Buyer Beware – A Guide to Buying Classic Video Games on eBay

Buyer Beware - A Guide to Buying Classic Video Games on eBay 1

With the current resurgence of interest in retro gaming, the demand for traditional cartridge games maintains an upward push. Most brick-and-mortar recreation shops have long on account that stopped wearing titles for older structures like Super Nintendo, Nintendo sixty-four, and Sega Genesis. So, unless you are lucky enough to stay next door to the arena’s greatest used game save, you may probably have a difficult time finding an original copy of your preferred conventional recreation. If they do have it, you could almost wager that it’ll be overpriced and no longer in the pleasant form. So wherein does the retro gamer buy that unique copy of Mario Kart 64 or Donkey Kong Country? For increasingly game enthusiasts, the solution to that question has been easy: the net.

Buyer Beware - A Guide to Buying Classic Video Games on eBay 2

Fortunately, eBay is just one of many excellent places to locate those classic video games that your nearby recreation store does not carry. The variety and situation of titles to be had for buy may be overwhelming; just about any game identify you could imagine is there ready to be offered. But before you run off and begin bidding on sports auctions, I would love to offer a few easy recommendations that will help you navigate the stunning quantity of auctions you are likely to stumble upon. Hopefully, in case your careful and comply with a few primary pointers, your video game buying enjoy could be a wonderful one for each of you and the vendor. Let’s get started.

Make sure the real item you are bidding on is pictured inside the auction. I realize this sounds easily sufficient, but you actually should read the satisfactory print. Most auctions have photos; however, many recreation sellers use “stock pictures” to promote their video games. These stock images may be the image supplied by eBay, normally a picture of the box the sport at first came in, or it can be an image the vendor took of a similar game sooner or later in the past. Whatever the case, avoid stock pictures. You are less likely to be upset with a purchase whilst you may see, before buying, precisely what you are getting.

You will regularly discover terms like “photo is for reference or education functions most effective” and “condition of the sport will come very truly from the example shown” or some other such disclaimer designed to protect the vendor. At the same time, you whine about the junk you were given in the mail. The buyer regularly doesn’t read the nice print and is ultimately disappointed whilst the game they offered arrives grimy, covered in condo stickers, and has “Chris” written in black sharpie on the back. This is why you must usually:

Read the item description. You might assume it really is one of those no-brainers, proper? You’d be amazed at how frequently people do not read the object details and description in a list. I know this because I constantly get questions about matters that can be genuinely answered inside the auction text. Look out for those sneaky disclaimers I cited earlier. Also, watch for any hidden expenses like coverage fees and extra delivery charges.

Buyer Beware - A Guide to Buying Classic Video Games on eBay 3

If something isn’t specifically stated in the description, don’t expect it to be true. For instance, do not anticipate that the “shop sport” feature has been tested and works simply exceptional. If it does not say it, they may no longer have checked it or even been conscious that it is there initially. Not absolutely everyone promoting games on eBay is a professional seller or even a gamer for that count number! It may want to be that Joe Bob is selling considered one of Johnny’s antique games that he located blanketed in the dust down in the basement. In other instances, the vendor doesn’t have a way to test the item. There are few matters worse than dropping $20 on a copy of Pokemon Emerald to find out that you cannot keep the sport! That brings me to my subsequent point:

Ask questions if you aren’t sure about something. Most dealers are short to reply to a capability purchaser. After all, they’re right here to sell things. If they don’t get lower back promptly or satisfactorily answer your question, find an exceptional dealer. Not answering a message on eBay is the equivalent of no longer answering your cell phone at a retail sale. My time is treasured, and I assume a timely reaction. How fast they solution your inquiry gives you a few perceptions of how they might respond ought to any issues get up with your order down the road. It would help if you had dealers that offer top, equipped, and quick customer service.

Item situations on eBay suggest nothing – at least on the subject of video games. I actually have seen video games listed as being “superb” and “like new,” then scrolled right down to see an image of the nastiest, filthiest sport I had visible in months. On the alternative hand, I actually have seen games listed as “acceptable” that appeared like museum portions. This is every other reason why seeing pictures of the actual item listed is important. If you’re making a purchase based totally on an inventory picture and stated object circumstance, you’re asking for hassle. If you need to roll the cube and take a chance, then go to Vegas.

Shipping Charges – Watch out for inflated transport prices. Some sellers will promote recreation for a penny and charge $10 to ship it. Most of the time, they’re doing this to bypass eBay selling charges. For example, a maximum of Nintendo sixty-four video games weigh between 4 – five oz each, and USPS postage to deliver that weight in a length #00 bubble mailer is just over $2. I remember the fact that many dealers build the fee of transport an item (mailer, ink, label, postage, and so on.) into the transport costs, and for my part, I am high-quality with that. While I apprehend the expenses of walking a commercial enterprise, I am now not trying to be gouged either! Shipping fees are capped at $4 within the game’s class and $6 in the antique game class. Expect to pay more for expedited transport or Priority Mail. Also, I search for sellers that provide unfastened delivery affirmations and state they will send the monitoring range to me.

Buyer Beware - A Guide to Buying Classic Video Games on eBay 4

Look at the vendor’s comments rating. The fact that a supplier has lots of nice feedback doesn’t always mean they are a good, official dealer. The comments variety you’re seeing may want to have come from BUYING on eBay – no longer promoting. The contrary is real as properly. If a supplier isn’t at a hundred% superb remarks or has some bad scores, it doesn’t routinely mean they may be bad dealers. So how do you determine which sellers are right and which can be volatile to shop for from?

Take a few minutes and, in reality, study the remarks left utilizing others. Don’t simply have a look at their remarks number in trendy. Click on it and study what their clients have written. Did the consumer who left the bad remarks have a history of leaving negatives on many other dealers as well? Look at the customer’s feedback and click on on the “remarks left for others” tab. If lots of the feedback they have got left for others become poor, this could be one of those buyers you can’t satisfy – they do exist!

Sadly, some consumers attempt to extort refunds from dealers utilizing threatening to leave terrible remarks if the seller would not follow their demands. They try to get a full or partial refund based totally on a few fictitious criticisms. Sellers who do not deliver in getting hit with an undeserved bad comment should fight with eBay to remove it.