What Is A Disinformation Agent?

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An excellent question eh? Especially in this point in time with revelations of conspiracies (some say theories) galore zapping throughout cyberspace quicker than the wink of a watch, however, are they actual or are they false? Is it a fake flag occasion or is it an authentic incident, is it a herbal disaster or a hu-man made atrocity? Was Wikileaks an interior activity simply created deliberately to give the Powers That Be the excuse to censor the internet? Is it a black op? Is there without a doubt a: “War Against Terror” or are the real terrorists our own governments the usage of the phony ‘conflict on terror’ as an excuse to take away our freedoms? Is ‘Climate Change’ a reality, a tax racket, and/or just climate controlled by way of HAARP technology? Is carbon a threat to the planet? Why are they poisoning our food? Who is telling lies and who is telling The Truth? Is Islam the actual enemy? Is Al-Qaeda a CIA construct, for in Arabic it approaches “Data Base”? Why are so many Middle Eastern governments being over-thrown and by whom? So many questions, however who’s answering them Truthfully? More importantly, who’s telling us half of-truths, for this, in fact, is the principle point of my article? There is an old Canaanite Jew announcing that announces: “A half of reality is a whole lie.”

Now, how apt is that for our hi-tech twenty-first century age stuffed complete of data overload with information media information hype, MSM pig’s swill and propaganda and/or psy-ops (psychological battle) that we are bombarded with always each day? How many outright lies are we informed? How many half of-truths are we told? How is a lot fact withheld from us in mainstream ‘news’ pronounces and newspaper articles? Winning hearts and minds, the slimy politicians parrot, but what does that absolutely imply? It way we’re going to spiel our lies, our BS sound bites and our psy-ops to you, repetitively, till you agree with us, that’s what it method. As a support to what I am saying I will quote what this well-known gentleman as soon as said:

So who controls these media ‘news’ networks, for we want to know who these human beings are, and that all foremost media/information agencies are in the fingers of handiest 5 all effective media oligarchs, proper all the way down to the control of your nearby newspapers? This domination is total and whole and all of us who considers it a very good factor or insignificant need to either be one in every one of them, on their payroll or be absolutely deluded (cognitively dissonant). These same five oligarchs controlled businesses very own Hollywood and Television or Tel-a-lie-imaginative and prescient and the important news channels – for this reason, I now not watch it. In reality, there may be no independent free news media or press – it died a few years in the past with a phenomenon recognized nowadays as Embedded Journalism. This phenomenon commenced, in earnest, in WW2. By the 1990’s it became so consolidated that reporters would attend press conferences and could simplest be allowed to continue to wait for those press conferences so long as they revealed the legitimate government (spew or pig’s swill) line or tale. Anyone deviating far from that legitimate line might then be barred from attending any extra of these direct political resources or conferences.

Now, dear human beings, anything manner we cut this, it is political censorship, gross manipulation of the news or a case of: “You hacks print what we let you know or there can be no more press conferences for you.” This means we have ended up with lapdog journalism. I should call them journalistic whores or presstitutes, however, that would be an insult to whores, for they may be extra honorable. Moreover, what we need to fully take on board right here is that there is not any investigative journalism, of any kind, nor any journalists looking for The Truth which, in turn, way politicians can relaxation clean knowing that no one goes to disrupt their dissolute career paths or rock their corrupt perverted lifestyles and/or threaten their ‘brown envelope’ monetary gravy train(s).

Now, why or how, in this modern technological age, with all its fantastical hello-tech means of communicating records would there be a famine of information concerning wars i.E. With their being rumored and now not fully regarded approximately and suggested in the element? Easy, all the brown nostril reporters could be acquiring their ‘news’ at the White House and in Westminster, rather than at the ground or at the front line wherein real journalists might and did used to operate.

OK, this is enough of those wretched humans or the ones inside the order of Judas Iscariot with their silver, for I am not going to waste any more of my time on exposing their handiwork. Their manipulative lies and attempts at deceit are plain sufficient for all to look unless, of the route, you’re certainly one of the folks who cannot see or, worse, would not need to see. This is a cognitive dissonant circumstance that only The Godhead can truly therapy. No, the humans I am interested in are those very folks that pose as those who are exposing all of the conspiracies and but are simply as full of disinformation nonsense because of the journo whores within the pay of the media moguls. These human beings are otherwise known as gatekeepers or coadjutors.

Before I press on, I want to invite these very pertinent questions and raise these crucial problems because 2,000 years in the past, in evaluation to all our corrupt 21st century information hype Yashua Anointed (The Lord Jesus Christ) stated those profound phrases, and He stated them twice to the forefathers of these that now manipulate all our media – The Canaanite Jew (non-Jew) Pharisees (Pharaoh sees):

So here’s some other query: If understanding The Truth sets us free, and it does, and in direct competition to that, we’re instructed nothing but lies and half-truths, daily, which a lot of us consider being proper, we have to, consequently, be residing in a surreal global this is the opposite of being loose, i.E. Slavery. The element is, how many of you will be organized to confess which you are someone’s slave? Not many I guess. Not most effective that, however that via your very own lack of awareness you’ve got voted your self into this feudal serfdom, voluntarily. Do you discover that a shocking situation to ponder? I might now not be amazed if you did, for I was once the equal and I have near the circle of relatives participants that refuse to contemplate it as properly, and they call me a conspiracy idea nutter. Who cares if my reply to that, because ultimately they are going to get a very rude awakening? The handiest problem I can have is resisting the temptation of carrying off “I informed you so” T-shirts – handiest jesting.

However, what of those gatekeeper disinformation dealers and how will we become aware of them? Easy, if they’re one dimensional in their outpourings you know they are disinformation agents. As I even have said elsewhere here on Ezine Articles The Synagogue of Satan, as cited via Yashua Anointed (The Lord Jesus Christ) in Revelation 2 & 3, guidelines the arena and the Synagogue of Satan is made up of two all effective companies of human beings – The Canaanite Jews or non-Jews thru their octopus control of the media, politics, the judiciary and the fraudulent banking system on one aspect, and The Vatican (Vatican) in Rome with its Jesuit Order, the so-called Society of Jesus, who function secretly behind the scenes via The Knights Templar. These agencies manipulate the complete global and they’re represented by the feet and its toes of King Nebuchadnezzar’s picture in Daniel 2:

Here we have the Feet of Iron (Rome) mixed with Mary Clay (the Canaanite Jewish [non-Jewish] Political Commercial Media Banking Power – The Beast). Some consult with those humans as Zionist Talmudic Jews instead of the Orthodox Jews. Another description is Krypto-Jews or Khazars, but right here, so known as Truthers begin to glide far from The Truth with the aid of linking them to Esau (Jacob’s brother) when they may be all from Judah thru the Canaanite Adullamite in Genesis 38. (Please see my articles entitled: “Were Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Jews? Genesis 38: Royal Judahites and the Canaanite Jews – Parts 1 and 2” for all The Truth concerning this history.)

So how will we recognize those humans, due to the fact many Truthers are deceived via them? Well, it’s clean too because they’ll most possibly be pointing their fingers at the Canaanite Jews alone and on the equal time leaving Rome and The Jesuits inside the clean. There are but some disinformation dealers that lay all of the blame at Rome’s front door alone and go away the Canaanite Jews (Zionists Jews) inside the clean. There are even some who are themselves Canaanite Jews who have turned on their own.