in an announcement.

According to South Korean media, Samsung claimed that Park had pressured it into donating to foundations belonging to Choi Soon-sil, the president’s longtime confidante who faces charges of attempted fraud and abuse of power. But the company insisted it had now not anticipated any special favors in return.

Lee, whose internet well worth is envisioned at $5.8bn, is the very best-profile parent to have been arrested to this point inside the Park scandal, which centers on her relationship with Choi.

Park, the daughter of a former South Korean dictator who became u . S .’s first woman president in the past due 2011, has denied any wrongdoing.

But she conceded she was “careless” in her courting with Choi, who reportedly wielded undue impact on economic policy and South Korea’s family members with North Korea.

Prosecutors had been remaining month pressured to rebuild their case in opposition to Lee after the same courtroom rejected a request to arrest him.

But on Friday, a court spokesman stated: “It is recounted that it’s far important to arrest (Lee) in mild of a newly delivered crook fee and new evidence.”

Lee’s arrest is predicted to add momentum to the prosecutors’ case towards Park and Choi, who’s in detention going through prices of abuse of energy and attempted fraud. Choi has denied any wrongdoing.

Samsung is accused of paying bribes totaling 43bn won (£30m) to 2 foundations operated with the aid of Choi. The company – the single largest donor to the principles – is also accused of separately giving thousands and thousands of euros to Choi to fund her daughter’s equestrian schooling in Germany.

In return, Lee allegedly sought government approval for the debatable $8bn merger of Samsung associates in 2015 – a pass that might clean his path to the pinnacle of the whole Samsung institution.

Samsung stated in a statement on Wednesday it had “not paid bribes nor made fallacious requests to the president seeking favors.”

Park, who changed into impeached in December after weeks of mass protests, risks becoming the first president on account that South Korea became a democracy inside the overdue Eighties to be pressured from office.

She is now president in name only, her powers having been transferred to the high minister and now acting president, Hwang Kyo-Ahn.

South Korea’s constitutional court is anticipated to rule on the legality of the impeachment vote with the aid of June, although a few observers anticipate a choice to come back in advance.

If Park’s impeachment is upheld, South Koreans might then ought to select a brand new president within 60 days, and Park could lose her immunity to a criminal indictment.

The contemporary frontrunner to replace Park is Moon Jae-in, a veteran member of the liberal opposition Democratic celebration who became defeated with the aid of Park within the 2011 presidential election.

Kim Kyoung-Soo, a spokesman for Moon, said of Lee’s arrest: “We wish it marks a beginning to stop our society’s evil exercise of comfortable ties among government and corporations and pass toward an honest us of a.”

Samsung unveils first new Galaxy 8 phone considering that Note 7
The charge-off is panorama mode. Samsung turned into eager to apply films to demonstrate the display screen’s video abilities, and it’s apparent why: the superb-huge display is ideal for cinematic factor ratios, putting off the letterboxing which you get on maximum telephones. But watching films on telephones seems like a gap pursuit, and most fabric you’ll be looking – TV suggests and web collection – is shot in sixteen: nine nowadays. That manner the full width of the gorgeous screen receives wasted.


Samsung self-driving cars take fight to Apple, Uber and Google’s Waymo

Korean electronics firm granted permission to test autonomous cars on public roads using Hyundai vehicles, following rival Apple’s California testing
Hyundai Ionic self-driving car.

Samsung is stepping up its plans for self-driving cars to rival former Google project Waymo, Uber, and Apple, bringing the key players from the battle for smartphone dominance to the brave new world of autonomous vehicles.

The South Korean electronics manufacturer, which is the world’s largest smartphone maker and a chip giant in its right, has been given permission to test its self-driving cars on public roads by the South Korean ministry of land, infrastructure, and transport.

The decision puts Samsung in direct competition with US technology firms, including Uber, Waymon, and Apple, all of which are already testing self-driving vehicles on public roads. Samsung’s smartphone rival, Apple, was recently granted permission to test its long-rumoured vehicles in California.

Unlike Apple, Google and other US technology firms, which predominantly use modified Lexus SUVs for testing autonomous systems, Samsung is using fellow Korean firm Hyundai’s vehicles. The cars will be augmented with Samsung-developed advanced sensors and machine-learning systems, which Samsung hopes to be able to provide to others building vehicles, rather than build cars itself.



