A new way to store time with textual content message templates on Android

A new way to store time with textual content message templates on Android 1

If you recognize anything approximately me, you know that I’m all about saving time and making tech greater green. And one thing which can always use a robust productiveness booster-shot is inputting textual content from our cellular gadgets.

Déjà vu? Don’t worry: You aren’t dropping your mind. (Well, OK, you is probably. But no longer attributable to this, at least.) We’ve certainly talked about the time wasted with telephone textual content enter before — no longer that lengthy ago, in fact, when we were entering into the difficulty of macros and advanced textual content substitution. As of this week, though, there’s a good simpler manner to create and use templates for common cellphone-based totally responses, and it’s built right into one among my preferred messaging apps.

The app is known as Pulse, and it is one of the high-quality texting gear to be had on Android today. I find it irresistible because it makes cellular messaging device-agnostic and universally reachable — the way it ought to be by using default. With Pulse, you may view and access your messages from nearly any tool imaginable, including multiple Android phones and capsules, and computer systems. Your messages are continually synced and to be had everywhere you sign in, and it is as easy to see or send a text out of your computer as it’s far out of your cell phone.

But that’s all vintage news. The reason I’m bringing this up today is due to that new texting template function — something that popped up in Pulse’s beta channel this week and made the productivity-in search of a part of my mind light up with satisfaction.


Here’s how it works: When you’re viewing a message thread inside Pulse, you tap the attachment icon to the left of the textual content subject. From there, you pick out the new template choice that appears alongside the standard choices for things like photos, GIFs, and audio documents. (It’s that “Tt” icon at some distance-proper of the attachment menu bar.)


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That pulls up Pulse’s new template menu, which lets you create any quantity of one-contact templates for common texting responses. You could make ’em as lengthy or brief, as simple or tricky as you want. And as soon as you have your listing of templates made, using one is as clean as the beginning of that same phase and tapping the reaction you need to insert.

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Anytime you need to add a brand new template into the listing, you tap that circular plus icon and feature at it.

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The keyboard-based textual content substitution and gadget-wide text enlargement tools we talked about earlier still have their area — especially for the strength users among us — but this setup’s simplicity and ease-of-use make it a first-rate opportunity or addition for all of us looking to beautify efficiency. After all, why waste time writing the same stuff time and again while a character like this may do the dirty give you the results you want?


Before you get in advance of yourself, though, don’t forget: The new templates feature most effective to be had in Pulse’s beta channel as of now. Once you have got the app established, you could switch to the beta mode using journeying this web page. Or you can wait some days till the feature makes its manner to the primary solid channel.

Either way, if you discover yourself typing the same sentiments too frequently in text messages (and allow be sincere — who doesn’t?!), this new function is something worth trying. And as a bonus, it is part of an app you need to arguably already be using for the choicest texting experience.

And that, my buddies, is what we call a win-win, productiveness-style.

(The Pulse app itself is absolutely unfastened to apply on Android, although in case you need to take gain of its integrated backup and sync gadget — which is also what helps you to get admission to Pulse from other platforms and devices — you will have to pay both a buck a month or $eleven for a lifetime license. You don’t forget our New Year’s decision, proper?)