Graduate CV template: what to include for your first résumé

Graduate CV template: what to include for your first résumé 1

Most graduates get their first CVs incorrect. From formatting to length, right here’s the way to write the suitable résumé for process success after university
Your CV wishes to hook a recruiter early on to entice them to study the relaxation.

Do you understand that CV you wrote all through college or university? Burn it and start once more. I communicate to graduates each day, and around 90% of them commit one line of their CV to their diploma but have five lines approximately their task in a pub. I interviewed someone currently who had two pages of retail paintings revel in, but just 14 phrases approximately their degree and not even a mention of which university they attended. Does that represent you fully? Does that replicate the 3-plus years you spent studying and self-motivating? No.

To assist you to stand the pleasant danger of landing your dream activity after college, right here are my suggestions for writing the right graduate CV:

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School-leavers and graduates: the way to write your first CV
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What to consist of
Capitalize on what’s most remarkable approximately you – your degree, your technical competencies, that -week internship. But don’t get complacent. Some of the worst (and shortest) CVs we see are from college students at pinnacle universities. Your super degree gets your attention, but if there’s not anything else to read, what sets you apart from the opposition?


Does your sector require technical talents? If so, build a technical capabilities section. Mention the buzzwords, as recruiters can be searching out these, but make bigger also. If you’ve constructed something in C#, point it out. If you can use pivot tables, macros, or v-lookups in Excel (one of the most critical software program pieces throughout all task sectors), position it to your CV.

Be aware that in case you do now, not point out your A-level grades or the college you attended; for example, recruiters may also conclude that you have something to cover.

Above all, be sincere. Of course, you want to present the maximum expert model of yourself in-process programs, but you don’t need to lie due to the fact you’ll get stuck out at the interview stage.

The order

The order of your CV is crucial – I can’t stress it sufficient. Essential aspects of your CV need to be on the primary page. You’ll need to capture a recruiter’s eye early directly to lure them into examining the rest. Remember that after using this template, the whole lot is open to your own interpretation and needs to be tailor-made towards you. The maximum crucial part of your CV must have the maximum written approximately it and be presented as early as possible – essentially, what’s going to get you the activity? Below are examples of the way to order your CV:

The technical CV

Personal declaration
Technical skills
Work experience
Other abilities
Extracurricular/positions of obligation (non-obligatory)
Your degree is your largest-selling factor right here, so the more element you include, the better. For instance, you could mention data from approximately quantitative-led projects detailing particular software and techniques used in case you wish to work within the analytics zone. Extracurricular hobbies are nevertheless critical to focus on even on a technical CV, as employers like to see a few personalities.

The non-technical CV

Personal declaration
Relevant work enjoy
Other works enjoy
Extracurricular/positions of duty
Arts graduates should emphasize their instructional achievements. However, they additionally mention relevant paintings revel in and internships. Excellent conversation talents are fairly famous too.

If you are looking at sales or management schemes, make certain to capitalize on any positions of duty or leadership.


Your CV ought to be two pages. If it’s too brief, you appear inexperienced; too long, you seem verbose. Don’t be afraid to change the margins as long because it appears symmetrical and prints properly.

Tax errors: Letter templates to undertaking your tax call for
If you’ve got received a letter from HMRC pronouncing you have got underpaid tax and are required to pay greater, need to undertaking the quantity that has been requested, or needs to make a right criticism, you can use the subsequent template letters

Latest: HMRC tax errors could affect up to 15 million
This article is six years antique
Tuesday 7 September 2010 sixteen.Fifty 3 BST First posted on Tuesday 7 September 2010 16.Fifty-three BST
The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (LITRG) has drafted the subsequent template letters, which you could use to jot down to HMRC in case you assume you’ve got been unfairly requested to pay more tax or are eligible to have the tax declare written off.

The LITRG advises that it’s miles unstable to try to draft letters without know-how the context, so even though it cannot make any ensures – and if you use them, you reap this at your very personal hazard – the letters would possibly offer you with a concept of what to write down depending on why you have got were given obtained a letter, and how to gift your factors.

Where you need to insert a few textual contents, we’ve demonstrated the

information you want to insert in rectangular brackets. For example: [your own name].

Please undergo in mind that you may also want to tailor the letter to your scenario and, preferably, take a recommendation from a person informed on tax topics. If you have got already were given a tax agent, it’s miles endorsed to seek advice from them. If not, however, the amount you have got seemingly underpaid is considerable; you could make a choice to hire a tax adviser who might also fee you a rate.


All typefaces ought to be identical, and sizing must be consistent.
If you’re capitalizing key terms or sector names, ensure you’ve got performed so at some stage.
Make positive the whole thing is in line.
Bullet points should be brief.
Ensure the spacing is consistent.
If the design isn’t your thing, get a chum who knows Word nicely to check your CV for inconsistent formatting.

Your CV is a vital door-opener, so don’t underestimate its significance. And do not forget, it should be tailored towards every job you observe for.