Myrtle Beach Blogger Apologizes For Prophesying Mayor’s Death

Myrtle Beach Blogger Apologizes For Prophesying Mayor’s Death 1

A distinguished blogger in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is apologizing for prophesying the demise of the town’s outgoing mayor John Rhodes.

The blogger – David Hucks of MyrtleBeachSC.Com – despatched a non-public message to a local businesswoman ultimate December boasting of the “supernatural downloads” he frequently gets from none aside from God Almighty.

Hucks’ bizarre prophecies have been first reported by using this information web page again in June.

Specifically, Hucks expected 2017 would be the “yr of God’s realignment” for Myrtle Beach – which includes a but-to-be-revealed “Israeli position” in the destiny of the coastal tourism mecca.

Hmmm …

Among Hucks’ most captivating prophecies, though, turned into a prediction regarding Rhodes’ dying.

“God is revealing to me that John Rhodes will not stay to peer the cease of 2017,” Hucks wrote to the businesswoman.

As of this writing, the seventy four-12 months-vintage Rhodes continues to be very a good deal alive – although he will surrender his workplace on January 9 at 2:00 p.M. EST after losing closing month’s mayoral race to political newcomer Brenda Bethune.


Hucks now claims it become Rhodes’ defeat – not his dying – which God found out to him in a vision. According to the blogger, he was trying to encourage the nearby businesswoman – Natalie Litsey – to keep her fight in opposition to a tried city takeover of her business.

“I promised her I would pray for her,” Hucks explained. “As I did, I saw many of the events of 2017 unfolding. As I witnessed the one’s incidents, a picture of a tumbling John Rhodes rolling time and again as he fell came to mind. I, alas, interpreted that fall as a death.”


Mmmm-kay …

“While all of those premonitions did come authentic, my interpretation of John Rhodes’ fall as a death was wrong, and I must no longer have shared it,” Hucks introduced. “My apologies to our former Mayor. These premonitions were in no way supposed to be made so absolutely public.”

This news website has had some fun with Hucks upon an event. However, something one might imagine of him or his oddball prophecies, the fact remains he is a valid watchdog whose involvement at the coast has made a difference – normally a nice one at that.

As we stated in our original remedy of his divinely inspired missives, “maximum media outlets alongside the Grand Strand are not anything but mouthpieces for the location’s corrupt neighborhood leaders (and their numerous tax-and-spend schemes).”

Hucks, however, “has proven no compunction in any way in calling them one’s leaders out.”

We hope he keeps accomplishing that …

In the interest of full disclosure, this information website online’s founding editor Will Folks, in my view, recommended Bethune inside the Myrtle Beach mayoral race – and a political grassroots company he’s related to become worried in voter education efforts around the time of the election.

Why did we get concerned? Because we agree that Bethune will do a better activity than Rhodes did.

And if she doesn’t, we’ll be each bit as aggressive in searching to hold her responsible.

This news website has constantly known as the Grand Strand location for its rising crime, grimy water, high taxes, crony capitalism, and underlying failure to innovate. And as long as those issues persist, we can continue to achieve this … regardless of who’s the mayor of Myrtle Beach.

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