CV and cowl letter examples for social employees

If you’re struggling to write a CV or cowl letter for social work, right here are a few examples and templates to help you stand out
More CV and cowl letter templates

If you’re making use of for a position in social work, you want to make an amazing first impact. Being a social worker is difficult to work, however also extremely profitable. So, what are you able to do to make sure your utility is a fact for the short list?

If you need some thought on what to consist of for your CV and cover letter, take a look at out our accessible examples. (Just do not forget not to replicate them as precise templates.)

Cover letter example:
Dear Ms. Name,

As a certified [child/adult] social employee with [number] years enjoy, I experience I would be properly-desirable for the function of [job title] at [name of council or organization]. Please find my CV connected.

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The nature of my revel in includes efficaciously dealing with an annoying caseload, which incorporates [elderly people/young children/people who have learning disabilities /mental health issues]. I have a [person-centred] approach to my paintings, which includes calmly and almost responding to service customers to reap the first-class results. I am also skilled in coordinating care with other organizations, which include number one care practices and mental offerings.



Also, I have a particular interest in […]. This stimulated me to guide a community task on […]. As a part of this, I needed to liaise with […] which means that I even have evolved talents in […]. I faced some demanding situations along the way, including […] and overcame them with the aid of […]. The impact of the challenge typical turned into measured via/ has been evidenced in […].position.

Thank you for taking the time to bear in mind this software, and I look forward to hearing from you in destiny.

Yours genuinely,


CV template:

CV and cover letter suggestions:
“The maximum vital factor about your CV and cowl letter is that everything you include is relevant,” says Craig Davis, head of social work for Sanctuary. “Don’t begin going off on a tangent, or waffling – every element must be tailor-made to the role you’re making use of for.”

Tom Hawkins, director of Hays Social Care, provides which you should keep your cowl letter brief. “Don’t over-elaborate, and don’t repeat what’s for your CV. The key things you want to include are the reason you’re applying, the purpose you need to move on out of your current employment, and the matters that you have to your armory that make you appropriate for the activity.”

As social work is a vocational profession, it’s also critical that you proof enthusiasm for the task. “Don’t be scared to sound enthusiastic about what you do – why you do it and why you enjoy it,” he provides.

In your CV it’s also really worth along with any statistics that the hiring manager may want as a “tick box” exercise in the application manner: consisting of whether or not you’ve got an updated DBS test, or registration with applicable social paintings our bodies.

“Be as clear as you can in your writing,” says Hawkins. “So use bullet factors to explain roles, instead of lengthy and prosaic sentences. Try and begin each bullet point with a verb, along with ‘created, managed, stepped forward’ – this is a superb way to attention info on what you probably did and the difference it made.”

As tons as experience is important, it’s no longer the handiest factor hiring managers are looking for. “Some managers will take a look at a person who has less experience but is greater enthusiastic – so makes certain to get your ardor for the work across to your writing,” provides Davis.

Would you please supply me with a detailed rationalization as to how the underpayment came about and a right confirmation that neither yourselves nor my corporation[s], [or alternative/add ‘pension payer[s]’ if relevant] contributed in any manner to the identified underpayment.

Five. Making a grievance
Dear Sir

[Your name]

[Your NI no]

[Any other HMRC reference is shown on the P800]

I certainly have received your tax calculation for [quote that which applies to you – 2008/09, 2009/10 or ‘2008/09 and 2009/10’].

The calculation indicates that I even have underpaid tax for [quote the year or years].

I want to sign up a proper criticism about the remedy I have obtained from HMRC which has added about the modern scenario: [here you need to list facts relevant to your situation – we have included some illustrations of potential circumstances]

1. [I have been in contact with you numerous times since April 2008 and at no time have you suggested that my tax affairs were other than entirely up to date.]

2. [You have selected for your private capabilities to put off the reconciliation for

2008/09. This has meant a financial wonder to me and [if this is relevant to you] an ability loss of approach-examined advantages which I should have claimed if you had acted while you had all of the applicable statistics.]

three. [I tried to contact you before to ask if my coding notice was correct but I could not get through on the phone number you provided.]

I even have examined the remedy that I can anticipate to get maintain of as identified in Your Charter and I think which you have failed in those commitments within the following strategies:

1. [explain your list of points]

2. [For example You had not provided me with information to help me understand what I had to do to check my tax position and when I had to do so to prevent this unexpected tax bill. (What I can expect from you, number 2.)]

3. [Example 2: You have not provided me with information in a way in which meets my particular needs as your leaflets direct me to guidance on your website and I have no access to the internet. (What I can expect from you, number 4.)]

Also, I have incurred the following prices totally because of your loss of capability to [respond to my phone calls; answer your telephones; respond to my letters;, etc.]:

1. [explain your expenses]

2. [etc…]

I take into account that it is best affordable which you do now not try to collect all the underpayment established on your tax calculation. I sit up for paying attention to further what you advise.



CV template for school-leavers and graduate jobseekers

Writing a CV to your first task can be elaborate – study our handy guide to help kickstart your activity packages
art scholar running on a water color

Writing a CV for the primary time is a difficult venture, that could depart many graduates, and college-leavers feeling stuck, staring at a clean page and thinking wherein to begin.

If you’ve by no means written a CV earlier than, it’s difficult to recognize what information you’re imagined to consist of, the way to shape it and the way to address a loss of paintings enjoy.

However, if you recognize the cause of a CV and recognize what employers and recruiters are seeking out, then you can simplify the writing manner and create an powerful CV regardless of your revel in degree.

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The last purpose of your CV is to win job interviews. You can acquire that with the aid of quickly demonstrating your price to ability employers. Essentially you need to create a CV that indicates an agency you’ve got the competencies, revels in and know-how their company wishes.

Before you begin
Most applicants will begin by using writing down all of the abilities they think are valuable after which build their CV round them. This method, but, is flawed. Unless you do some market research first, you won’t understand which of your talents are in call for.



Before you begin, search for the roles you are inquisitive about online and make a listing of the requirements that seem maximum often.

Now that you realize exactly what your target employers are searching out, you may pinpoint areas of your revel in which you’ve confirmed those skills and spotlight them all through your CV. It’s virtually a case of locating out what employers are seeking out and giving it to them.

