Meet the blogger: Elsa Billgren

Meet the blogger: Elsa Billgren 1

Swedish bloggers have turn out to be a number of the USA’s maximum high-profile influencers, attracting readers from around the sector. In The Local’s new ‘Meet the blogger’ series, our contributor Ellie Day asks these online entrepreneurs about the highs and lows of the enterprise and their advice to could-be influencers.
First up is tv presenter and blogger Elsa Billgren, 31, who started her famous fashion and lifestyle weblog at Elle Sweden nine years ago, writing about vintage style, meals, and lifestyle.

She also runs a vintage wedding dress condo carrier and presently spends time dwelling between her homes in Stockholm and Gotland.

Hi, Elsa! We love your blog and would like to realize extra approximately what made you want to start blogging. To begin with – how did you get into it?


It all started when I worked at Beyond Retro as a PR Manager; one of my roles was to jot down the blog, and I determined that the maximum fun part of the task. I cherished the following traits, taking pix for the articles and writing – commonly being creative. The job involved running with reporters, main me to meet a journalist at Elle magazine who frequently were given contact with me to assist her out with vintage style content as I knew a lot about that subject matter. In 2008, antique became a real up-and-coming thing – people failed to understand approximately second hand and sustainability clearly, so what Elle became doing felt genuinely new. They desired to show a wide style spectrum, and I was the handiest one truly running with antique style and running a blog on time. They then asked if I would really like to begin a blog at the website online, and I jumped at the hazard. It was the best match.


Initially, I targeted writing about antique garb. Still, I then began to branch out to jot down about my feelings and subjects in the direction of my coronary heart – as an instance, sharing the information after I met a guy, then writing approximately the experience of my flat burning down. It became out that human beings had been certainly interested in those moments in my existence; it all went from there. It became love before everything sight among me and my weblog!

Your weblog is somewhere lots of people cross for style inspiration – in which do you get your own proposal from?

My inspiration has come from one-of-a-kind places over time – I find masses of the idea from new people I meet, food, other people who adopt developments early on and have a totally particular photograph fashion. Instagram is a huge source of inspiration, looking at distinctive image patterns and presenting enjoyable things in lifestyles – even simple matters, like breakfast. One of the most notable approaches to being stimulated is contacting human beings you appreciate on Instagram and joining up – then you have a new buddy and colleague. I do not know very many different industries wherein you can do this, in which everybody is so reachable.

What’s your favorite element about being a blogger?

I love the flexibility of everyday life – my days never look identical, and I examine new things all the time. On route, getting the proper system takes exercise. However, it is truly by no means dull. It’s a piece scary on occasion and regularly is time-ingesting. You clearly do turn out to be blending your personal lifestyles with your commercial enterprise existence. However, I’m the daughter of artists [Helene Billgren and Ernst Billgren], so I don’t know what an ‘everyday’ job looks as if!

However, the most rewarding, most horrifying blog posts were the most private, the most honest. If you want to make it work, you need to permit your readers to see more than simply the superficial topics. However, it is key to meet the stability between being honest and non-public, retaining your content material, and being open along with your readers. It’s surely useful to me to have talked with my fans – I have, in reality, smart readers who would by no means receive whatever silly from me… they’re like my grandmother, maintaining me in line!

It sounds like busy work! On the turn-facet, what could you say is the most difficult component approximately being a blogger?

Needing to reinvent yourself every day is hard – you need to be very adaptable and follow the circulation of what is exciting at the moment while also being in contact with – an authentic too – yourself. You want to be a real chameleon without losing your reality. My readers would know if I became doing something I didn’t trust in.


Which topics have you ever observed Swedish audiences maximum like to study approximately?

My weblog is my more personal posts that resonate the fine and get the quality response. Being honest and relatable makes the blog experience approachable – I will have moments of vulnerability too, and writing approximately topics near my coronary heart offers the blog an extra human sense.

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My followers also like the especially visual posts, each on the blog and on Instagram – I put lots of time into making sure the pix are aspirational because I want to inspire and display the lovely matters in lifestyles. So I’d like people to sit down in their pajamas drinking tea, studying my blog, and feel stimulated to do something awesome nowadays.

And ultimately, what advice would you deliver to aspiring influencers trying to comply with your footsteps?

I might advise all and sundry who want to be a blogger or an influencer to method bloggers they admire, be friendly, spend time dreaming up new ideas, and recognize your strengths. For me, I realize I’m knowledgeable about the entirety of antique, and I’m a curvaceous female who likes to be photographed – which is reasonably bizarre. I need to show how the clothes I buy look on my frame – that’s my niche, and all people must locate their very own. Essentially, you need to invite yourself: who am I, from the out of doors, and what can I offer? What’s my precise satisfaction?