Don’t worry, you can nonetheless get Magic Stars if the United Kingdom leaves the EU

Don't worry, you can nonetheless get Magic Stars if the United Kingdom leaves the EU 1

A jokey tweet has led heaps of people to assume they received to be able to shop for Milky Way Magic Stars if the United Kingdom leaves the EU – but that’s now not the case
Milky Way Magic Stars warm chocolate packet, which apparently can’t be bought outside the EU.

With the EU referendum looming, there are plenty of questions about what consequences Brexit should have on our daily lives.

The net has spent the past couple of days annoying approximately the supply of Milky Way Magic Stars, the little celebrity-fashioned candies made via Mars. But, proper to form with regards to viral pix at the net, all isn’t because it seems.

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It all commenced when Ben, aka @Swarley_94, tweeted the following.

Reason quantity 183270 for staying in the EU %.Twitter.Com/cPAoaRmaf1

May 29, 2016
The photo went viral on some of the Followstructures – one post from a separate individual on Facebook had greater than eight 000 shares. UniLad, who often mixture viral posts, additionally picked up the photo on its numerous structures.


As a result, some human beings joking were a bit worried approximately Milky Way stars if Brexit wins out on June 23.

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luz @hell0lauren
absolutely the magic stars now not being sold out of doors the European is the maximum important argument on this debate nd make me affirm my vote xx
7:10 PM – 31 May 2016
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Andy Hudson @Hud50n
You cannot buy Milky Ways or Milky Way products outdoor the EU … Decision made!
9: millicentfifty-nine PM – 30 May 2016
1 1 Retweet 2 2 likes
Twitter Ads information and privatenesMillicent

Magic Stars are not offered outdoor in the EU if that’s no longer a cause to stay. I truly don’t know what else to tell you
four:45 PM – 31 May 2016
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Have actually visible that “why must we live within the EU?” With the % of the Milky Way stars approximately 500 instances in the closing 5 mins

May 30, 2016
The component is that photograph isn’t genuinely of a packet of Milky Way Stars. Instead, it’s a packet of Magic Stars-flavoured hot chocolate powder.

When the Guardian bought its very own packet of Magic Stars, basically for research purposes, of course, we discovered it did no longer have the equal EU warning at the bottom.

A packet of Milky Way Magic Stars hot chocolate, which reputedly can’t be offered out of doors the EU
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A packet of Milky Way Magic Stars warm chocolate, which says: ‘Product has to no longer be sold outside the EU.” Photograph: Ben/@Swarley_94/Supplied
Ben, who desired to go by just his first call, advised us he didn’t count on the tweet to move almost as far as it did.

“It’s sincerely a bag of Magic Stars Hot Chocolate,” Ben told the Guardian. “A difference I didn’t trouble to make clean because it was an off-hand tweet past due at night time at the same time as analyzing, and who’d even see the tweet?

“My tweets normally don’t attract that lot of interest, and I’ve by no means without a doubt been that fussed about it. However, it becomes bizarre-looking it spread in the course of the day and furnished some enjoyment in the course of revision.”

But don’t have any worry: your Magic Stars are safe from the Brexit fallout. Some newshounds have already been in touch with Mars and were informed it’s not the case:

Alberto Nardelli ✔ @AlbertoNardelli
I have spoken to Mars and might report that Magic Stars would nevertheless be had in Britain even supposing the United Kingdom leaves the EU. Crisis over.
4:09 PM – 31 May 2016
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Whether you’ll be able to get Magic Stars-flavoured hot chocolate is every other count. We’ve contacted Mars to discover.

So there you have got it. No want to move stockpiling Magic Stars just yet.

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