Fun Things To Do In Osaka

Fun Things To Do In Osaka 1
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Osaka is considered one of the oldest cities in Japan and has long been a popular tourist destination. While sightseeing is a popular pastime here, there are also many other interesting things to choose from, from shopping in trendy malls and traditional markets to enjoying sumo wrestling and traditional Japanese dances. Osaka’s restaurants serve dishes from all over Japan, and the city’s beautiful parks are ideal for strolling. The following are Fun Things To Do In Osaka

Nightlife in Osaka

Once the kids are in bed, you want to be sure to experience Osaka’s vibrant nightlife. Popular bars in Osaka include Club Karma, Blue Note, and Covent Garden. There is also a gay area in Doyama-Cho. If you think you might like Osaka enough to stay there for a couple of years, the city has an excellent educational system. Kansai University and Osaka University are very reputable schools, which can be pretty challenging to get into. Osaka is also a twin city of eight other major cities globally, including Chicago, Milan, and Hamburg. When you travel to Osaka, you are connected to a significant global hub that contains worlds of possibility.

Amusement parks

Osaka’s must-see amusement parks are popular with group travelers and children as their creators really go out of their way to get visitors creative places to play. The most popular and exciting amusement park here is Amazing Universal Studios Japan, which has live-action shows and a range of amusements inspired by popular films like Shark, Terminator, and Back to the Future.

The theater

At the end of the day, if you want to relax and soak up some of the cultures, watch a show in one of Osaka’s excellent theaters. The most popular is the Osaka Siki Musical Theater, while those who want to discover the ancient tradition of Kabuki theater should visit Shin Kabukiza. This traditional theater features impressive innovations, such as a revolving stage with a trap door and moving arch. Some of Japan’s most famous kabuki actors often take the stage here.

Relax in the park

Osaka’s parks are the perfect places to relax and unwind, just breathtaking, especially when the sun is shining. Picturesque parks are dotted the entire length of Osaka, and a great example is Mino Koen Park, which is located in the northern region of Mino Eki District. Those who love horseback riding will want to visit Miki Horseland Park, while Keitakuen Garden is a magical place to stroll as the surprises can be found around every corner and curve of the garden paths.

Watch Sumo Wrestling

The Osaka sumo wrestling tournament, held for two weeks in March, attracts many visitors from all over Japan and beyond. These exciting games are held every year at Osaka Prefecture High School. This is the perfect place to experience the excitement of one of Japan’s oldest sports, Osaka’s top hotels, several months in advance to avoid disappointment.

Shitennoji Temple

Shitennoji Temple is an exciting place to visit as it is known as the first sponsored Buddhist place of worship in the country. You can visit Osaka Castle Park from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. There are roughly six floors, and each floor has different functions. On the first floor, you will find, for example, the information, the museum shop, the theater hall and more for the replica of the castle on the second floor. You don’t pay any fees unless you want to enter the Treasure Hall, which is charged 200 yen.

Take a tour of several beautiful sanctuaries.

During the reign of Emperor Meiji, Japan flourished and joined the ranks of powerful nations. The emperor died in 1912, and a sanctuary was erected in his honor in 1920. The monastery was damaged and rebuilt during World War II.-The Meiji Shrine is located in Tokyo and is dedicated to Empress Meiji and her wife, Empress Shoken.

– Sumiyoshi Taisha is the most crucial shrine, and perhaps the oldest in Japan, the foundation stone of the shrine was laid in the 3rd century and had a typical Japanese shrine architecture. Sumiyoshi shrines are mainly located near harbors for the protection of fishers, travelers, and seafarers.

-The Great Ise Shrine is located in the city of Ise and is perhaps the most sacred shrine in Japan. It consists of two shrines, the Geku Outer Shrine; This shrine was built in the 5th century and dedicated to Toyouke, the kami, shelter, food, and clothing. At the same time, the inner Naiku shrine is dedicated to the sun goddess Amaterasu. It was built in the 3rd century. The two shrines are simple but extremely impressive and are rebuilt every twenty years according to Shinto traditions.

Fiji and is dedicated to the time of Konohanasakuya.-Another famous Shinto shrine in Japan is Fuji Sengen Jinja. It is built at the foot of the mountain. The sanctuary was initially constructed in 788 and rebuilt in the 17th century. The shrine is located in a dense forest in Fujiyoshida City. A tree-lined walkway with stone lanterns leads to the sanctuary. There are an 18 m high wooden torii gate. The highlights of the shrine are three sacred trees known as Goshinboku. They are at least a thousand years old and learned to guard the sanctuary.

Visit Castle Trekkers

Castle walkers visit Osaka-jo Castle and experience the nostalgic feeling of creation. Early Japanese soldiers are famous in their nation. In addition to these men, their symbolic helmets, armor, and coats are also revered, which is why they are exhibited here to recognize the worth of Japanese soldiers. Japan’s oldest Temple, inspired by Chinese culture, can also be discovered here. Gardens, statues in Japan’s oldest Buddhist temples, and murals are worthy factors to be determined in this land.


Osaka is a beautiful place for those who hesitate to immerse themselves in the hustle and bustle of Tokyo city. It’s the third-largest city in the country, but audiences are less of a rush than Tokyo. In addition, the place has outstanding historical destinations and a rich cultural flair. There are many great destinations to visit in Japan, but the above should be necessary to have an exceptional travel experience through Cathay Pacific during your short trip. There is no way to be bored, and whether you are coming for two days or an extended vacation, Japan will always keep you entertained.