“Samsung Electronics plans to develop algorithms, sensors and computer modules that will make a self-driving car that is reliable even in the worst weather conditions,” said a Samsung spokesperson.

Hyundai was granted permission for public testing in February 2016.
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Hyundai was granted permission for public testing in February 2016. Photograph: Morgan J Segal/Hyundai
The South Korean chaebol completed it’s $8bn (£6.2bn) acquisition of US automotive and audio supplier Harman International in March, a move it said would help Samsung seize on the transformative opportunities autonomous vehicle technology could bring. Samsung has previously pledged full support for the burgeoning Internet of Things, integrating smart, connected technology into everyday appliances, something autonomous vehicles are expected to rely on for car-to-car and car-to-road communications.

While Waymo has what was known as the self-driving Google car, and Uber has used Volvo cars among others, it is still unclear how self-driving technology will become available to the public and whether technology firms will turn into car firms, as Elon Musk’s Tesla has.

Most major automotive manufacturers, including Mercedes, Volvo and South Korea’s Hyundai, which was granted permission for public testing in February 2016, have been developing the autonomous driving technology.

Samsung is just one of 20 firms given the authorization to test the self-driving technology on public roads in South Korea as the government attempts to make the country a favorable environment for technology and automotive development.

The country also reduced the number of mandatory passengers in each self-driving test vehicle from two to one and paved the way for the testing of cars without steering wheels or pedals, which are key components required to allow human test pilots to take control in an emergency.
Samsung has announced it could refurbish and sell some of the millions of Note 7 smartphones that were recalled for safety reasons, to manage its stockpile in an “environmentally friendly” manner.

The world’s largest smartphone maker said it would sell Note 7s as “refurbished phones or rental phones” after consulting regulators in various markets.


Samsung takes out full-page ads to apologize for Note 7 defects
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Samsung recalled an estimated four million of the phones over concerns that batteries could overheat and burst into flames.

Authorities in the US and elsewhere banned them from use on planes and even from being placed in checked luggage.

After an investigation, Samsung in January blamed faulty batteries.

The recalled phones could pose an environmental hazard if handled as waste.

A Samsung statement said that the devices would be “recycled and processed in an environmentally friendly manner” with any salvageable components detached for reuse and metals extracted by specialist recycling companies.

“Regarding the Galaxy Note 7 devices as refurbished phones or rental phones, applicability is dependent upon consultations with regulatory authorities and carriers as well as due consideration of local demand,” the statement said. “The markets and release dates will be determined accordingly.”

Greenpeace welcomed the move, saying it came in response to months of campaigning and protests addressing the environmental impact of the recall.

“People around the world signed petitions, emailed Samsung’s CEO, demonstrated in cities around the world, and finally Samsung has listened,” said Jude Lee of Greenpeace East Asia.

“This is a major win for everyone that took action, and a step towards shifting the way we produce and dispose of electronics.”

But Jan Dawson of Jackdaw Research said the decision “feels like a huge misstep” for Samsung as it readies a launch of its latest flagship handset this week.

“While the desire to minimize the environmental impact is admirable and Samsung would no doubt benefit financially from refurbishing the phones, it would have been better off simply doing what it originally said it would and abandoning the line entirely and merely recouping parts,” Dawson said in a blogpost.

Greenpeace said it would press Samsung for a detailed timeline on its efforts and step up its campaign to get other manufacturers to boost recycling and improve the handling of hazardous smartphone waste.

The same hassle is present in some apps as nicely, prompting Google to urge builders to growth the most thing ratio they help – till they do, some apps will have the equal unpleasant letterboxing. Such is the fee of progress.

