Life hack: how to excellent set up your iPhone apps, one icon at a time

Life hack: how to excellent set up your iPhone apps, one icon at a time 1

After years of fiddling, I, in the end, cracked it. This is the way you ought to organize your property display – and it’s a recommendation that would be available for Android users too.

In the ten years because the iPhone launched, I’ve by no means genuinely settled in a manner to arrange my home display screen that I certainly like. Folders seem clunky, but no folders leave me with too many things a couple of swipes away. Organizing by using maximum leaves me with the not often but unexpectedly needed apps buried, while organizing by using the speed of getting entry to leaves me tapping via multiple times a day.

And then there’s aesthetics. Some apps don’t deserve to be on my first domestic display screen, irrespective of how awful I use them. Mostly games. Game designers can’t make an appealing icon for the existence of them, it appears.

I turned into trapped at the horns of a dilemma. So for the beyond a couple of years, I’ve abdicated all responsibility for the choice-making and rather instituted A System: on every occasion I faucet on an app to open it, I pass it one square in the front direction.

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That’s it. Of route, there are quirks to this system. For one aspect, trying to find an app in a spotlight, or switching to it via multitasking, doesn’t depend – due to the fact if you don’t tap on the icon, you don’t want the icon to be on hand; proper?


Two years down the road, I’ve reached a home display that vaguely resembles a pleasing combination of my maximum used, most tapped on, and most chronic apps:

Composite of iPhone Apps on the home screen
Facebook Twitter Pinterest
Alex’s first domestic screen shows all his most-used apps. On the second screen, games seem. By page 3, the folders arrive. Photograph: Alex Hern’s iPhone
As well as being quite a terrific array of apps, I additionally like what it tells me about my iPhone utilization.

The dock barely modifications at this factor, even though WhatsApp now and again fights Spotify for dominance. Duolingo has the benefit of being opened every day without fail, RSS app Reeder gets opened at least two times on weekdays, and Twitter is … nicely, Twitter is Twitter. So I don’t even bother to place Duolingo beyond it anymore.

The rest of the primary web page is largely comprehensible. I’m surprised I still use Snapchat enough for it to be so excessive up, and Health is slowly falling down the list now I stopped manually logging my weight – who has time for that – however, the display screen is a fairly accurate cross-section of what I use my cellphone for.

The 2d page follows the same device. There, you’ll find a few of the apps I regularly use, however now not utilizing any approach each day, in addition to some, along with at ease chat app Wire, which I’ve only begun using these days, however, are climbing the charts.

By the 0.33 page, I smash my regulations. Here the entirety is going in folders and moves one folder forward on every occasion I faucet. It’s the only manner to keep away from having forty pages of apps, and it works pretty nicely. It also reveals quite what number of apps I even have that I have clicked on in no way. Some, including Swiftkey or the Wallet app, are nonetheless beneficial; however, simply opened in other methods. Others, together with the World of Warcraft companion app (I don’t play the sport anymore) or taxi app Gett (I don’t take many taxis), I think I should probably delete.

There’s also the most effective different rule-breaking I have: a folder for “old games.” Sometimes you simply recognize while you’re done with a game. However, you don’t want to get rid of it from your telephone, you know? So that’s in which those video games visit hibernate. Maybe I’ll bust out Reigns or Corrupt again in the future.

I’m pretty positive my way’s the most effective sensible manner to arrange icons. But I’m willing to be convinced in any other case. Did anyone get any better ideas?

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