The maximum essential factor to keep in mind is that recruiters examine rankings of résumés each day. So they recognize it while you make it clean for them to read and choose out the statistics they want.

Divide sections with formidable headings, use an easy font, break up textual content with bullet points and maintain it brief and sharp. Avoid the use of long paragraphs and persist with two pages or fewer. After which includes the name and make contact with details, ideally your CV has to be split into the subsequent sections from top to backside:

Personal announcement
This is an opening statement on the top of your CV that summarizes all you need to provide an corporation in some lines. It’s the primary aspect a recruiter will see, so you want to ensure it shows that you have the talents and expertise they’re seeking out.

Include your most spectacular educational achievements together with relevant competencies, experience, and features. You don’t must depend solely on profession-based enjoy – you could also draw on revel in won in work placements, school or college projects, and extracurricular activities.

Try to encompass as many tough competencies as viable which include writing, languages, software capability and industry understanding. Soft competencies like enterprise, interest to element and management must be used moderately if they may be vital to the roles you are making use of to. Avoid the use of cliches which include tough operating, intention oriented and dynamic, as they don’t inform the reader anything about you and waste treasured space.

Work experience
This is a place that some first-time CV writers struggle with because they often have little or no expert experience. Strictly speaking you must list your employment in chronological order from most recent to oldest – however, school-leavers and graduates can use a piece of creativity if they need to get shortlisted for roles that will kickstart their careers.

For example, if a regulation graduate is making use of for trainee solicitor roles while additionally running part-time as a waiter, it wouldn’t be ideal to list the waiter position at the pinnacle of the work revel in segment – it’s not applicable. Instead, it might be higher to listing prison paintings enjoy inclusive of university paintings placements, voluntary work or freelance initiatives. Be selective while deciding on the primary roles you listing to ensure recruiters can immediately see which you have applicable enjoy.

Roles ought to be established with a heading of the agency call, role title and period dates – observed by using a sentence that summarizes the role and how it fits into the organization’s basic method. Then you have to list your obligations in a way that suggests how each one presents a price to the business enterprise. Finish with a few outstanding achievements to spotlight any terrific effects you’ve produced for yourself and the organization. If feasible, encompass a few tangible achievements that you could quantify, along with sales figures, value savings or awards.


CV templates to fit every degree of your career
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Education and qualifications
When your enjoy is restrained, it helps to expand in your schooling to show off greater of your knowledge. Start together with your most recent educational achievements and consist of the establishments you attended and length dates with qualifications and grades executed. If you have a degree then it’s splendid to encompass any projects, studies or papers labored on – in particular, if they may be relevant to the roles you are applying for.

For A-degrees and GCSEs, it’s pleasant to truely list your topics and grades until you achieved any great paintings that might be worth such as to electrify a potential employer. It’s accurate to listing any extracurricular sports including prefect obligations or Duke of Edinburgh awards. Vocational qualifications which include health coaching, industrial using and social care must also be highlighted on this phase. Remember to reiterate your maximum wonderful training and qualification stats for your profile to make sure they don’t get overlooked by using recruiters.

Effective resource tasks are the end result of teamwork, no longer templates

Jonathan Glennie
Aid works great while donors construct relationships with the humans they are trying to help, setting up trust instead of attempting to impose blueprints
Tanzanian president John Magufuli joins an easy-up event in Dar es Salaam on nine December 2015.

The courting between useful resource and the country wide interest is under scrutiny after the United Kingdom published its new resource approach. Now, extra than ever, it is the effectiveness of useful resource spends in decreasing poverty, in place of alignment with country wide interest, that will win over the general public.

The UK useful resource strategy makes a notable play of attaining effects and value for cash. It guarantees to shut down initiatives that aren’t working and make bigger ones which might be.

But nowhere inside the 28-web page document does the UK authorities, once taken into consideration the bastion of sound, proof-driven, effective aid spending, even pay lip carrier to the maximum important precept of all: that effective resource is about partnerships, relationships, and possession.

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Aid and country wide hobby need not be uneasy bedfellows
Jonathan Glennie
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Experts are supposed to boldly claim what makes resource powerful. In reality, though, aid has proved very complicated. Despite a long time of studies and exercise, much less is known than we would like approximately what makes one assignment work and every other fail. Fads are common, and this approach is fantastic for its rejection of general budget aid (pdf), which just a few years in the past became a high-quality new wish for aid practitioners.



But research makes one aspect clear: if you don’t have help and ideally leadership from the supposed beneficiary, aid intervention is in all likelihood to fail.

Ownership becomes the guiding principle of the Paris time table for useful resource effectiveness (pdf), which has fashioned the spending of principal donors because it was agreed in 2005. You don’t turn up with blueprint procedures; you construct solutions collectively, becoming a member of donor understanding on a few technical matters with recipient information on the floor.

Achieving consequences become also a key subject matter in Paris, and the useful resource world has come on leaps and limits in this regard. It tracks how cash is spent and what impact it has higher than ever before, and that is critical – this is taxpayers’ cash and they should understand if it is being spent nicely.

But in the Paris generation, this emphasis on consequences has been underpinned by using an even more potent consciousness on relationships. Working with beneficiaries and other donors is the most effective way to achieve consequences.

In the proof I presented to the worldwide improvement committee, I attempted to reveal you don’t get outcomes in the quick period, whether in stable or fragile contexts. You get them by building slowly, setting up near relationships with partners.

Building relationships are likewise the quality way of safeguarding money. You can throw all of the audits and tracking and assessment log frames you want at a project, however, in case you don’t recognize your companions properly, those spreadsheets may not tell you the fact.

There are ways to manage huge projects. There is the “audit each penny” mentality. Of path we want audits and targeted impact checks, but while this is all you are relying on, you’re in a surely bad function. If you don’t recognize the real desires of the organization/put up-holder/government you are operating with, even the maximum certain audit is a desperately susceptible responsibility mechanism. It isn’t a scientific analysis of effect, as is occasionally claimed; it’s far a last motel.

What you need is to construct five-, 10- or 20-12 months relationships with firms. You recognize the people. You recognize what they’re trying to do. You trust them. They agree with you. And you work intently together each on the task at hand and at the economic and effect reporting.

In aid, relationships count greater than some thing else.

