How can I safely recycle my antique PCs?

How can I safely recycle my antique PCs? 1

Leslie has several antique PCs in his attic and would like to dispose of any private statistics before getting rid of them, either for recycling or re-use. Jack Schofield explains the way to do it…
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CRT-based video display units incorporate dangerous chemical substances and copper and uncommon metals and should be taken to an authorized recycling center. Photograph: Alamy

Like many readers, I have numerous antique PCs in my attic, all of which had been set aside for one purpose or some other: antique age, inadequate specifications, malfunctioning software or hardware, and so on. It seems a pity not at hand them directly to a person who can’t find the money for a PC on their own or recycle them.

In the past, before disposing of a vintage PC, I’ve been counseled to wreck the hard force with a sledgehammer to save you confidential data being handed on to some third birthday celebration. Well, yes; however, it then becomes a bunch of spare components. I’d be pleased about a few guidance, as I’d rather not take them to the council tip. Leslie

There are numerous problems here, so try and come to a clear selection approximately your desire for every PC. Is re-use the concern, or recycling? Are you satisfied to permit an enterprise to determine for you? What maximum options have in common is the want to guard your identity and privacy without destroying the tough drive, so permit begins with that.

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Deleting private statistics

First, returned up to and deleted your statistics consisting of documents and spreadsheets, snapshots and films, email and messages, and so forth. Some of it could be hidden in utility directories.


If your antique PC is attached to the internet, uninstall and de-register any programs that keep depending on the PCs on which they’re mounted. This may also consist of Microsoft Office and Office 365, Apple iTunes, and so on. After that, create a brand new administrator account and use it to delete all of the different debts to take away any final private statistics.

One trouble with computers is that deleting files doesn’t without a doubt delete the documents; it just eliminates them from the record machine’s desk of contents. So the statistics continue to be at the hard force and, until it’s far over-written, can be retrieved using an unerase software. To cope with this, download a unfastened disk eraser along with Eraser from Heidi Computers, Disk Wipe, or Darik’s Boot and Nuke. You can run the eraser from a USB thumb pressure or something.

Next, take your PC back to its manufacturing facility situation via using the device restore feature. To try this, interrupt the boot manner by pressing, as an instance, F8, choosing Repair Your Computer, and then “Yes, reformat difficult pressure and restore gadget software to manufacturing unit circumstance.” Again, I’m quoting my Dell laptop: the keys and wording may additionally range on other systems. Alternatively, when you have Windows on DVD, you could boot and re-deploy Windows from the disc.

Finally, use the disk eraser to overwrite all of the “empty” force areas, so that deleted documents can’t be undeleted.

Of route, if a PC is going to be scrapped, you could simply take away the tough drive and remove the non-running device. Then, you can mount the drive in an outside enclosure and use it as a USB pressure together with your new PC. Note that you could want to “take ownership” to get entry to the documents. If so, Winter’s unfastened TakeOwnershipEx application is a simple way to try this.

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Re-homing or recycling PCs locally

It’s now not easy to re-home an antique PC, except for a person who desires one. If now not, look for the precise model on eBay.Co.Uk to discover more or less how many it’s worth. Then, if it has any cost, you can either promote it or offer it via a free labeled carrier (e.g., Gumtree), or Freegle, the ReUseIt Network (RIN), or similar Freecycle-fashion group.

If a PC isn’t worth very a whole lot, then it won’t be worth transporting it very some distance. However, this is less actual of laptop PCs than of computers, however tons more authentic of traditional CRT-based monitors and TV sets. These include risky chemical compounds in addition to copper and uncommon metals and need to be taken to a permitted recycling center. You can find the nearest via getting into your postcode within the financial institution locator at Recycle-extra.Co.Uk, or by way of checking your nearby authority’s website.

Not all recycling centers are geared up to deal with all types of waste. Look for one that takes “show gadget, fashionable WEEE” as specific by the European Commission’s waste electric and digital gadget rules. This covers household home equipment and medical gadget, and consumer electronics items from pocket calculators to massive TV units. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has a manual.

Local councils are not obliged to accept your old PCs simply, and they will price if you need them amassed. However, below the UK’s WEEE rules, stores must take returned old equipment if they sell you replacements (pdf). So check first as they will not accept antique gadgets at the shop.

National offerings

Dell helped pioneer PC recycling a decade ago, and it’s still doing it for purchasers. If you purchase a brand new PC from Dell, it will take back something it replaces, irrespective of brand. It will also take back Dell PCs at any time. Dell covers the price.

Apple follows the WEEE guidelines, so in case you purchase a new Mac, it will take back your old pc and reveal – any make – at “any Apple retail keep or Apple premium reseller.” These shops can even allow you to exchange some Apple merchandise when shopping for new ones.

Apple additionally promotes a recycling scheme run via Dataserv on the way to purchase your undesirable gadget. However, it takes beneficial laptops in super situations, including my PowerBook G4 – if they haven’t any resale cost. It handiest supplied me £ninety for a mint, unlocked iPhone five, so if gadgets do have resale cost, you’d be higher off promoting them privately.