The American Blogger Making Six-Figures While Traveling The World

The American Blogger Making Six-Figures While Traveling The World 1

Working at the same time as journeying the sector might sound like an oxymoron. However, for Liz Carlson, it’s just a precise enterprise.

Not constrained by one medium, the 29-year-vintage chronicles her escapades on her blog, Young Adventuress, as well as on Instagram and YouTube.

However, this pie-in-the-sky career became now not always her reality. Building her logo over the path of seven years, Carlson says it’s taken masses of labor, networking, and a touch bit of religion to observe her goals.

Liz Carlson.
Based in New Zealand, solo female traveler Liz Carlson is known for her brand of untamed, messy adventure.

In the beginning, “I became writing loads about what it changed into like being an American ex-pat in Spain,” says Carlson.

The then-22 year antique became running as an English instructor’s assistant through the united states auxiliaries de conersación program in Córdoba. She was in extended-distance dating at the time and used the weblog as an outlet.


Focusing on things that she wanted, she knew while she first moved to the country, she wrote approximately subjects like why do Spaniards devour cookies for breakfast and a way to swear and sensitive topics like a way to find a condominium beginning a bank account.

To immerse herself in the industry, she might meet up with different journey writers in Europe at occasions and meetings and avidly examine other blogs.

Building a hit tour blog.

At the time, she was prepping to get her Ph.D. in medieval records but quickly realized that she loved to travel an excessive amount to sacrifice it for five years of study. And so, when her visa ran out in Spain, she moved back to Washington, D.C. For a yr and tried to blog as plenty as feasible, specializing in building her logo and a target market. Finally, after 12 months, she had constructed enough facet hustle and recognition to leap into journey running a blog complete time.

“Everyone instructed me I became crazy to leave a corporate activity to come to be a blogger,” says Carlson. “It became handiest due to the fact I didn’t flow again domestic and paintings at Starbucks in a few years that humans suppose I’m a success.”


Now, her side hustle is her full-time career, taking her on escapades like horse trekking in Kyrgyzstan or getting charged with the aid of elephants in Sri Lanka.

Liz Carlson.
Instagrammer Carlson decided to tour the arena instead of pursuing a Ph.D.

Snagging that first press journey

One of the primary milestones of her journey writing profession become American’s first paid trip to Jordan. During that go to, she fell off a camel inside the center of Wadi Rum, an enjoy that Carlson points to as her style of “wild, messy journey.”

Other mishaps because they have covered now not knowing about the public nudity at a Turkish hammam and accidentally interrupting a couple within the middle of coitus simultaneously as snorkeling in the Maldives. Chronicling these so-called “why me” moments with wit, Carlson has built an emblem on international misadventures.

Liz Carlson.
While on a press journey to the Maldives, American blogger Liz Carlson encountered greater than fishies on a hilarious snorkeling jaunt long gone incorrect.

Becoming Instagram well-known in 2018

Since she first published, many aspects of travel blogging have shifted, particularly inside the world of social media. Carlson feels fortunate that she grew up with the numerous systems, as she thinks it’s far an awful lot harder to interrupt in the arena presently.

“Four to 5 years in the past, if you took a great photograph on Instagram, you were incredibly popular. Now, all of us has a perfect picture,” says Carlson. The Millennial “used to go viral all of the time”; however, “there’s so much extra content obtainable in recent times. So the query is, how do you stand out?”

As the online international is being inundated with “vivid journey photographs” with equal filters and photographs, in addition to influencers who purchase followers, Carlson predicts the future may be extra video content and raw testimonies.

“Everything is moving in the direction of stay stuff,” says Carlson. “When I take a look at my sister who is 16, it’s far all pictures and Snapchat. They don’t know even textual content.”


Finding her home in New Zealand

Five years ago, the Millennial sold a one-manner price ticket to New Zealand after some of her readers thought she would love the USA. It has pretty smooth visa laws for Americans beneath 30, and so Carlson decided to look if she would really like to live there. Now, the 29-year-old discovered what she thinks is her forever home in Wanaka, a small metropolis in southern New Zealand.

Liz Carlson.

American Liz Carlson thinks she’s discovered her for all time home in peaceful Wanaka, New Zealand, pictured here.

“I can see snow-capped mountains on a lake that I can pass down and take my paddleboard every morning,” says Carlson. “It still feels like America 50 years ago, in which people wave to you as you’re using.”

She changed into the primary expert Instagrammer inside the USA, which helped her snag gigs.

Since then, Carlson’s been named New Zealand’s great blogger for 3 years strolling and obtained a Society of American Travel Writers gold medal for a video she made about Norway’s polar bears in Svalbard. The quick movie was inspired by one in every of her favorite youth books, “The Golden Compass,” so prevailing the award “blew her thoughts.”

However, Carlson doesn’t allow the fulfillment to get to her head. “A couple of months in the past, I got established on Instagram and turned into like oh my god,” admits the Millennial.

Battling sexism as a solo woman traveler

Despite all of the women who work within the journey area, Carlson says that she confronts numerous sexism in her day-to-day work. She says, “I experience treated so in another way as a female on this function.”

When pitching manufacturers, she says that she has to paintings greater difficulty to show herself to humans and show authority right away. “If it’s coming from a guy, he’s assured. If it’s coming from a woman, you’re bossy,” she says.

On press journeys, male bloggers will ask her if she is aware of using her camera the proper way. “It’s honestly annoying,” admits Carlson, who is, in reality, backed utilizing Canon.

Liz Carlson.

Solo female vacationer Carlson sexist in the online world but does not let it get in the way of her adventures…Or being Instagram famous.

Building a successful business online…With authenticity

The cornerstone of Carlson’s business is her unswerving audience – and they may be something that she gained’t sacrifice for a backed submit or content material that doesn’t sense real.

“I always try to be a promote-out now not,” says Carlson. “Even once I wasn’t creating wealth, I could flip stuff.”

Working with manufacturers like Visa, Air New Zealand, and Adobe, Carlson makes a specialty of pitching bigger campaigns a few instances a yr, as opposed to running on lots of smaller stories.

In addition to subsidized content material, the Millennial’s annual income hits six figures thanks to associate links, backed vacation spot advertising, content creation, and her own conferences and occasions. She’s additionally commenced supplying tours of New Zealand, something that she thinks different bloggers will start to the task into as well.

Saying that she is “ethically conflicted all of the time” about who to associate with, Carlson turns down partnerships that do not work along with her emblems, like self-filtering water bottles or large cruise ships.

“If something offers me awful vibes, I’ll stroll away,” says Carlson. “Ultimately, the maximum essential thing is my readers. If I don’t have them, I don’t have something.”