Cellulite: Causes and Solutions


The acquisition of cellulite on the body is a common issue that women face today. The overarching problem of cellulite pertains to all figures and shapes of bodies, ranging all the way from skinny bodies to a heavier built. The problem of cellulite is also found across all age demographics and can affect you at any time. Despite its seeming infallibility, cellulite problems can be fixed in the majority of cases. It is true that cellulite formation is determined by factors of genes, but the good news is that with the help of the right program and habits, cellulite formation can be reversed to reveal the body that you have always wanted.

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Before discussing the causes and solutions to cellulite formation, it is imperative to know what exactly cellulite entails. It is a medical condition which makes parts of the skin on the body dimpled and wrinkled, regardless of the part of the body. Cellulite can be found on both skinny bodies and those who have a heavier weight. It is estimated that about 80% of women have been privy to this problem at some point in time.

The Cause

The main cause of the formation of cellulite is the deficiency of blood flow to the part of the body affected. Upon the decrease in blood circulation, the level of collagen in the skin decreases in equal measure, encouraging the exponential growth of the fat cells. With the growth of these fat cells, they start to push their way to the epidermis, making the skin less elastic and plump. This happens over a course of time, rendering the skin less and less elastic and thereby, weaker to the point where the fat cells, which have become even larger, lead to the formation of cellulite.
The lack of blood flow can be traced back to sustained dehydration due to poor water intake, a lethargic and inactive lifestyle, a decline in the oestrogen level due to ageing, and other such correlated causes.

Contrary to popular belief, gaining weight is not a determining factor for the formation of cellulite. Cellulite has become a predominant problem only recently after the surge of desk jobs as that meant that people spent more time leading a sedentary lifestyle rather than a job that required greater movement and exercise.
Given these facts, what can be done to combat the problem of cellulite in the body? Enumerated below are a few tips that could assist you in navigating through this problem effectively.


The primary measure to fight the formation of cellulite would be to increase the amount of movement on the daily basis. Standing up and taking a brisk walk during a break from your desk job or from working on your computer could be a great start. Make sure to take a break frequently to move around to train yourself to be active. You could also take up a hobby that necessitates the movement and the exercise of your muscles. Swimming, jogging, aerobics, weightlifting, and the like could be an option you could settle down on. It is important to not just take up the hobby, but also to continue doing it sustainably.


An increase in the level of hydration is a guarantee in the increase in the level of circulation. By increasing your water intake, you would be naturally helping your blood circulation system, along with benefiting your skin elasticity and boost your metabolism.

Eliminate Sugar

Sugar is culpable in the formation and accumulation of cellulite in the body. It facilitates fat accumulation, inflammation of the skin, and premature ageing and reduction in the elasticity of the skin, all of which are direct causes of cellulite.

Consider HYPOXI

There are studios in Sydney that make use of HYPOXI, a method that alters between high and low pressure along with exercise to help eliminate fat from areas that seem to be too difficult to target. Studies have shown that HYPOXI workouts can be revolutionary in the department of cellulite reduction, some even calling it the “natural alternative to liposuction”.

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