How to embed youtube videos in your wordpress website


I have been searching for a good and easy-to-use plugin that will allow me to embed any video from within my wordpress website easily. Finally found one called Easy Youtube Video Embed. It is a very user-friendly and straightforward plugin that allows you to embed any youtube video with just a couple of clicks.

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How to make the video play on mouse hover

There are several ways to get your videos to play automatically when someone hovers over them on a webpage. They can be embedded on pages or displayed on an overlay.

But there is a trick that gets the job done without any fuss. Just use the “on hover” attribute.

This will cause an alert box to pop up when the mouse hovers over the link. Q: Determining if a user is logged in via Google+ or Facebook (in PHP). I’m working on a website that allows users to sign in with their Google+ and Facebook accounts.

For example, I recently created a video with the “on hover” attribute. When visitors move their mouse over the video, it begins playing.

This trick is particularly useful for SEO because it makes it easier for visitors to “click” through the video to the article or another landing page.

How to make the video play by scrolling down

To add videos to your website, copy and paste the URL for the YouTube video you want to embed into a text editor such as Notepad++.

Once you’ve done this, please save the file and upload it to your website

Now, we need to add a new module to our website. We can do that by going to “modules” and clicking “Add new”. Then, we’ll choose “Basic” and click “Install”. We’ll need to enter a name for our module, and we’ll want to install it to “/sites/all/modules/”. Now, we’ll create the actual page used on our website.

How to make the player auto-play after it is posted

Embedding Youtube videos into your website is very simple. All you need is to add a line of code to your website, and you’re done.

To do so, paste this code into your WordPress post editor, and your video will appear directly inside your post.

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Frequently asked questions about embedding youtube videos

Q: How do I make my video play on mobile devices?

A: If you’re using YouTube Mobile, your video will play without issues. You’ll also need to download the latest version of Google Chrome from the Google website.

Q: My video doesn’t play!

A: Ensure you have a good internet connection and clear your browser cache. You may also want to check whether any pop-up or ad blockers are running.

Q: How can I change the resolution of my video?

A: To change the resolution, go to the settings icon in the bottom left corner of the player and select “Change resolution.” To change the size, click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the player and select “Adjust resolution.”

Top myths about embedding youtube videos.

  1. You will get banned by youtube if you use it.
  2. Your site will not load properly because of embedded youtube.
  3. You have to put Youtube.


If you don’t have time to write a lengthy article, the next best thing is to create a video.

Videos are easier to digest, faster to produce, and more engaging than text if you’reA video can be a powerful tool looking for a way to share your expertise, a video yYou’llamera, and a computer. Some pr to make your videograms even let you edit them on your phone.

If you have a good idea for an app, and the skills to create it, then producing your premium app can be profitable. However, with so many free apps available, it may be hard to convince people to pay. If you want to go down the premium app route, consider having a basic free version to encourage people to download the app in the first place. (If you’re looking for more inspiration, here are some of our favorite YouTube channels: The Infographics Show, How-To Geek, and Gizmodo).

I recommend checking out YouTube for inspiration. Tons of tutorials and free videos can help you get started.

Once you have a video ready, the next step is to embed it on your site. To do this, you’ll need to upload your video to a video-sharing website first.

Then, you can use the embed code to add it to your website.

Finally, you’ll want to write relevant text to accompany your video.

This may seem like a lot of work, but it’s not.

Once you know how to embed videos on your website