IPhone Apps Abound for the On-The-Go Marketer


With a thoughts boggling 140,000 apps that run on the iPhone, the tool has gone from being a mere cell phone to “your pc far from the computer.” You can surf the web in splendid element the use of a version of Safari that works much like the Safari in your Mac, check up for your sales totals for the month, create to-do lists for the coming days and weeks, study and send electronic mail from the identical bills as you use on your Mac, test upon the fulfillment of your contemporary Web campaign, and extra.

The iPhone has completed a lovely achievement inside the clever cellphone market as a motive: it brings Apple’s first-class of expertise, smoothness and extremely good interface layout to the smart telephone.

In truth, hundreds of thousands of those who would never think of buying a Mac because they are locked into the PC attitude have giddily embraced the iPhone. The iPhone (and iPod) turned into Apple’s extremely good “foot in the door” that got many PC users to do not forget the Apple product line. PC users ought to experience Apple’s pleasant of engineering without the hassle of getting to know a brand new laptop system and moving all their files over. In reality, many PC snobs who looked down on the Macintosh have come to be a number of the foremost proponents of the iPod and iPhone line.

In many methods, the iPhone is like a “Mac for your pocket.” It embodies the identical stunning satisfactory of engineering and brilliantly nicely-thought-out interface of the Macintosh. All in a package you can bring on your pocket or preserve in the palm of your hand.

Following is a tiny selection of the available iPhone apps that can be of use to Internet marketers.

Action Lists

Creating to-do lists and dreams is a crucial day by day activity for any a success enterprise person. Action Lists is one in all many to-do listing managers available for the iPhone. It is an app that appears easy at the start look however famous an excellent amount of intensity when you start exploring it.

The foremost display consists of a list of the contemporary to-do lists that you have set. Tapping someone of those items brings up the challenge information screen wherein you may assign the task to a project, set the context, assign a start and due date, set repeat options, add notes, and extra. Buttons seen at the bottom of the display provide quick links to be had alternatives.


Roambi (reported roam-bee) is the slickest, smoothest app for the iPhone I even have determined to date. It is essentially a spreadsheet software, but, as a substitute then trying to reduce down a fashionable computer spreadsheet to the iPhone display, it as a substitute reconfigures the manner the information is displayed. It can show statistics as a stack of playing cards in a card report, as a catalog of line charts, as a simple interactive pie chart or as a detailed “fantastic list” showing bar graphs for an in-depth list of objects.

Roambi doesn’t genuinely display a scaled-down subset of your spreadsheet facts; alternatively, it definitely reconfigures it to perfectly fit the iPhone display screen and abilities. In a Roambi records view, all of the statistics in a large spreadsheet is on the market but reformatted in one of these ways that it is not simplest handy but honestly sort of stunning.

AmbiScience Brain Power

Sometimes while you’re on the road you simply need to drown out the hubbub and noise around you. AmbiScience Brain Power can help. It plays a number of soothing sounds that, with headphones, will let you listen. The app claims to “sync your mind waves which leave you feeling refreshed, peaceful and inspired.” I do not know approximately that, but I do recognize that this app is a superb manner to drown out extraneous sounds.

Aji Reader

Aji Reader is an app that allows you to-get this-view full-sized PDF files in your iPhone. Simply input in the URL at which the PDF that you desire to view is observed at the Web and it is going to be downloaded for your tool. Viewing a PDF formatted for eight.5 x 11 paper on the 2 x three” display screen can every now and then be a project, however, panorama mode and the excessive-decision of the iPhone display enables. The app has quite a chunk of depth and itself has a 36-web page user manual (in PDF format, of course).

(Note: Apple’s new iBooks app additionally lets you view PDFs for your iPhone.)


Since we hardly ever suppose in a linear fashion, and one concept frequently ends in every other in a (with a bit of luck) infinite style, the thoughts map has been evolved to help us seize our mind.

Most humans think about the use of a thoughts map on a large screen, but some of thoughts map packages were advanced for the iPhone. If you are at the move and also you discover yourself with some spare time when an amazing notion hits you, it could be reachable to have this on your pocket.

ThinkingMap shows a simple black-and-white thoughts map that correctly takes benefit of the small screen actual estate (but does now not can help you circulate or rearrange topics as soon as you have got created them).


This thoughts map app offers an extra colorful however extremely less space green interface that does permit you to pass subtopics round By dragging them with your finger (but does now not appear to let you reconnect a subtopic to a distinctive subject matter if you make a decision it fits higher some other place). Both apps will let you export your thoughts map as an image that may be tons large than the iPhone’s screen, despite the fact that SimpleMind offers higher decision.

Analytics Agent

If you’ve got a spare second while on the road, why not test up on how your websites are doing? Analytics Agent allows you to access your Google Analytics facts via a slick, clean to apply interface; just input your analytics login statistics and connect!

This is not simply an internet web page reduced in size all the way down to iPhone length. Instead, the analytics records inside the form of lists, bar graphs, pie charts and greater are reformatted to smoothly match the iPhone display screen. Buttons at the lowest of the interface can help you view the whole wide variety of visits, the number of precise traffic, the page views, the quantity of time site visitors spend on the website online and the jump price (the proportion of visitors who view more than simply the home page). This app comes in both an unfastened and a paid model. The loose version shows commercials while the paid model carries greater information. Analytics Agent have to not be careworn with an inferior app sincerely known as Analytics with which I even have skilled intractable login difficulties.