Fitness blogger dies after exploding whipped cream dispenser hits her

Fitness blogger dies after exploding whipped cream dispenser hits her 1

Consumer journal and family warn of defective siphons after French female, 33, has a heart attack due to utensil hitting chest
60 Millions de Consommateurs
Rebecca Burger. There had been worries approximately extra than a dozen dispenser models produced among 2009-13, says 60 Million de Consommateurs. Photograph: Facebook

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Kim Willsher in Paris
Thursday 22 June 2017 14.36 BST Last modified on Thursday 22 June 2017 22.00 BST
A famous French health blogger has died after a whipped cream dispenser exploded into her chest.

Rebecca Burger, 33, who wrote about fitness and travel on social media, had 55,000 Facebook and 154,000 Instagram fans, died the remaining weekend in what her circle of relatives described as a “domestic coincidence” at her domestic at Mulhouse, Japanese France.

According to her circle of relatives, the dispenser, a kitchen utensil, exploded, hitting her chest inflicting a heart attack. She changed into taken to the clinic however died the following day. The local prosecutor’s office has opened research.

This week, Burger’s relatives took to social media to warn: “Tens of lots of faulty siphons are nonetheless obtainable.”


On her Instagram page, they wrote: “It’s with first-rate unhappiness that we announce the loss of life of Rebecca on Sunday 18 June 2017 following an accident inside the domestic.” It became signed “her grieving circle of relatives, pals, and husband.”

French client mag 60 Million de Consommateurs stated it had warned readers about the gasoline pills in cream dispensers for years after about 60 reports of exploding siphons inflicting injuries ranging from the damaged tooth, tinnitus, multiple fractures, and, in a single case, the lack of an eye. The trouble affected extra than a dozen fashions produced between 2009 and 2013, the magazine stated.

“Due to a fault in its conception, the siphon’s plastic cap seems a good deal too fragile to face up to being positioned below pressure … as a result, the siphon may want to explode and injure the consumer and people around them,” the man warned.

One sufferer informed RTL radio in 2013: “I had six broken ribs and my sternum became broken. At the health facility, I become told that if the shock and blast have been in the front of the coronary heart, I might be lifeless with the aid of now.”

The magazine said dispensers made after 2015 appeared to be secure. One producer issued a product; do not forget for those produced before 2015. However, the simplest 25,000 out of 160,000 bought have been lower back, Le Parisien newspaper mentioned.

And time, the agency that made the dispenser utilized by Burger instructed L’Express mag: “We can make the simplest regret this coincidence, although at this stage a link among the accident and our label has now not been installed. Therefore, we do not take delivery of that we’ve got finished not anything when you consider that February 2013, whilst the first incident related to an Ard’Time siphon turned into pronounced.”

The employer insisted it had withdrawn its siphons from sale and recalled suspect models, urging customers no longer to apply them. “We did all we could to alert absolutely everyone,” a spokesperson stated. “We couldn’t do any extra.”

60 Million de Consommateurs said: “This accident is even more unacceptable because the chance from some of these siphons, a totally popular kitchen utensil made even greater famous utilizing truth tv cooking programs, has been known for years.

“It took nearly a year and after two serious accidents in February 2014, earlier than [the supermarket chain] Auchan, the most important distributor of those utensils, ultimately took the choice to write down to 50,000 clients who had a loyalty card and had sold the Ard’Time siphon.”

The customer magazine referred to the government to organize a countrywide marketing campaign to withdraw the faulty merchandise.

“In 4 years, we have counted more than 20 accidents involving the Art’Time siphon, and in seven years, about 60 coincidence of all makes, a few inflicting very critical accidents. But these figures are not any doubt nicely beneath the real number of accidents.”