HTTP Error – WordPress Flash Uploader

HTTP Error - WordPress Flash Uploader 1

Recently several of our customers moved their websites to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) walking 64-Bit CentOS, WHM, cPanel, Apac he 2.2, PHP five.Three, and My SQL 5.X, This pass become brought on with the aid of their preference to get better overall performance and more manage out of going for walks their personal hosted internet environment and the VPS seemed just like the quality match on the time. Overall their move went better than anticipated with no most important troubles. However, one error that they noticed that occurred again and again when they attempted to apply the Flash Uploader in WordPress, become the scary HTTP Error.

HTTP Error - WordPress Flash Uploader 2

I’ll call this HTTP Error the scary errors, because after researching for hours, trying all the diverse recommended fixes, and having nothing work continuously our clients requested us for some help with the mistake we did some research for them and subsequently stumbled upon a website that supplied us with sufficient information to correct the trouble.

First of all, let me factor out that this mistake IS RELATED to the MOD_SECURITY module within Apache. In advance variations of WordPress, it turned into a worm, but it becomes fixed returned in version 2.Eight. So in case, you are seeing this error in a later model of WordPress (we’re going for walks 3.2.1) it’s miles maximum possibly associated with your Apache web server incorporating the MOD_SECURITY module. In order to restoration the issue you want to decide if you have mod_security or mod_security2 established because the resolution for every one of these modules is pretty different.

MOD_SECURITY is an open source internet software firewall that is set up as a module for Apache-based net servers. There are two broadly used variations of the mod_security module, the first launch of mod_security changed into simply simple mod_security, the brand new release is referred to as mod_security2. At the time of this publish the today’s release of mod_security is ModSecurity 2.6.

As I noted, our customers are running CentOS five.7 with WHM and cPanel so the examples you spot right here are based totally on that configuration. However, you need to be able to observe our pointers to your own environment if you have an know-how of your server operating device and the place of the server files for Apache and Mod_Security.

The HTTP Error is resulting from mod_security because there may be a protection rule in mod_security that is prompted via the WordPress Flash Uploader. This safety rule is meant to forestall regarded safety flaws in Flash that have been exploited to inject code into your internet site. You can see this protection rule cause a message for your mod_security logs in WHM while you attempt to add a report the use of the Flash Uploader. The message we had been receiving was the subsequent;

HTTP Error - WordPress Flash Uploader 3

Your message may be one of a kind primarily based upon the model of mod_security you have set up. As you could see from our message, it certainly states that the rule-induced by way of the pattern in shape was within the modsec2.Consumer.Conf document which helped us to decide that we had mod_security2 set up.

If you’ve got the sooner model of mod_security mounted, then it’s a little simpler to restore the HTTP Error for the Flash Uploader because your adjustments can all be incorporated in the. Htaccess report for your root directory. This is one of the maximum puzzling components of the fixes we located at the net because not too many websites distinguished the fixes among mod_security and mod_security2.

For mod_security you simply need to disable this rule for the async-upload.Php file on yours. Htaccess file. You can try this by using placing the following directive into yours. htaccess record within the root of your internet site.

Now when you operate the WordPress Flash Uploader this mod_security rule will no longer be brought on. The Flash Uploader makes use of the web page async-add. Hypertext Preprocessor and through the above directive the safety clear out and scanning have been turned off for that one web page.

It’s crucial to factor out which you do not want to disable mod_security to your whole internet site! We discovered several posts on the net that defined the above directive without the Files specification. DON’T DO THIS! You will open your internet site up to all form of vulnerability due to the fact you will absolutely disable mod_security.

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