Perfect Options for the Essential Mobile Web Design

Perfect Options for the Essential Mobile Web Design 1
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Do not make clones of regular websites for mobile devices. This does not work and annoys users. A third of sites in 2015 were shown on the screens of mobile devices, according to This means a modern web resource must have an adapted design to adapt to different devices. But web developers stubbornly do not want to meet mobile users and offer them a slightly redesigned desktop option. What mistakes do they make?

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Life without mice

Developers forget that tablets and smartphones do not need a mouse. This is especially true for hyperlinks. Sometimes, and on a large monitor, you must aim your cursor well to get on the icon or link. The average device owner’s finger can not exactly click on the segment of the screen less than one by 1 centimeter – this is usually slightly less than 30 by 30 pixels. For mobile web design, this is a fundamental matter.

Therefore, although cute, it’s silly for designers to put the project’s interactive elements smaller than these sizes. And the best option for the part is the button. But what is not offered to press the user! Tactile sensations from clicking the mouse button are also missing here, so feedback is needed.

If the button is clickable, the user should see or hear it. Otherwise, it may not understand whether the control is an element. Also, by clicking on it, the user must be sure that the action has occurred. Otherwise, there will be repeated pressing with unpredictable consequences. Unfortunately, the quality of communication does not always allow you to give quick feedback, so the designer and the developer need to show creativity and “pump through” the standard controls.

Good menu

Many copies have been broken in disputes about mobile site menus. A more or less compromise option is the use of dynamic drop-down lists. Thanks to this, you can save valuable screen space. But in this case, there should be such an icon that the user immediately guesses this menu.

There is an alternative. Navigating through the menus is done by scrolling the screen. If there are not too many items, the wizards recommend making menu items the size of almost the entire screen. Inside this button, you can place an image that can replace the small font compared to the first option.

Another quick way out is to set each menu item vertically in the form of positioned blocks. But this method takes the place of the title. This option will not work for you if there are many items on the menu. The user does not like scrolling through a long list of items in search of the desired one.