How Secure is Your Home? Cheap Security Fixes For Your Home

How Secure is Your Home? Cheap Security Fixes For Your Home 1
Home Security

My call is Craig, and I’m an expert locksmith in California. I’m in people’s houses each day to deal with their security troubles, whether it is re-keying a domestic they just bought or installing extra deadbolts or locks. I see how many parents forget about easy, less expensive, but powerful ways to relax their houses. Unfortunately, some of the calls I get are to secure a home after being burglarized or invaded.

How Secure is Your Home? Cheap Security Fixes For Your Home 2

I’m going to tell you a few things you may do to make your home as secure it could be without principal structural modifications and an excellent rate. Of course, your pals would maximum possibly whinge about barbed twine and puppies patrolling your perimeter, so I’ll try to keep it real.

The first element you need to do is check the screws that keep the door hinges to the body on all your out of doors. Remove simply one of the hinge screws from the door frame. Odds are, it’s 3/four” long. If it is three inches lengthy, placed it back. It’s as right because it gets. If it is a quick one, update it with a three-inch-long screw. Then, one at a time (so the hinges don’t move), update all of the screws in all of the hinges on your door body. The longer screws will move THROUGH the body and into the studs. They may also sheer off beneath stress, but they won’t simply pull out like the quick ones will from the pine frame.

Let’s speak about your front door. A locking knob and a deadbolt are the LEAST amount of protection you must have. If there is decorative glass to your door or down the edges, you run an additional chance that a burglar ought to clearly destroy the glass, reach in, and liberate the door. There is a deadbolt ( a double cylinder deadbolt) that takes a key to fasten or release from the outside and inside of the door, which could solve this trouble; however, they’re towards constructing codes in most parts the u. S. A. Because of the risk in a hearth scenario, you can’t get out if you cannot discover the key.

You ought to additionally have both knob locks and deadbolts at the door from your own home in your connected garage (especially when you have an automatic garage door opener). I once lived in a home wherein the garage door opened every time my neighbor across the street opened his. Unfortunately, some people force neighborhoods to push a garage door opener to look who’s door will come up. Could you be a winner?

How Secure is Your Home? Cheap Security Fixes For Your Home 3

I have a door from my garage to my aspect yard. It’s the only area a person should take their time to interrupt in without being visible through acquaintances or passers-through. Of course, they ought to do it inside the yard, but now not without breaking glass that is noisy.

So allow’s communicate approximately those sliding glass doors and home windows. No, be counted what kind of manufacturing unit locking devise you have got on those; you should either install a pin going through the frame and music collectively or lay a length of wood or metal, like a brush cope with or piece of 1X2 in the song. These cannot be disabled from the outside.

Please remember that if a person desires to get into your home badly enough, they will. My purpose right here is to ensure that you go away no quiet entry feasible for an intruder to wonder you. Glass is the susceptible point in any home; however, it is noisy while it breaks. With modern-day cordless power equipment, it is now not that hard to absolutely reduce a hollow in your wood door, reach thru, and free up it, or genuinely kick the door in. But those all make noise which should alert someone inner that someone is breaking in.

Alarm structures are first-rate, but some are quite luxurious. The drawback to an alarm is that it commonly tells you that someone is already in your own home and perhaps calls the police for you. Has everyone referred to police help these days? My hat is off to the men and women in regulation enforcement, but there are manner too few of them to respond quickly to all of us.

One of the satisfactory deterrents is a motion-activated mild on each side of your private home. They are easy to install, cheaper, and to be had at any home development keeping. The brighter, the better.

So you’ve got made your property as cozy as you can. You’ve established movement-activated lighting fixtures on all aspects of the residence, replaced the hinge screws, put slide blocks in all the home windows and sliding glass doorways. Maybe you have even set the alarm.

So… Here we move… Someone is attempting to come via your front door even as you and the owner’s family are looking at the TV. If they kick the door in, you have got about five seconds to reply earlier than they’re looking at your head to head. So what are you going to do? Honestly, that is not sufficient time to do ANYTHING. You want greater time. You need greater than a lock and deadbolt in your door.

The hassle:

Almost all doorways in houses built since the 1970s are “pre-hung” doorways. They’re pre-hung inside the manufacturing facility in a 3/4 inch pine body. The hinges and hardware are all set up to a chunk of 3/four inch thick piece of pine. It’s very smooth wood. The complete frame is then installed in the door, starting and screwed or nailed to the studs. You need to keep in mind that the most pricey highest best deadbolt installed like that is simplest as robust because of the piece of pine wood that holds it. A good kick or robust shoulder can cause it to fail fairly effortlessly. I evolved a cheaper way to this hassle for my home.

How Secure is Your Home? Cheap Security Fixes For Your Home 4

Whenever viable, whether for fire, ambulance, or police, call for assist out of your landline smartphone. The emergency offerings know where that name is coming from even if you do not have time to tell them. Unfortunately, your cell telephone doesn’t provide them that facts.

I evolved a protection device for my doors we name the barricade. Whether you choose my locks, use a key, or spoil the door frame, you might not come through my doorways fast as soon as the bar is in the vicinity. It’s made from a rectangular tubular metallic bar that’s highly strung, and the 5/16 inch particularly flanged lag bolts are screwed to the JACK STUDS, now not the doorframe. They mount on any door and not reduce the casing or trim, just using a drill and a 1/2 inch wrench. The entire system takes less than five minutes. Even if you lease your house or have an apartment, you could use the barricade because it leaves only a screw hole on each facet, packed with a little putty and a hint of paint. Go to my website http://www.Bar-ricade.Com to observe a brief video approximately how it works.