Official Qivana Review – Part 1: The Overview

Official Qivana Review - Part 1: The Overview 1

This Qivana Review is primarily based on my thorough research and analysis to determine if Qivana can achieve achievement. It might be offered in 6 elements as there may be quite a little information. However, this will give you a great evaluation of each section.


When reviewing the lengthy-time period growth, earnings capacity, and viability of an employer, it’s miles great to start with the enterprise. This is also real for people looking to partner with those organizations in the community advertising industry. You will be the first-rate vinyl record manufacturer today, and you’ll have an incredibly tough time earning earnings. Therefore it is critical to recollect the direction of wherein the industry is going.

The Industry

Qivana has placed itself to take advantage of two HUGE industry tendencies which can be converging: Network Marketing and Health & Wellness. Network Marketing (i.E. Direct Sales, MLM, or Relationship Marketing) is a misunderstood industry by most people, and wherein questions of “Is Qivana a Fraud?” start to arise.

There are tons of books, articles, and various assets discussing the concept of Network Marketing in intensity; however, I will try to supply a brief explanation of my understanding. Networking Marketing is an exceptional enterprise in that it empowers the common individual to end up a successful enterprise owner by supporting others with the assist of many others. The picture you encounter a gadget that you research thoroughly and recognize will provide an excellent price to your lifestyles. Your buddy then asks you about this splendid gadget and, after discussing it with you, goes and purchases his personal to gain his life. It could be logical for you to get a percentage of that sale on the device since it changed into certainly your effort that motivated your pal to get that device. The Network Marketing enterprise is simply now starting to get its due and is turning into the next booming industry. Qivana and Networking Marketing Companies are not frauds or scams, but it really is now not to miss the truth that rip-off artists can use those and many different industries to cowl up their illegitimate organizations.

Qivana is exceptional on the subject of their enterprise, and they’re extreme about assisting human beings in leading healthier lives. They failed to simply mass produce some health merchandise, then pay a few docs to suggest the one’s products and subsequently begin mass marketing to the public. Instead, they located the main medical doctors in the respective fields they wanted to target (Metabolic health and Aging) and partnered up with them. They had the medical doctors formulate the best natural health merchandise based on many years of studies, experience, and scientific data. Dr. Donald Layman is broadly diagnosed with his studies on metabolism and has over ninety peer-reviewed guides among various awards. Dr. Marcus Laux is a professional in natural medicinal drugs and a certified naturopathic physician, which has been a reputable leading educator for the Natural Products enterprise for 30 years.

Official Qivana Review - Part 1: The Overview 2

Qivana evolved structures of products due to the fact they concluded systems work higher for a complicated system like the human frame than person merchandise could. The products in the structures are also designed for paintings collectively synergistically, which means that together they provide extra advantages to the body than if they were taken by myself. The METABOLIC System has been created to correct metabolism; it’s simply a weight loss product but as an alternative designed to reset your metabolism. The QORE System changed into created to beautify your immune gadget, nutrient absorption, body cleansing, and increase your energy stages.

The Qivana Compensation Plan is one of the complete price plans I have to stumble upon on this enterprise, and they have based it as first-class they may assist all of us joining their group to achieve success. It’s a hybrid compensation plan with several unique methods of being compensated, inclusive of retail commissions, quickly begin bonuses, speedy rank bonuses, team commissions, and executive era bonuses. Qivana pays out a total of fifty% in commissions to its representatives, so every dollar it earns, it’ll pay returned fifty cents in commissions.

The crew commissions are based totally on a binary tree structure wherein you build a leg on each aspect (your proper and your left). Generally, if one leg is doing actually well, you’ll lose the capacity earnings as you receive a commission on the extent of your lesser leg. However, Qivana allows you to the financial institution that quantity till your lesser leg increases in extent, and you therefore never lose it. The most interesting and important aspect of their repayment plan is the Executive Generation Bonus (EGB), where you earn commissions on those you individually join and their enrolled IBOs to a total of seven generations as your rank boom. With this EGB, they’re able to pay out the entire 50% in commissions as it’s calculated after all different bonuses were paid.

My thorough review of Qivana and the enterprise is what delivered me to the realization that it isn’t a scam and is virtually very well situated for lengthy-time period achievement. All the evaluation and information were very magnificent and interesting to me. Probably not to most people, however, being that I come from a finance history, I changed into able to appreciate how this organization formulated itself from the formula level to the momentum degree that is coming soon for this Health & Wellness Natural Product Industry Pioneer. This momentum phase will assist propel many individuals involved in monetary achievement. However, it’s an entire article. None of this had persuaded me to become a member of their organization, though; however, what finally encouraged me was the People.

Official Qivana Review - Part 1: The Overview 3

From the Network Marketing Industry Leaders, I met the well-respected business experts I spoke with and the athletes and Olympic gold medalists that joined the organization as IBOs themselves, like each person else beginning from the bottom and working their manner up. The people are what make this employer high-quality to paintings with because you’ve got a number of first-class management in the field you can research from. They hold to offer every day to assist, guide, and support each person else in their quest for achievement. Not to mention the amusement and exhilaration at the events, conferences, conference calls, and trips.