Russian Consumer Power Attracts U.S. Business

Russian Consumer Power Attracts U.S. Business 1

Russian clients stay hungry for Western goods and offerings. The wealth generated with the aid of Russian exports of oil and gas gives Russian consumers the means to buy the merchandise. U.S. Organizations, which include McDonald’s and Starbucks, have been brief to take advantage of opportunities in Russia. Even Wal-Mart opened a Russian office in January 2009, which’s regarded because of the corporation’s first step to commencing shops in Russia. Medium-sized U.S. Agencies are just starting to awareness of Russian markets.

Russian Consumer Power Attracts U.S. Business 2

Russian Consumer Power

How tons of disposable profits do Russian customers have? Comparing the purchaser energy of various nations can be hard because the relative fee of dwelling is so one-of-a-kind in numerous international locations. One measure of purchaser electricity is Purchasing Power Parity, which considers the relative price of dwelling and the inflation costs of the countries. According to the World Bank, Russia is ranked seventh amongst international locations in terms of Purchasing Power Parity. The best America, European Union, China, Japan, India, and Germany ranked higher. Thus Russia is ranked above effective consumer international locations and the UK, Australia, Brazil, Sweden, and Switzerland.

The boom of the Russian Gross Domestic Product increase has averaged 7% in the beyond nine years. Russia household intake and glued capital investments, which have both grown with the aid of approximately 10% annually because 1999, at the moment, are the number one drivers of the boom.

The backside line is that Russia is a vital market for consumer goods, and many American organizations are targeting Russian markets. U.S. Exports to Russia are dramatically increasing; from 2006 to 2008, US exports improved by 50%. Direct funding in Russia by U.S. Companies and subsidiaries is also growing considerably; from 2004 to 2008, US investment in Russia increased by three hundred%.

Russian Consumers

When thinking about Russian consumer strength, the demographics of Russian are wonderful. Russia has a populace of a hundred and forty million. About 73% of all Russians live in city regions. About 20 million Russians are below 14 years old, a huge marketplace for children’s merchandise, consisting of digital video games. The 100 million Russians elderly 15 to 64 are a large market for consumer products consisting of televisions, cell telephones, and laptops. About 20 million Russians are over 65 years vintage, representing the first-rate marketplace for merchandise and listening to aids and medication.

Doing Business in Russia
Good financial coverage has stabilized the inflation and trade prices, in keeping with the U.S. State Department. Russia has had a price range surplus every 12 months since 2003 and has set up a big stabilization/wet day fund ($156 billion in 2007).

Russia has been imposing financial reforms in the tax, banking, labor, and land codes to improve the business climate. To be part of the World Trade Organization, Russia has observed it necessary to modernize and regularize its regulations and laws to comply with global trade requirements. Entrepreneurship in Russia is flourishing, and there are greater small and medium-sized groups in Russia. As a result, U.S. Businesses will locate greater innovation and less bureaucracy whilst doing commercial enterprise in Russia.

Russian Consumer Power Attracts U.S. Business 3

What Does Russia Import Now?

In 2007, 54% of Russian imports were equipment, system, and shipping equipment. About 14% of Russian imports have been chemical products and rubber. Food merchandise and agricultural raw substances had been additionally approximately 14% of Russian imports.

There became about $27 billion of import/export enterprise in 2007 between America and Russia. In America, exported about $7.Four billion in items to Russia in 2007. This was a boom of fifty-seven % increase over 2006, that’s a dramatic boom. Among the export markets for US items, Russia is presently the 20 the-largest U.S. Export marketplace. U.S. Groups exported machinery, vehicles, meat (in general poultry), plane, electrical system, and excessive-tech merchandise to Russia.

American businesses will don’t have any trouble locating Russian groups that want to purchase mobile telephones. Many Russian businesses advertise on buying and selling net websites that they need to purchase cellular phones. For instance, one Malovatov S.N. Has been trading GSM Mobile Phones in Russia because in 2001. Malatov buys new GSM Mobile Phones manufactured and authorized to be distributed in Russian Federation. The Molotov advert states that they may be open to any reliable providers of modern GSM cell telephones and affords contact records. Molotov is just one of the organizations looking for cell smartphone suppliers.

In addition, Russian organizations are in search of suppliers of laptops, iPods, PDAs, televisions, and radios. For instance, Lincon Corporation in St. Petersburg is looking for certain brands for this merchandise, including Acer, Dell, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba. Another organization, Agro Dynamics, had an advert that they’re seeking providers for quite several merchandise inclusive of laptops, as well as tractors, buses, cables, mini-vans, fertilizers, and welding machines.

Many human beings do not understand that Russia has significant broadband traces that provide high pace internet access. There are about 4.Nine million broadband traces in Russia, as of 2007, of which about 72 % are cable modems, and the relaxation is DSL.


About seventy-five % of pharmaceuticals offered in Russia are imported, and there’s unique demand for modern capsules. The value of Russian pharmaceutical imports is expected at $6.1 billion in 2006, which is a boom of 43.4% over 2005. Germany and France provided over 30% of imports of prescription drugs to Russia. These growth charges represent a massive opportunity for US businesses. While Germany and France are the most important providers of prescription drugs to Russia (30%), there’s lots of room for US commercial enterprise in this market. As the 100 million human beings are within the 15-sixty four age bracket grow old, there may be persevering with an increasing call for prescription drugs that may be furnished through US corporations.

Russian Consumer Power Attracts U.S. Business 4

Russia is expanding medical health insurance for its residents, which is likely to improve their capability to buy fitness care products. In January 2005, Russia established a brand new machine of supplying drugs to vulnerable populace organizations. By 2010, Russian plans to implement medical insurance so one can enable all of her humans to attain loose or low-value prescribed drugs. This software will honestly increase the demand for prescription drugs in Russia.