But studying the United Kingdom aid method (pdf), wherein the hubris of a “we know what’s first-class” attitude bubbles up over the document, you will be forgiven for questioning that the Department for International Development (DfID) now has little time for constructing relationships.

I can’t consider when I am remaining heard a central authority minister or DfID spokesperson emphasize ownership and the significance of humility from donors.

General budget aid, the investment of large amounts of cash in government systems primarily based greater on accept as true with than tight monitoring structures, become the maximum excessive expression of an extreme belief in ownership. It is now being terminated. In equity to the UK, it becomes no longer thoroughly a hit and therefore is tough to protect.

DfID will now spend only 70% of UK resource.
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DfID will now spend best 70% of UK useful resource. Photograph: WPA Pool/Getty Images
But the strategy made me very involved about the future of other comparable and plenty extra defensible investments, in sector finances help and trusted civil society establishments. This money is the lifeblood of improvement, and without it, the creativity and power of unbiased ministries and firms may want to grind to a halt, as they rework into massive implementing bodies of Whitehall choices.

This will become doubly annoying due to the fact DfID will spend only 70% of aid. The relaxation is being spent via other government departments who may also understand little approximately how possession and partnerships should underpin successful, useful resource spending.

Luckily, DfID is full of some of the most considerate useful resource specialists within the enterprise, whose process it need to be now to teach the rest of the civil provider approximately the way to spend well. They ought to do worse than locating a duplicate of the Paris agenda, dusting it down, and sending it spherical Whitehall. It isn’t always best, but it’s far an excellent start.

Perhaps they have to fast reacquaint themselves with it as nicely.

Templates for an financial ‘church’ that does not exploit selfishness

Responses to John Rapley’s lengthy examine on how economics became a faith, from John Airs, Saville and Barry Kushner, Geoff Naylor, DBC Reed, William Wallace, Robin Le Mare and Martin London

John Rapley prices the perception of Nobel laureates George Akerlof and Robert Shiller that “storytelling is a ‘new variable’ for economics, since ‘the fabric frames that underlie people’s decisions’ are formed by way of the testimonies they inform themselves” (Greed is God, 11 July). Rapley refers to one tale that the “relaxed” tell themselves about their privileged life being the “praise of life in a meritocratic society.” Raoul Martinez in his Creating Freedom counters that tale with miles greater convincing one.

Rapley then prices the American economist Wassily Leontief, also counseling against the risks of self-pleasure, calling for economists “to work more carefully with different disciplines.” Kate Raworth in Doughnut Economics does simply that, imparting, for example, a cute citation from Janine Benyus, “a main thinker and doer inside the field of biomimicry” who writes: “We are huge-brained animals. However we are newcomers on earth, so we’re still performing like toddlers looking ahead to Mother Nature to easy up after us.” And the outstanding storyteller Naomi Klein concludes her No Is Not Enough with: “Here is what needs to be understood in our bones: the spell of neoliberalism has been broken, beaten under the load of lived experience and a mountain of evidence.”

Related image

These eminently readable books provide body-shaping completely satisfied stories for summer time studying. Not heavy, simply inspiring.
John Airs

• John Rapley misses the point. As we show in our book Who Needs the Cuts: Myths of Economic Crisis, economics has misplaced its origins in moral philosophy. Adam Smith became, in reality, professor of ethical philosophy, and from Bentham, Mill, Malthus, Pareto and proper up to Keynes, economists sought fundamental principles no longer in money but in social ethics. Marx becomes, of the path, the maximum outstanding instance. Leading contemporary economists (we might exclude consisting of Stiglitz, Sen, and Krugman) placed cash first and then make their peace with the form of society that unfolds – frequently at one with resulting inequities. Rapley is incorrect. It is exactly the loss of religious, moral and ethical issues that define the modern-day pathology that is economics.
Saville Kushner Emeritus professor
Barry Kushner Labour councilor



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• “Economics … moves in cycles ” writes John Rapley. So too must money, the lifeblood of the economic system. The problem is that the authorities have had its rightful area in the heart of the economy supplanted using powerful elite individuals directing cash to pick out parts of the economic system, withering other elements via deficit and causing economic imbalance.

If the government has been to regain its cardinal role to direct the flow of money to all elements of the nation and receive it returned by taxation, it can nourish the entire us of a and abolish a notable quantity of taxes. This will be done, within the foremost, via an extra wealth tax on businesses and individuals and a fundamental customary citizen’s profits.
Geoff Naylor
Winchester, Hampshire

• I once researched some American writers who have been inspired by using Henry George and located that his “unmarried tax” on land values was taken into consideration a heresy amongst “proper economists.” As John Rapley comments, Milton Friedman became then “one of the maximum influential economists of the overdue 20th century” but his belief that the single tax on land values was “the least awful tax” went not noted by using admirers Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, and their countries eventually suffered close to terminal assets rate crashes.
DBC Reed

• John Rapley’s comparison of economics with religion omits one exciting detail. The University of Chicago’s department of economics is now based in what became previously the college’s theological seminary. I questioned when I walked beyond whether the chapel was transformed right into a shrine for Milton Friedman, but it seems to be a commonplace pupil room.
William Wallace
Liberal Democrat, House of Lords

• As I study John Rapley’s essay, I stored wondering: “When will he communicate of the 2009 Nobel economics prize winner, the overdue Prof Elinor Ostrom?”

I puzzled in useless. Why was her work, so based on society and the altruism that is constructed into respected establishments, now not seen because the template for an financial “church” that did now not take advantage of selfishness?
Robin Le Mare
Allithwaite, Cumbria

These aren’t always critical on a CV however in the case of an unexperienced candidate; they could help to give recruiters extra insight into your capabilities. Avoid bringing up not unusual pastimes inclusive of cinema and socializing with pals, due to the fact they received to make you stand proud of absolutely everyone else. Focus on interesting, effective and lively interests together with sports activities, traveling, writing or crafts, as these will enable you to demonstrate desirable trends together with proactivity, employer, and social skills.

Herrera’s guy-marking role intended he played little element in Manchester United’s attacking play, so it turned into unfitting that he played the essential bypass for their opener. He intercepted a pass intended for Hazard – with an outstretched arm – before curling an outstanding ball in in the back of the Chelsea defense for Marcus Rashford to sprint on to and beat the advancing Asmir Begovic.

