Horse Ownership – The Real Cost of Owning Your Own Horse

Horse Ownership - The Real Cost of Owning Your Own Horse 1

I had my very own horses once I turned young; however, because of my own family troubles, my horse needed to be bought when I was approximately 15. For many, a few years, I yearned to have another equine buddy. After sharing a few horses, the yearning for my own has become too much to bear. Basically, I was going to have my personal, no matter what. Five years ago, after searching within the UK, I subsequently went to Holland with a reputable trainer and located a lovely horse. The most effective problem turned into failing to make my List, and I become not strictly goal (oh, and I had a 4-month vintage little woman!) Now, my lovely 17.

Three KWPN Dressage horse is on loan on the way to a sale because I virtually didn’t have the time or the lifestyle to meet his wishes and fulfill my dream. I spent most of my time shifting from one livery yard to the subsequent and mucking out in pitch-black darkness. I couldn’t afford my training due to no process and being Mum to a little toddler girl. My bank balance remains to reel after forking out a small fortune for my horsy dependancy! So, I am now horseless once more and really sad about it too. Writing this has been a touch bit cathartic, perhaps, although I simply want to grab a horsebox and go and select him up. Just devising my plan for buying the following one at some point. This time, I will make The List before I cross horse searching! Please examine on, and if you recognize of all of us about to buy their own, please ask them to examine it too!

Horse Ownership - The Real Cost of Owning Your Own Horse 2

Have you virtually, I imply surely, the idea about it – objectively? Forget romantic notions of rosettes, prevailing dressage competitions, studying new ways to talk, and simply spending time together with your equine friend. Instead, stand returned and examine the two key realities of proudly owning your personal horse – because as soon as you have got him/her to your lifestyle, letting cross once more can be tough and pricey! Are you in reality prepared for each economic and time commitment that owning your own horse involves?

It will provide you a terrific possibility to bond and revel in a dating with a touchy, affectionate and shrewd animal who, furnished you recognize the truth that he is a horse and no longer an equine device, becomes one of the fine friends you have each had. But, besides the entertainment you need to have from your new pal, you have to be prepared for the dedication that proudly owning your own horse entails. They will become a way of lifestyles – a focal point for both your time and price range, and now not anybody to your existence can also admire this!

Starting from the top then. What sort of horse/pony do you need, and what are you able to come up with the money for? What do you want to do? Are you a glad hacker sort who just needs a quiet friend to hack out, groom, and do the atypical amusing experience and competition? Do you want to participate in Pony Club activities, or are you even ready for the large flow to an extreme competition horse with show leaping or dressage in thoughts? This is a very, very important point. Again, forget about romantic notions of what you want to do, and don’t forget very harshly, what you could afford to shop for, to maintain, to maintain, and truly, what are you definitely able to manage, and (an easy one to miss) what are you going to really have the time for. Don’t fake to yourself – you will do yourself and any horse you purchase an injustice. A glad hacker may be fine with the bizarre experience, and you’ll enjoy the occasional lesson. However, an opposition horse, like a KWPN DW, could be wasted if you planned to compete; however, spend all of your time mucking out (because you can not manage to pay for help) and juggling your circle of relatives commitments at the identical time (talking from enjoying on this factor!) Think approximately it plenty (and then think about it again, and once more).

Different breeds of horses have various personalities and needs to all add varying requirements in your finances and time. What is your actual level of know-how concerning strong management, horse control and welfare, horse first aid, feed & vitamins, and your riding talents – are they absolutely as much as the job? It is very smooth to be seduced by using thoughts of excessive-grade competition wins in your lovely steed. But, be realistic. There’s no point shopping for something that you cannot deal with – you’ll destroy the horse and wreck your goals! So think very tough. Forget what you want – look hard at yourself and without emotion, write a list of what you genuinely understand are your abilities (get a few buddies to make a list too), your dreams, and practical timeframes for reaching your goals positive milestones. Then assume tough approximately what horse/pony to buy. What is your lifestyle – what type of horse/pony can be happy with the existence, interest, and training you will be capable of coming up with the money for him? Ask a friend to video your driving and examine it objectively.

Horse Ownership - The Real Cost of Owning Your Own Horse 3

The fundamental point approximately age of your purchase, education needs & your abilities apart, is resale. If you want to keep a horse for a few years, you then need to ensure you purchase an appropriately elderly horse for your competencies to have a sellable horse in some year’s time. Horses can live a long time. Beyond the factor, they are capable of competing, leap huge jumps, and carry out technically correct dressage movements. It would help if you had a plan for an older horse as soon as his desires differed.

Consider how long you will want/be capable of keeping this horse/pony? What are your skills? What education are you able to come up with the money for? How plenty of time do you have got, realistically contemplating all your different commitments? How often will you be capable of exercising him? Trainers? Do you have a box (for competing)? All of those questions must be taken into consideration and spoke back objectively before you move to search and ensure you’ve got budgeted, realistically, for all of the training, livery, and help that you will need. Who will help you if you are away / on holiday (consider the extra value implications)? There’s no factor looking to compete in case you can not afford the shipping to get there.

Once you’ve got your horse, selling may additionally take time. The market may be reduced; he may be too vintage; now not skilled enough; now not match enough; now not competed enough; not superior enough for his age. For these reasons buying the right horse, for you at this second in time, no longer simply your abilities but what you’re sincerely going to have the time to keep, manipulate and preserve. Because, like me, you may really not be capable of enduring the idea of promoting him and not having him in your life, even whilst you realize deep, deep down, that you cannot get healthy him into your life at the moment.

An older horse/pony could be harder to sell on if saved for a long-term, at the same time as a more youthful horse in case you were to hold for approximately 4 years and supplied it has been well educated and looked after, could be a quicker horse to sell on. Really, the factor being to recollect the long-run consequences of your horse buy, as, like a dog, they’re ‘now not only for Xmas.’ They are a long-time commitment to your time, finances, and, as soon as devoted, on your heartstrings!

Horse Ownership - The Real Cost of Owning Your Own Horse 4

A more youthful horse requires a large amount of training information and time, while an older horse might be easier in some areas due to their studies and schooling (supplied, of the path, they’re appropriate ones). When you have the revel in time and some of the top running shoes, a younger horse will be very profitable if you do it properly. You will not spend time undoing others’ negative and probably negative education techniques. However, you don’t want to be the one that applies them either. A well-schooled, competed (if that’s what you’re seeking out) / greater mature horse ought to permit you to progress barely faster than if you had a younger horse needing to gain knowledge of. But all of it depends on such a lot of factors. An older horse can be slightly simpler genuinely due to the fact he’s greater mature and confident. But of the route, it all relies upon past experiences and training if you want to now not continually be glaring, to begin with.