While Google is helping Samsung out on this issue (though the long LG G6 suffers from the same problem), extra commonly, the S8 sees the clash between Samsung and Google growing more potent than ever. Samsung’s new digital assistant, Bixby, is one of the most important selling points of the new phone. At the release of the S8, Samsung couldn’t resist throwing color at Google and Amazon, telling journalists that “some assistants are optimized for e-commerce, and a few are optimized for seeking,” however, that Bixby became specific, being created to help you something you’re doing.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 disaster deepens with reviews of manufacturing halt

The decision reported by using South Korean information organization Yonhap follows repeated troubles with the new device
A Samsung Note 7 handset is pictured next to its charred battery after catching hearth during a check at the Applied Energy Hub battery laboratory in Singapore. The business enterprise has now suspended production of the cellphone.

Samsung’s smartphone doesn’t forget disaster has deepened after South Korean media said the tech massive had suspended manufacturing of its Galaxy Note 7 version amid reviews that replacement gadgets had stuck hearth.


Replacement Samsung Note 7 ignites on US flight after telephone take into account
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Citing an unnamed source at a Samsung provider, the information organization Yonhap said the business enterprise on Monday decided to halt manufacturing of the phone, one of the maximum superior and high priced merchandise of its kind in the marketplace.

Related image

The extraordinary halt in manufacturing is some other blow to Samsung, which ultimate month announced the worldwide recall of at the least 2.5m Galaxy Note 7 smartphones because of defective batteries that induced some of the phones to emit smoke or capture fireplace.



Social media pix of pics of charred Note 7 telephones have handiest brought to the humiliation felt by way of Samsung, an iconic South Korean firm that has built a recognition for innovation and nice because getting into the customer electronics marketplace in the late Nineteen Sixties.

Two US cell companies have said they may prevent issuing new Galaxy Note 7 smartphones after current reviews of substitute gadgets emitting smoke or bursting into flames.

In one incident, passengers had been evacuated from a Southwest Airlines flight in Kentucky earlier this week after a replacement Note 7 commenced smoldering and making “popping noises” quickly after its proprietor boarded the aircraft.

AT&T stated forty-three it’d prevent replacing new Note 7 smartphones because of reports of fires from alternative devices that Samsung stated contained secure batteries.

T-Mobile stated it become briefly halting income and exchanges of new Note 7s. South Korea’s biggest mobile service, SK Telecom, said it became monitoring the situation, even as KT Corp, us of a’s No.2 provider, said it had taken no action on new Note 7 income or exchanges.

“This degree consists of a Samsung plant in Vietnam that is liable for worldwide shipments (of the Galaxy Note 7),” Yonhap quoted the supply as pronouncing.

Samsung has but to comment on the Yonhap record.

The modern day trouble with the Note 7 will frustrate Samsung’s attempts to restore its battered recognition and result in harsh financial penalties, with some analysts predicting that the worst recall crisis in the company’s history may want to cost it US$5bn in revenues.

“I concept the Note 7 rely on become coming to an give up, but it’s turning into an difficulty once more,” stated CJ Heo, a fund manager at Alpha Asset Management. Heo said he predicted Samsung to get over brief-time period damage to its reputation, however, introduced that the keep in mind disaster might hit the fourth-region income of the Note 7.

Despite the keep in mind, Samsung said last week that its 0.33-area earnings rose 6 percent to about $7bn on overall income of $forty three.9bn, way to income from Samsung’s different products.

The company offered 76m smartphones in the 2nd quarter of 2016, most of them decrease-priced fashions.
Samsung has issued its second profit warning this week after the withdrawal of its Galaxy Note 7 phone, increasing the estimated cost of the recall to its bottom line from £1.9bn to at least £4bn.

The South Korean electronics company said the crisis caused by the exploding Note 7 smartphones would reduce profits by at least 3tn won (£2.2bn) in the six months to the end of March. It hopes it can boost sales of its other flagship handsets to cushion the impact.

The new profit warning comes just two days after the company slashed its operating profit estimate for the third quarter by £1.9bn. It takes total losses caused by the Note 7 fiasco to £4.1bn.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle blows £1.9bn hole in company profits
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Analysts predict the Note 7 crisis could cost Samsung a lot more given the damage to its brand, with estimates ranging from $10bn to $20bn.

Greg Roh, an analyst at HMC Investment Securities, said Samsung’s latest estimate “doesn’t take into account the huge marketing costs for Samsung to win back customer loyalty and to regain the trust of mobile carriers. It will have to spend a lot of money to recover, and much work has to be done.”