• You’re lengthy examine, an edited extract of John Rapley’s Twilight of the Money Gods, activates an attention of neoliberal economics. Essentially, unfastened markets are continually proper, as soon as you have decided that the general populace is dispensable. As the Aztecs determined centuries ago, human sacrifice makes the world cross around.
Martin London

CV templates to suit every level of your profession

If you’re suffering to put in writing a CV, right here are a few examples to help you stand out whether or not you’re a graduate, profession changer, freelancer or ladder climber

Every jobseeker, no matter how experienced, needs to make a first-rate first impact with their CV.

But starting the writing technique may be difficult – how do you know what layout could fit your profession choice? What do recruiters locate easily to examine? Well, help is at hand — when you’ve recognized which career description great fits your instances and enjoy from the options under, click on on a word document CV template and start scribing.

Graduate or first-jobber?
If you have currently certified, both as a postgraduate or also education, a qualification-fashion CV is for you. This layout showcases your qualifications and similarly abilities in which relevant, putting revel in or paintings history second — handy in case you lack direct work revel in.

Image result for templates design free

Don’t be tempted to rely on a good grade, although. Any manner that you may again up your potential to use the principle in exercise might be what hobbies a potential corporation the most. Showing existence abilities that are additionally properly work capabilities will provoke too so consciousness on demonstrating how you get matters performed. Your future boss will be interested in locating out how you would do the process, and you could communicate that in spite of a qualifications-based CV.

Download the qualifications-primarily based template.



Going for promoting?
This CV type was once the most not unusual because it favored people that had improved their career in one region and likely with one major employer. The opposite chronology CV template lists linear work histories starting with the maximum recent first.

If you’re continuing to climb the career ladder inside the same enterprise or with the same corporation this CV template is for you. Guard against being pigeon-holed as a workhorse; there’s no purpose why this should be genuine. In reality, staying prompted and fresh inside the same quarter or with the same organization is a real achievement. Everybody admires endeavor and commitment; these are yours to assert.

Download the reverse chronology-based template.

Changing profession?
More lately firms have rewarded and encouraged flexibility, now not just in working hours and work locations, however also in role diversification. A more assignment-primarily based method to work has helped to fuel demand for profession changers inside the market, too. Here the focus is on a combination of abilities, information, qualifications and specially mind-set.

This capabilities-primarily based CV template demonstrates your ability to use information and abilities to distinctive or growing sectors and roles. Don’t allow personal motivations for a career alternate – as an instance, to aid a dependant or take care of kids – concern you here, just use this CV template to easy your transition. The desirable information is that you don’t must start out in a junior role. Your preceding experience will stand you in suitable stead, so long as you inform your prospective employers all approximately them.

Download the skills-based template.

Freestyle guru or representative?
This CV type is for those who freelance, contract and feature a diploma of knowledge which makes them a valuable commodity. Be it a plumber, imaginative and prescient mixer or interim supervisor; this portfolio CV template is designed to elevate your understanding and display how your advanced expertise helps organizations to get matters finished well, on time and to budget.

If you figure in the innovative area, you may want to don’t forget the way you present your CV. Perhaps, as well as a paper record, you could point potential employers to your YouTube channel, internet site or online profile which will see your paintings or watch a video clip. Demonstrating your understanding via the way that you promote your self will also provoke – a one-and-a-half of minute video clip conveys an lousy lot greater about you than a four web page CV.

Tottenham’s Mauricio Pochettino fires early shot at ‘synthetic’ Chelsea
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Mourinho’s number one method becomes easy: guy-marking Eden Hazard, Chelsea’s dangerman and the player he fell out with so spectacularly remaining season. This must no longer have come as a marvel, thinking about Mourinho used this technique within the current 1-zero FA Cup quarter-final defeat at Stamford Bridge, while Phil Jones turned into deployed in that function. However, Ander Herrera became disregarded for fouling Hazard while the Belgian drifted into his region. Herrera changed into given that obligation on Sunday and performed the function to perfection. Only one player in the Premier League, Middlesbrough’s fast winger Adama Traoré, has dribbled past combatants greater frequently than Hazard this season, yet at Old Trafford, he did not try a single dribble. He was starved of ownership, starved of the area and Herrera merits terrific credit for his diligence.

It becomes bizarre, but, that Hazard and Chelsea did no longer have an obvious plan for preventing this guy-marking technique, thinking about Mourinho had showcased those tactics in that FA Cup meeting. Indeed, at the same time as Mourinho complained that Herrera’s dismissal becomes the turning point in that fit, with a few justification, Chelsea had grown into the contest earlier than his purple card, precisely because Hazard and Willian drifted round, swapped positions, and burdened United’s man-marking.

At Old Trafford Hazard did not display sufficient tactical intelligence to tug Herrera into uncomfortable positions, and Chelsea’s attacking play suffered badly. Conte’s choice to replace wing-backs César Azpilicueta and Victor Moses after 1/2 an hour, placing the latter to the left, turned into apparently to offer extra attacking cause down that flank and to permit Hazard drift around.

Herrera was precise to close down Hazard, but Matteo Darmian, Ashley Young, and Antonio Valencia all had an element to play in denying Chelsea space to create.
Herrera becomes distinctive to shut down Hazard, but Matteo Darmian, Ashley Young, and Antonio Valencia all had an element to play in denying Chelsea area to create.

Nile Rodgers: ‘Sadiq Khan seems like a totally cool guy’

The Chic frontman talks about Bowie tributes, working with Noel Gallagher and inviting London’s new mayor to his festival
Nile Rogers performs at British Summer Time 2015

Hello, Nile! Is it 4am where you are now?
Yes! I’m in a car on the way to the airport.

You’ve said in the past that you don’t sleep much. Do you think dreaming less has limited or boosted your creativity?
It has been this way since I was five years old. It seems mathematically impossible for me to feel good, but I do! I think I dream more — even if I’ve only been asleep for five minutes, I’ll always wake up thinking it’s the next day. I go right into REM sleep.

You’re bringing Fold, the festival you curate, to London this summer. Have you invited London’s new mayor?
That would be the genius. Just before I left my house, they had Sadiq’s remarks about Donald Trump on CNN. I would love him to come, that would be so super-cool. I’ll try and track him down. He can have VIP tickets, on me!