The world’s largest smartphone maker was forced to recall 2.5m Note 7 devices in early September after users around the world reported flames and explosions caused by overheating batteries.

It initially insisted the replacement phones were safe, but after reports that they were catching fire as well, Samsung announced on Tuesday that it would scrap the model entirely.

Samsung said: “Moving forward, Samsung Electronics plans to normalize its mobile business by expanding sales of flagship models such as the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge.” It also vowed to “focus on enhancing product safety for consumers by making significant changes in its quality assurance processes.”

The company blamed faulty batteries made by an unnamed supplier, widely believed to be its sister company Samsung SDI. But experts believe the problem was caused by the handset’s underlying technology, and Samsung’s decision to rush it out before the latest iPhone launch.

The US recall and replacement program for the Note 7 have begun after an agreement was reached with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), increasing the number of devices that could be returned to 1.9m.

Samsung claims only 96 handsets have been found to have caused damage or injury owing to the faulty battery problem. Of those, 13 have caused injuries and burns to people, and 47 have damaged property. There have also been accounts of the smartphones smoldering and smoking during flights, including one in India and one in the US.

All US Note 7 owners can exchange their devices for another Samsung smartphone or receive a refund under the plan approved by the CPSC, the company and agency said on Thursday. Customers who exchange the Note 7 for a Samsung device will receive a $100 credit; those opting for an alternative brand will receive $25 credit.

The Note 7 was due to relaunch in the UK, costing £740 ($907), at the end of October. Many customers have already bought them through a pre-order campaign. Samsung said 45,000 Note 7s had been sold in Europe, the majority in the UK.

Samsung and Panasonic accused over supply chain labour abuses in Malaysia

Migrant people making goods for the global electronics manufacturers claim they’re trapped and exploited in Malaysia
A man walks beyond a Samsung billboard at Kuala Lumpur conference center in Malaysia

Samsung and Panasonic, of the sector’s leading electronics manufacturers, are dealing with allegations that workers in their deliver chains are being duped, exploited and underpaid in Malaysia.

The companies have launched investigations into allegations of abuse made with the aid of Nepalese workers after an investigation raised a couple of concerns approximately their treatment.

The men said they had been deceived approximately pay, had their passports confiscated and were advised that they must pay massive fines if they desired to return to Nepal before the quit in their agreement. They additionally claimed they had been pressured to paintings for up to 14 hours on their toes without good enough rest, and with limited toilet breaks, in an try and settle recruitment charges of as much as £1,000 – they stated they needed to pay this cash to comfortable their jobs.

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Malaysia workers talk in their despair: ‘Samsung handiest knows how to take.’
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They stated they felt “cheated” and trapped in their factory jobs making or assembling components for household electric goods bought on the global marketplace.



“My heart is aching,” stated one young man who works in a manufacturing facility making Samsung microwaves. “I changed into now not given the activity I was promised. I am doing very tough paintings. I haven’t were given the income they stated I might get.”

The spoke to 30 Nepalese migrants making products for Samsung and Panasonic. Some of these operating for Samsung are employed directly by using the organization. However, most people are hired via a labor to deliver enterprise. The employees assembling or making components for Panasonic are employed by using subcontracting corporations.

Both Panasonic and Samsung forbid their providers from confiscating passports or charging migrant people recruitment expenses. All of the men interviewed via the

claimed they paid as much as £1,000 to recruitment dealers in Nepal to at ease their jobs in Malaysia. They all additionally claimed that their passports were confiscated on arrival in us of an illegal underneath Malaysian employment law.

Workers said this restricts their freedom of movement and leaves them open to detention by way of the government. Without their passports, the people said they couldn’t freely depart their jobs and return home with out paying fines equal to a few or 4 months’ primary revenue.

Both Samsung and Panasonic have said they’re starting investigations into the behavior of their providers following the claims.

Workers for the labor deliver company utilized by Samsung also claimed they had been deceived about the nature and situations of their paintings. They stated they had been forced to pay illegal expenses with the aid of recruitment marketers used by their labor deliver business enterprise hours before they departed for their new jobs. Some stated the income they were promised in Nepal became better than the pay they had been now receiving in Malaysia.