It’ll be the first music festival ever held at Fulham Palace. Do you think they’re worried people might dig up all the bishops buried there?
Well, I hope that doesn’t happen! Fold’s reputation is very safe, and people are just there to have a good time. I curate each one like a local festival, thinking about what will play well in that area. On the first night, I have Alison Moyet and the Thompson Twins; then we work our way up to funk night.

Image result for plug

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And Beck’s playing on the second night!
Yeah! He performed with me at the last Fold in New York. I know Beck quite well — we met at an Elton John party where Chic were the entertainment. I pulled Beck aside on the red carpet, told him I wanted to work with him. We ended up in the studio. That’s a perk of Fold — I set aside a week during rehearsals to work with as many artists as I can on new recordings.

Noel Gallagher recently said he was a big fan. Would you record with him?
If I worked with Noel, we’d figure out something great. I love him! He’s amazing. He must be incredibly shy because he always threatens to come to our gigs and never shows up. Maybe I should invite him to Fold. Dude, you just gave me an idea! Let’s get him on stage at Fold. I’m going to try to get in touch with him when I get back home.



A new Chic album was due out last year. Is it finished yet?
Originally, the album was going to be based on unreleased Chic material, but I started to feel that, as an artist, I’ve learned a lot in the 20 years since [Chic’s bass guitarist] Bernard [Edwards] passed away, and it felt unfair to limit the album. But I’m working on it. I was in California a couple of weeks ago working with Lady Gaga, and the next day I started writing a song with Miguel; it was so good I sang it to Justin Timberlake over the phone, and he, loved it.

Can you sing the song to me now?
I can’t do that! The hook will be out there, and someone will sample it. But it’s catchy. I can’t tell you about the Lady Gaga music, either, but I can tell you one thing — it’s funky.

Nile Rodgers performs at Hyde Park in 2015
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Nile Rodgers performs at Hyde Park in 2015 Photograph: Joseph Okpako/Redferns via Getty Images
As well as the London festival, you’ve got a Fold happening in New York, featuring Bette Midler and the Village People. What does Bette have planned?
We haven’t figured it out yet. It’s the first time we’re performing together, but we go back a long way — when Chic was signed to Atlantic and had our first hit, the president of Atlantic wanted us to work with Bette Midler or the Rolling Stones. Instead, we chose Sister Sledge and came up with songs like Lost in Music and He’s the Greatest Dancer.

So, in a parallel universe, the Rolling Stones ended up recording We Are Family?
Well, therein lies the rub: the Stones had their way of doing things. I don’t think they’d have sat back on the couch and let me and Bernard write all their songs.

What’s your favourite Village People deep cut?
I like the record that broke them — San Francisco. Their first album is a compositional genius; I heard it around the same time I heard Donna Summer’s Love to Love You Baby, and those records inspired me to come up with the whole Chic concept. People see them as a novelty, but what is Kiss? What is Slipknot? It’s funny that rock bands do the novelty thing and get away with it.

Did you view Gaga’s Grammys Bowie tribute as a success?
Yes – and more. We had a massive job: Gaga wanted to tell David’s story in music, and I had to remind her we only had a five-minute segment. We figured out a way to make it work. A lot of people don’t understand that we gave a lot of thought to it; it was just as much my input as hers.

Good luck with the festival, Nile!
Thanks! And if you can hook me up with the mayor, tell him it’s an open invitation! He seems like a cool guy.

I’ll get him to bring Noel along.
Awesome. That would be the ultimate hookup.

Shipping from GitHub to Maven Central and S3, using Travis-CI

If you use GitHub and SBT and need to deliver your artifacts to Maven Central, you want it to be simple to installation and control. We’ve compiled some commands on how our SBT plugin can assist

As a part of open sourcing our scala-automation framework, we wanted to open the build and artifacts and placed them in the cloud. Our necessities had been simple. Firstly, we wanted to run our automated exams on every decide to scala-automation. Secondly, to make matters easy for customers, we desired that allows you to kick off a launch via without a doubt tagging the grasp department with the model quantity we desired to release. For us, a release consists of each sending signed binaries to Maven Central and publishing a beneficial changelog on the net. Finally, we wanted to avoid making commits back to our GitHub repo throughout the release technique, as is executed by the sbt-launch plugin.

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Our plugin is based on sbt-git, sbt-sonatype, sbt-pgp and sbt-s3, so you need to fulfil their necessities to use it.

Follow the steps beneath to apply our plugin to your own SBT challenge.

Step 1: Setting up your PGP key and Sonatype account
Set up the sbt-sonatype plugin as in step with the SBT documentation: http://www.Scala-sbt.Org/0.Thirteen/docs/Using-Sonatype.Html

Test that you could run sbt put up-signed and sbt sonatypeReleaseAll the use of http://www.Scala-sbt.Org/sbt-pgp/ and https://github.Com/xerial/sbt-sonatype



Step 2: Preparing your Secrets
Firstly, add the subsequent line to your .Gitignore

Secondly, reproduction your pubring.Gpg and secring.Gpg to the mission listing as local.Pubring.Gpg and neighborhood.Secring.Gpg.

Finally, move your secrets and techniques to a brand new file neighborhood.Credentials.Sbt as follows:

import com.Typesafe.Sbt.SbtPgp._

// this has to move in an sbt record because if we use an external
// credentials residences document it ignores it
credentials += Credentials(
“Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager”,

pgpPassphrase := Some(“<PGP_PASSPHRASE>”.ToCharArray)

credentials += Credentials(
“Amazon S3”,
Background: Why use Travis CI?
Travis is an established cloud-based totally construct gadget, free for open supply tasks. It takes your source and a special .Travis.Yml build definition from your public repo, runs the construct on a build engine, and reviews the high level end result. Other functions include robotically emailing you while your builds finish, and updating the widget on GitHub pull requests with the build repute.

There are numerous matters I like approximately Travis – you don’t need to manipulate or pay for the servers, it’s tried and examined, and it’s quite simple. Unfortunately, not like many other build structures, Travis doesn’t encompass an included report save to your construct output – handiest the console output is retained and it’s as much as you to shop artifacts somewhere else. Since Amazon S3 affords storage and internet access, and has an sbt-s3 plugin, it’s a terrific region to keep any vital documents.