“I wouldn’t have come here if I had recognized the actual situations and revenue. I was manipulated,” stated one guy.



A spokesperson from Samsung said: “As a devoted member of the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), we comply fully with the EICC’s Code of Conduct and feature determined no proof of violations of the hiring process of migrant employees hired directly by way of our manufacturing facility in Malaysia. Once there may be any grievance, we take swift movements to research.

Migrant workers are the gasoline using the electronics growth, yet some face exploitation, poor dwelling situations, curtailed freedom and harassment
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In a manufacturing facility in the capital, exhausted employees making parts for Panasonic spoke of having to paintings week after week of 14-hour shifts to try to repay the cash they gave to recruitment marketers in Nepal. Some stated they had been still a long way off paying their money owed 15 months after arriving in Malaysia. Others claimed they had been informed by way of their businesses they ought to pay the equivalent of 3 months’ wages if they left before the give up in their contract.

“If I ought to discover a way to head returned, I’d leave proper now. However, I am trapped by my debts,” said one Nepalese worker, who makes components for Panasonic. “ninety-five% of workers right here might do the identical.”

Workers assembling Panasonic merchandise inside the southern metropolis of Johor Bahru said that they on occasion best acquired seven hundred ringgit (£133) a month – half of what they had been promised – after production slowed because of a lack of orders.


In an emailed statement, Panasonic stated, “Panasonic will behavior a complete investigation into the claims made using the. We are taking these allegations very severely, and if in fact, we discover that one in all our providers has violated such laws or rules, we can ensure and require them to take necessary corrective action immediately.

“We anticipate all of our suppliers to strictly observe our CSR [Corporate Social Responsibility] policy and announcement. These expectancies are outlined in Panasonic’s shrunk phrases and situations with every dealer. We do not tolerate breaches of those phrases.”

The people interviewed by the also complained about conditions within the factories.

“The work is extremely tough,” said one employee at a Samsung electronics plant making microwave ovens. “You get most effective 45 minutes in a 12-hour shift to devour, and seven mins each two hours to drink water.”

Other workers making components and assembling merchandise for Panasonic stated that they stood all day without respectable breaks. One worker claimed they were simplest allowed to forestall work to go to the rest room two times in a 12-hour shift.


Samsung’s appearing head indicted on bribery prices as scandal grows

Lee Jae-Yong will nearly actually face trial amid corruption claims which have already led to the president’s impeachment

The appearing head of Samsung has been indicted on bribery and embezzlement costs linked to corruption and cronyism scandal centering on South Korea’s impeached president, Park Geun-Hye.

Lee Jae-Yong and four different Samsung executives will almost truly face trial over accusations that South Korea’s biggest conglomerate donated hundreds of thousands of bucks to foundations run via a near pal of Park’s in exchange for government favors.

Lee, who’s formally Samsung’s vice-president but has in impact run the agency given that his father suffered a coronary heart assault in 2014, was charged with bribery, embezzlement, hiding belongings distant places and committing perjury earlier than parliament. Prosecutors introduced the expenses on the final day in their investigation right into a scandal that has rocked u. S . A .’s political and enterprise worlds.

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The four executives, who all face the equal prices as Lee except perjury, are the Samsung group’s vice-chairman, Choi Gee-sung, and president, Chang Choong-ki, in addition to Samsung Electronics’ president, Park Sang-jin, and govt vice-president, Hwang Sung-soo.



Some of the executives will surrender and leave Samsung. However, Lee is anticipated to stay on as de facto head of the business enterprise if there is an ordeal.

The firm, whose group sales are equivalent to a 5th of South Korea’s GDP, has up to now declined to comment on the costs. However this month it stated it had “now not paid bribes nor made unsuitable requests to the president in search of favors”.

The scandal has ensnared government officers and business figures, and could quickly topple Park, the daughter of a former South Korean dictator. She has become the united states of America’s first girl president in early 2012.

Park turned into impeached using parliament in December after accusations that she colluded with Choi Soon-sil, an established confidante, to pressure principal South Korean groups to donate almost $70m to Choi’s foundations.

Choi, who has denied costs of tried fraud and abuse of strength, is accused of the usage of the cash for the non-public benefit.