Shipping from a construct engine is repeatable and at ease, and access can be controlled thru the repository.

Step three: Encrypting your mystery documents
It’s easy to encrypt variables using the travis command – see http://medical doctors.Travis-ci.Com/person/encryption-keys/

Choose a robust encryption password. It is important that it is sturdy because humans can down load your encrypted documents and brute force assault them regionally. You gained’t have to kind this password regularly.

Firstly, run these commands to let Travis CI realize your password.

Gem install travis
Secondly, encrypt your mystery documents together with your password.

Openssl aes-256-cbc -in nearby.Secring.Gpg -out secring.Gpg.Enc -skip pass:<YOUR_ENCRYPTION_PASSWORD>
openssl aes-256-cbc -in nearby.Pubring.Gpg -out pubring.Gpg.Enc -pass skip:<YOUR_ENCRYPTION_PASSWORD>
openssl aes-256-cbc -in local.Credentials.Sbt -out credentials.Sbt.Enc -pass bypass:<YOUR_ENCRYPTION_PASSWORD>
Finally, edit .Travis.Yml to feature these lines. This tells travis to decrypt your files for the duration of the build.

It it critical to apply $ENCRYPTION_PASSWORD as proven and not substitute your actual password here as this record can be unencrypted for your repository.

– openssl aes-256-cbc -bypass bypass:$ENCRYPTION_PASSWORD -in secring.Gpg.Enc -out nearby.Secring.Gpg -d
– openssl aes-256-cbc -bypass pass:$ENCRYPTION_PASSWORD -in pubring.Gpg.Enc -out neighborhood.Pubring.Gpg -d
– openssl aes-256-cbc -pass bypass:$ENCRYPTION_PASSWORD -in credentials.Sbt.Enc -out neighborhood.Credentials.Sbt -d
Now whilst the Travis build runs, the documents must be decrypted robotically.

Background: Generating a Change Log
Usually, users need a first rate changelog in order that they recognize whether or no longer to take a new version. I preferred the idea, however didn’t like more problem of writing it. I determined to percentage the trouble with the aid of pulling the changelog from the git records, thereby making it everyone’s task. I determined that most of the commits were too low stage to encompass, however pull requests typically offer useful facts, and with the default remark that github includes, I should hyperlink lower back to the pull request from a changelog.

For implementation, I decided that it’d be simplest to parse the output of git log with parser combinators, and rework it to HTML. You can see my implementation here.

Generating the changelog become excellent, but I had to add it someplace. I decided AWS S3 would do, as you could store static files there cost effectively and serve them over HTTP.

I determined a sbt-s3 plugin at https://github.Com/sbt/sbt-s3 and determined to use that for my plugin.

Step four: Configuring the sbt-sonatype-launch plugin
Firstly, edit your project/plugins.Sbt and add this line:

addSbtPlugin(“com.Gu” % “sbt-sonatype-launch” % “1.Zero”)
Next edit your construct.Sbt to configure the plugin:

lazy val root = (project in file(“.”)).EnablePlugins(ShipAutoPlugin)

pgpSecretRing := report(“neighborhood.Secring.Gpg”)

pgpPublicRing := document(“neighborhood.Pubring.Gpg”)

mappings in add ++= Seq((new java.Io.File(“medical doctors/changelog.Css”),”changelog.Css”))

host in upload := “YOUR_S3_BUCKET.S3.Amazonaws.Com”
Finally, ensure your .Travis.Yml runs the sbt-sonatype-release goal:

script: sbt testAndOptionallyShip
Step 5: Kicking off a Release
Since Travis is driven from GitHub, we need to indicate inside the repo whilst we want a brand new launch to take place. The cleanest workflow is to tag grasp with the model variety we need to launch, then the build can do a little extra steps to do the release.

To kick off a release – in this situation v1.Zero – simply run the subsequent two instructions:

git tag -a v1.Zero -m “new edition shipped”
git push origin v1.Zero
Check Travis CI to monitor your construct. Once it has completed, your artifacts should be available.

We have installation an SBT challenge to deliver to Maven Central and save a changelog to AWS the use of the sbt-sonatype-release plugin. Now, whenever the grasp department is tagged vN.NN a new edition will mechanically ship.

Flash is lifeless, and YouTube dealt the killing blow

Will all people leave out Flash when it’s gone? Maybe, if this internet hits spark some nostalgia
Flash is useless, long stay Fl– honestly, no, scratch that, Flash is lifeless and it deserved to die. Flash is terrible.

The killer blows to Adobe’s multimedia browser plugin had been added this week in a one-two punch. Firstly, customers of Flash had been left open to not one but two “0-day” vulnerabilities inside the same week, affecting customers of Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. Almost right now, hackers were capable of abuse these flaws to dump malware on Windows PCs, which led Mozilla to disable the plugin completely till customers had updated to an at ease version.

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Then on Tuesday, YouTube – the biggest issuer of Flash video ever – introduced that it would stop serving its videos the use of the plugin for all and sundry traveling the site in a cutting-edge browser.

“There have been limitations that held it again from turning into our desired platform for video transport,” wrote the web page’s engineering supervisor, Richard Leider, four years ago. “Most severely, HTML5 lacked support for Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) that lets us show you greater films with less buffering.

“Over the closing four years, we’ve labored with browser carriers and the wider network to close the one’s gaps, and now, YouTube uses HTML5 by default in Chrome, IE 11, Safari 8 and in beta versions of Firefox.”



The writing has been on the wall for Flash for nearly a decade – ever for the reason that iPhone launched in 2007 with no help for the plugin. At the time, Apple became lambasted for its absence; the enterprise worked with Google to create a standalone YouTube app, however many other web sites have been best partially useful till they bowed to person pressure and constructed “cellular friendly.”

Three years later, the pressure changed into such that Steve Jobs wrote an unprecedented missive publicly addressing the enterprise’s persisted refusal to consist of the software program. “Flash became created for the duration of the PC technology – for PCs and mice,” he argued. “Flash is a success enterprise for Adobe, and we will recognize why they want to push it past PCs. But the mobile technology is about low-strength devices, touch interfaces, and open net requirements – all areas in which Flash falls briefly.”

A 12 months after Jobs’ letter, Adobe killed the cellular Flash participant for Android devices, completely withdrawing from the publish-PC world.

With YouTube following suit, it doesn’t appear like lengthy until the participant is a relic of the web beyond. But before all of us uninstall it, perhaps it’s time to appearance returned at the superb hits of Flash gone with the aid of.

The End of the World

“Fire ze missiles.”
“Fire ze missiles” Photograph: End of the World
Time changed into; Flash animations dominated the internet. The End of the World wasn’t the nice of them, now not the first, but it turned into one that completely exemplified the medium for a long time. Scratchy amateurish drawings with worse animation, horrific caricatures of George Bush, and jokes which don’t genuinely make the experience, it was a surefire viral hit.

Xiao Xiao

Xiao Xiao fights.
Xiao Xiao fights. Photograph: Newgrounds.Com
But amateurish animation doesn’t necessarily suggest inelegantly. Xiao Xiao, a nine-part collection which commenced in April 2001, started as just stick figures fighting in a featureless room, and static photographs don’t do it justice: the beauty is in motion. Over the route of the collection’ progression, the animation got better and higher, but even from the primary episode, what stood out changed into elegant choreography that could put Hollywood to disgrace. He breaks a stick and kicks it right into a man’s face! Eleven-yr-vintage me concept this become awesome.

Salad Fingers

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Created with the aid of the British cartoonist David Firth, Salad Fingers felt like one of the first flash animations that went completely viral, inhabiting normal popular culture as well as the bizarre internet one. That was mainly because it became relentlessly, inexplicably creepy. Salad Fingers is a green man with bizarre hands and a more bizarre voice. He wants to stroke your rusty kettle. He likes spoons.

The collection continues to be, once in a while, being produced, with the maximum current episode popping out in 2013.

Weebl and Bob

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Another British creation Weebl and Bob are wobbly eggs who like pie. That set-up took the animation via over 100 episodes, onto MTV in a series of certified indents, and a made for DVD special. The author, Jonti Picking, changed into also employed using Anchor Butter to make adverts for the product proposing cows instead of eggs.

The noughties were weird.

Homestar Runner

Homestar Runner and Marzipan stroll within the snow.
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Homestar Runner and Marzipan walk inside the snow. Photograph: HomestarRunner.Com
The undoubted famous person of early Flash animations is Homestar Runner. Another comedy collection, initially starring Homestar Runner himself, it soon sprawled into a whole host of related collection – and spawned a good larger superstar than its lead inside the shape of Strong Bad, an irritated Mexican wrestler who responds to readers emails and mocks typos. When a new episode was dropped without warning in October 2014, the internet freaked out – and with motive.


The Helicopter Game
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This easy flight sim, which calls for you to deftly faucet the mouse button to keep your chopper airborne, is one of the maximum performed Flash games inside the records of the platform. It’s also absolutely an influence on certainly one of the most important phone gaming hits of 2013: Flappy Bird. Be warned: in case you begin playing it, you likely gained get whatever else done nowadays.

Functional Programming Principles in Scala: Setting up IntelliJ

Tips and hints from software program developers on the way to installation your IntelliJ IDE to paintings well with Coursera’s Functional Programming Principles in Scala course
The IntelliJ IDE, properly installation for Scala
The IntelliJ IDE, properly installation for Scala
Coursera’s Functional Programming Principles in Scala course has kicked off, and we’re very well taking part in it so far. However, Scala is one of the principal languages we use and we opt to use IntelliJ in place of the officially-supported Eclipse. It took a chunk of tinkering, but we’ve got compiled a listing of instructions for purchasing IntelliJ up and strolling with the path’s assignments. If, like us, you’d as a substitute use IntelliJ, then read on!

We’ll count on (on the grounds that you’ve got a choice) which you have already got IntelliJ set up and have introduced the Scala plugin. We’ll also count on you have observed the route’s instructions on installing SBT, so do that now if you haven’t already. These instructions, on the whole, apply to Unix-like working systems (OSX and Linux) with a command line and a general domestic listing. If you manage to follow those instructions on Windows (or have an opportunity method), please let us know the feedback underneath.

For this walkthrough, we’re going to use the introductory example project, but you could use the identical commands for the primary week’s project and – we expect – destiny weeks will work the equal way.

Image result for plug

The first step is to get set-idea, which is an SBT plugin that mechanically generates the files IntelliJ desires to run a Scala task. To use the plugin, upload the subsequent line in your ~/.Sbt/plugins/build.Sbt record (you could create the directories if they do not exist).

AddSbtPlugin(“com.Github.Mpeltonen” %% “set-idea” % “1.1.Zero-M2-TYPESAFE”)
Then, down load the mission’s zip record from the internet site and extract it to anyplace, you need to paintings on the assignments.

From within your newly extracted directory, open an SBT console (by typing set) and run:




This will create an IntelliJ mission and ensure all of the mission’s dependencies are included. More data about the sbt-idea plugin is in this StackOverflow thread or the plugin’s documentation.

Don’t worry in case you see a few warnings – SBT is quite noisy, and unless there are any severe mistakes, it’s commonly simply grumbling.

SBT complaining about things
SBT complaining approximately things
Now open IntelliJ and select File > Open Project

Your listing should now end up an IntelliJ mission
Your directory ought to now come to be an IntelliJ mission
The set-concept plugin has already become this listing into an IntelliJ challenge, so it has to appear with the IntelliJ emblem, as within the screenshot above.

With the assignment now open, we’re going to need to do a chunk of config to make it paintings efficiently. This is because the zip document you download genuinely includes a few one of a kind initiatives. For instance, there is a submission undertaking within it that looks after submitting your work to be marked. While these initiatives are required to make the submission system work, we don’t need to fear approximately it inside the IDE while we are working on the assignments.

Go to File, Project Structure and pick out the “Modules” segment if it isn’t already highlighted.

Your project shape should display three modules
Your venture shape must show three modules
In the second one panel, you need to see three modules, “task”, “project-construct” and “submission.” The mission is your actual paintings, so cross in advance and remove the alternative two.

It ought to then look like the subsequent screenshot:

Just one module ultimate
Just one module closing
Next, you could put off the resources folders from the sources src/important/resources and src/check/resources. These are highlighted in red because IntelliJ can’t locate them (they don’t exist).