Samsung turned into the largest unmarried donor to the principles, which Choi had an installation to guide Park’s coverage projects. It is also accused of one after the other giving Choi millions of euros to fund her daughter’s equestrian schooling in Germany.

In going back, Lee allegedly sought authorities approval for the contentious $8bn merger of two Samsung affiliates in 2015 – a pass that would easy his direction to the pinnacle of the complete Samsung organization.

The merger turned into adverse by many shareholders, but went via after the countrywide pension fund – a major Samsung shareholder – authorized it.

The arrest of the forty eight-yr-vintage billionaires earlier this month deepened the crisis facing Samsung, coming soon after the safety scare concerning its phone, the Galaxy Note 7. Lee has denied all the accusations.

On Tuesday, the company stated it turned into dismantling the department that makes key selections regarding its enterprise approach. However, Chung Sun-Sup, the head of chaebol.Com, a private watchdog forum on conglomerates, stated: “It is yet to be seen whether or not this is some other beauty measure aimed to divert public grievance.”

Chung added: “[In the past] Samsung has dissolved organization-controlling enterprises while it got stuck in breach of laws, handiest to restore them afterward beneath extraordinary names.”

He said the Lee own family would be “anticipated to hold wielding the strength and have an impact on over the complete organization.”

Park dangers are turning into the first president seeing that South Korea became a democracy within the late 1980s to be pressured from office. The united states of America’s constitutional court are anticipated to rule on the legality of the impeachment vote earlier than the acting chief justice, Lee Jung-mi, retires on 13 March, despite the fact that theoretically, it has till June to consider its choice.

If her impeachment is upheld, Park would straight away lose her immunity to criminal indictment and South Koreans might need to go with a new president inside 60 days.

The Galaxy S8’s new Snapchat-styled digital camera in action.
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The Galaxy S8’s new Snapchat-styled camera in action.
It achieves that intention using being heavily integrated with some of the apps, as well as imparting a display screen seek capability akin to Google Assistant. Bixby is constructed into the notification feed, the voice assistant (in the US and Korea best, for now), and even the digicam, with a devoted button on the smartphone for launching it.

Unfortunately, it also calls for you to throw your self into the Samsung surroundings: best 10 Samsung apps are supported at launch. That manner in case you need to replace Samsung’s camera, calendar or electronic mail app with Google’s, say good-bye to full integration of your virtual assistant. Or simply replace that, too: the S8 comes with Google Assistant, as part of Android Nougat.

It’s a disgrace, due to the fact Samsung’s positioned a few notion into the one’s apps, and the way they have to work in its new device. Take the digital camera, for instance: in addition to Bixby integration (so that you can factor your digital camera at a bottle of wine and find opinions or, much less compellingly, point it at a Coke can to find out it’s a Coke can) it’s been updated with a load of Snapchat-fashion filters, and a manipulate scheme rethought for one-surpassed use.

Despite a few niggles, although, the S8 is the most exciting new telephone I’ve held in years. The smartphone marketplace is a mature one now, with little risk for revolution (that is why we all freak out over bizarre distractions like the ‘new’ Nokia 3310), but as iterations pass, the S8 gets it proper.

Samsung suspends sales of Galaxy Note 7 after smartphones catch hearth

Korean producer confirms 35 instances of newly launched devices exploding while being charged and gives exchanges, however, stops short of complete take into account

Samsung has suspended income of its logo-new top-cease Galaxy Note 7 cellphone and is supplying replacements for each person who has already purchased one but has stopped brief of a complete bear in mind.

Koh Dong-jin, president of Samsung’s cell commercial enterprise, said on Friday, weeks after the Note 7’s release: “We have obtained numerous reports of battery explosions on the Note 7… And it’s been shown that it became a mobile battery hassle. There was a tiny hassle within the production method, so it turned into very difficult to discover.”

Koh refused to name the supplier of the faulty battery but said that Note 7s sold in China used batteries from a one of a kind provider and were unaffected. He said that Samsung was working with or 3 specific battery providers for the telephone, together with its very own Samsung SDI.

Image result for samsung

A Samsung spokesperson said: “To date, there had been 35 instances that have been stated globally and we are presently engaging in a thorough inspection with our suppliers to become aware of possible affected batteries in the market. However, because our customers’ protection is an absolute precedence at Samsung, we’ve got stopped income of the Galaxy Note 7.



“For customers who already have Galaxy Note 7 gadgets, we can voluntarily update their modern-day device with a brand new one over the approaching weeks.”

The Korean organization said it expected it would take weeks to put together replacement gadgets of which 2.5m have been manufactured, and 1m have been sold. Stock of the phablets has been quarantined in stores and cell telephone networks round the sector pending the launch of the UK and other territories which was due to take location these days.

Samsung’s advertising and marketing campaign, including a high-profile wrap of the Metro newspaper, had to be switched to the agency’s popular Galaxy S7 series, which make up the mainstay of the business enterprise’s high-end phone income.

Samsung launched the Note 7 at the stop of August in some markets, along with South Korea and america. Shipments had been not on time in South Korea this week for added high-quality manage testing after reviews that the batteries of some of the jumbo smartphones exploded at the same time as they have been being charged.

Samsung’s inventory plunged with the aid of approximately $7bn over Wednesday and Thursday, barely per week after the telephones released to important acclaim and the organisation’s market cost reached a record high. The exams observe a couple of reports from customers, some posted in on-line motion pictures and photos, of phones that stuck fire or exploded while charging. In one video published in advance this week, a YouTube user named Ariel Gonzalez confirmed off his telephone, its display screen charred and partly melted.

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“Came home from work, positioned it to rate for a little bit before I had class,” Gonzalez stated. “Went to put it on my waist and it caught hearth. Yup. Brand new telephone, no longer even weeks vintage. Be cautious out there, all and sundry rocking the new Note 7, may catch hearth.”

Others posted pics of Note 7s whose USB-port aspects had also melted away, destroying the phones. Battery problems aren’t unusual in new lines of cell telephones, in particular in instances wherein customers are not the usage of reputable charging gadgets.

South Korean faculty teacher Park Soo-Jung said she rushed to shop for the Galaxy Note 7, pre-ordering after which activating it on 19 August, its professional release date. Park, 34, who lives in the port town of Busan, instructed the Associated Press through e mail she become bruised while she rushed away from bed after her phone burst into flames, filling her bedroom with smoke smelling of chemical substances.

An employee of a Samsung service center in Busan confirmed that the Galaxy Note 7 stuck hearth and stated the pattern was despatched to the agency’s headquarters. Park said Samsung supplied her a complete refund and reimbursement of 300,000 won (£203).

“If the exploded phone in flame become close to my head, I might not have been able to write this submit,” she said on a web discussion board on Thursday, where she shared a picture of her damaged Note 7 and described dousing the burning telephone with water.

Citing an unnamed employer official, Yonhap stated Samsung’s investigation has found that defective batteries have brought on phones to seize hearth. It stated Samsung estimates that the wide variety of Galaxy Note 7 telephones with the faulty battery money owed for “much less than 0.1%” of the products inside the market. Samsung is discussing a way to resolve the difficulty with Verizon and its other partners, the legitimate instructed Yonhap.

SK Telecom, South Korea’s biggest mobile service, said about four hundred,000 devices of the Galaxy Note 7 had been estimated to were offered in South Korea.

Despite the research in South Korea, Samsung went beforehand with its scheduled launch on Thursday of the Galaxy Note 7 in China. Company officers did not respond to questions on how Samsung decided which phones are deemed safe and which required further testing. It did no longer say if the one’s phones are special from the ones bought in South Korea.

Yonhap News said five or six explosions had been stated by means of clients, including Park’s case, mentioning images and reviews of critically broken telephones shared in nearby on-line groups, social media and YouTube. Other pics and debts, other than Park’s, could not be right away proven.

There had been no confirmed reviews of any accidents.

The Note 7 is a high-profile device for Samsung. However, its sales are anticipated to be a fraction of these garnered through the organization’s smaller and cheaper S7 and S7 Edge smartphones.

While the issues with the Note 7 are genuinely embarrassing, industry assets say that should the agency be capable of rectifying the problems with the phablet the release postpone, and product swap is attainable.