The purple
The crimson “lacking” folders at the moment are gone
Now we want to tell the IntelliJ to use the Scala Compiler and Library while running code inside the task.

Select the Scala facet beneath the task challenge:

Note the
Note the “Settings” hyperlink along the “Use undertaking FSC” checkbox
Where it says “Use assignment FSC,” we’re going to need to click on Settings to configure the compiler. In the “Project FSC” phase, choose “Scala-2.9.2” from the drop down field and click OK.

Make certain to pick your Compiler library
Make sure to select your Compiler library
It may additionally nonetheless say “2 errors determined” at the bottom of the venture settings however these are just unused libraries, so cross in advance and close the settings. (If you do determine to tidy it up, do not delete the Scala-2.9.2 library – IntelliJ may additionally say it is not using it however you may fast see that it is fibbing).

The Helicopter Game
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This easy flight sim, which calls for you to deftly faucet the mouse button to keep your chopper airborne, is one of the maximum performed Flash games inside the records of the platform. It’s also absolutely an influence on certainly one of the most important phone gaming hits of 2013: Flappy Bird. Be warned: in case you begin playing it, you likely gained’t get whatever else done nowadays.

Now you ought to be up and walking! To test that it’s far operating, open up the ListsSuite.Scala document and strive strolling the exams. They need to run successfully and (until you’ve got already constant them) you should see that six assessments had been run, four of which failed.

Success! Your IDE is now geared up to head.
Success! Your IDE is now prepared to go.
Now you are ready to tackle the example assignment in IntelliJ and then with any luck move on to the path itself. Success!

Jobseekers’ website spammed with CVs by means of activists

Unpopular Universal Jobmatch site bypassed with a browser plugin that robotically sends CV to more than one advertisers
The Universal Automation plugin in movement.

An organization of techno-activists has devised a manner of sending CVs to multiple employers at the authorities’ respectable job seekers’ web page, in protest at terrible-quality ads and “the drudgery of labor.”

Developed through “a loose collective of individuals who perceive as anarchists and paintings within the tech industry,” the Universal Automation plugin, which changed into brought to the Chrome net store in early December, mimics the movement of a real-lifestyles job seeker. After the consumer searches for a task, with one click, the plugin robotically sends a CV to each function advertised on the first page of the outcomes.

“I’m certain you carried out for jobs on the internet before, and also you realize it’s the maximum tedious thing to do,” said one of the builders, who have asked to stay anonymous. “Most of the time you’re just sending the CV to as many locations as you could and hope that you will get a reaction.

Image result for plugin icon

“With Universal Jobmatch it’s even worse,” the activist instructed  “The majority of postings at the web site are unsolicited mail. If they may be now not outright tries at identification robbery, loads of them (and I imply loads, I could say up to ninety% on a few queries) are 1/3-birthday party posts which can be robotically reposted on the website online and hyperlink to their web sites.



“Now those who use Universal Jobmatch do so due to the fact they’re pressured to accomplish that, and they may also be pressured to use to jobs published immediately on it, so that they may be monitored using process centers.”

More extensively, but, the collective is aiming to highlight the drudgery of work in standard.

“We need to examine structural problems, such as the role of unemployment in the capitalist financial system in well known and also the specific condition of British economic system in the meanwhile. Most of the work we do is at high-quality socially vain and at worst actively harmful. Constant banging on approximate strivers, tough-operating households, the squeezed center and so forth is only intended to obscure that,” said the activist.

“At the identical time, people who do crucial paintings that make this global an awesome place to stay are a goal of constant assaults as shirkers and scroungers and forced into destitution.”

When Iain Duncan Smith announced in December 2012 that the Universal Jobmatch internet site turned into to be obligatory for all jobseekers, fears have been raised that the website online could be flooded with bogus jobs.

At the time, Duncan Smith said that most effective 6,000 jobs had been blocked as inappropriate, and 27 employers eliminated.

The website online requires jobseekers to give an explanation for why they have got became down a task, and are handiest supplied a restricted wide variety of motives. In December, Duncan Smith defined that “if the adviser thinks they’re quite specious reasons, he may also name you in and say, ‘We suppose you need to be making use of for these jobs.'”

Against that historical past, it is easier for jobseekers to just observe for each activity going than exercising judgment over whether a specific application is well worth their time – as a result the advent of the Universal Automation plugin.

“The concept is so apparent it is a marvel nobody has completed that yet,” its developer stated. “If absolutely everyone can use this extension to get their blessings for a few weeks longer, to avoid being compelled into workfare at Poundland, or to have a silent satisfaction of sticking a middle finger to Iain Duncan Smith or their task center adviser, it’s a victory.”

The Department of Work and Pensions become not available for comment.

Mobile Flash is being killed off. The plugin that released a thousand online discussion board arguments and an era standoff among Apple and the layout’s writer, Adobe, will not be developed for cell browsers, the enterprise stated in a observe to accompany an economic briefing to analysts.

Instead, the organization will receive recognition on improvement around HTML5 technologies, which enable contemporary browsers to do the equal functions as Flash did but with out relying on Adobe’s proprietary technology, and which can be applied throughout structures.

The present plugins for the Android and BlackBerry systems can be given trojan horse fixes and protection updates, the employer stated in a declaration first found out by way of ZDNet. But similarly, development will cease.

John Nack, a fundamental product supervisor at Adobe, commented on his non-public blog (which does not always mirror Adobe views) that: “Adobe pronouncing that Flash on cell is not the exceptional direction ahead [isn’t the same as] Adobe conceding that Flash on cellular (or some other place) is bad generation. Its satisfactory is irrelevant if it is no longer allowed to run, and if it’s not allowed to run, then Adobe will need to locate exclusive approaches to meet customers’ wishes.”

Around 250m iOS (iPhone, iPod Touches, and iPad) gadgets were sold given that 2007. There are no clear figures for how many are actually in use. More currently Larry Page, leader government of Google, said that a total of 190m Android devices had been activated. It isn’t always clean how many of the ones include a Flash plugin inside the browser.

At the begin of 2011, round 20m gadgets had Flash in the browser, Adobe said, and it anticipated that by using the stop of this 12 months the total could be 200m.